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by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 11th January 2012

As if seeing inside Beci’s book collection and vintage finds wasn’t exciting enough – now we’re going on Beci’s Family Holiday!  Beci has put together a travel slideshow of some of the interesting things she has captured for memories and future design reference. – Jenny x

Tyke and Ari + giant robot!

Travel is something which i try to do lots of. it keeps me creatively stimulated  in many ways: first, just the change in scenery can do absolute wonders mentally. second, just to surround yourself with a different set of sights, sounds and smells can provide tons of ideas instantly. and i think this applies equally whether you are driving an hour to the seaside or flying 20 hours across the other side of the world.

like many travellers, to help me remember these experiences, i take a lot of photos. i am on all accounts, a pretty crap photographer, and of course i take the usual sight-seeing photos, but more often i take photos to have a visual reference of things i saw once i get home. generally these are not your average travel pics, and are based around graphics and pattern.

i guess being an illustrator, graphics is something i always photograph. the top of the images below is of a mural in a subway station in toyko. we were on the train, and it was a station we weren’t getting off at and the train only stopped briefly so the photo is not the great – but it is one of my all time favourite graphics i have seen overseas. from the colours to the low-fi technology illustrations, these are the graphics my dreams are made of!

signs too always catch my eye. might seem strange, but i have a bit of an obsession with pictographs and information graphics.

pattern is another thing i always obsess over. this picture was taken when we went to visit our friends school fete (again in tokyo). i was pretty excited by all the cute kimono the little girls where wearing.

i guess related to pattern, i also take lots of photos of repetition which happens naturally or incidentally. i think i could make a book based on japanese soft toy machines alone!

well, that’s it for today. hope you enjoyed my travel slide show.


by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 11th January 2012


  • Samone 5 years ago


    These images are so joy-filled and wonderful – I especially love the handsome blue-eyed puss with the rose, and the lady in the bushes behind the robot.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s installment.

  • Alice 5 years ago

    Great travel photos!

    Can’t wait to get to the Ghibli museum myself.

  • Trina 5 years ago

    Thanks Beci for giving us a peek into your colourful world. Beautiful.

  • simmy 5 years ago

    The Ghibli museum was closed for cleaning when I was in Tokyo last year, I have to go back! Wonderful photo’s, Japan is such an amazing place.

  • jacqueline 5 years ago

    i also deeply love the triangles over here in BECI’S WOOOOORLD!

  • Meaghan 5 years ago

    You’ve got a great eye for pattern and colour. Thank you for sharing!

  • Zoe 5 years ago

    Great guest blog. I’ve smiled every morning this week. Beci you are awesome.

  • Mr Zee 5 years ago

    Is there any better inspiration than getting on a plane and going somewhere distant?

  • Robyn 5 years ago

    I love your eye for fun and colour!! Here’s to more of it, bring it on!!

  • Sally 5 years ago

    Hi Beci, I’m finding your blogs incredibly inspiring. You have such an open, friendly way of sharing your ideas and thought processes, it makes the whole creative career thing seem a little less daunting. Thanks so much!

  • Jacinta Pomegranate 5 years ago

    Ahh traveling! so good! We should all definitely do more of it, its where the best inspiration comes from :)

    I can’t wait to get to Japan one day! Thanks for sharing your photos Beci, they’re beautiful!

  • REBECCA W 5 years ago

    Your book looks amazing, wish me luck!

  • Martta 5 years ago

    Love your photos! Thanks for sharing little snippets of your travels. When I travel I love going to supermarkets and wander around. Just admiring new (sometimes odd) things, funny packaging and soaking in the atmosphere. Sometimes I also sneakily take a picture or two. And many of my friends no about this they sometimes take pictures for me when they are traveling. The latest one was a picture of a carton of sauerkraut juice. Yum!

  • elissa c 5 years ago

    Giant robot! I can’t believe I haven’t visited that.

  • asha 5 years ago

    love reading your blogs beci…and love the photo of your neighbours! Made me smile :)

  • Tomoyo 5 years ago

    Hi Beci! I really enjoyed reading your blogs. Is the robbot at ghibli? Beautiful kids you have. Loved the all photos – great choices. I love travelling to. Next time I travel I will look at graphics.

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