Top 5 Australian Homes re-visited – Maria Villa and family

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 28th December 2011

The Sydney home of Maria Villa and family!  Paintings in dining area by Maria Villa.  This photograph – Lucy Feagins.

Dining room details.  Paintings by Maria Villa.  Photos – Lucy Feagins.

Upstairs patio / balcony, adjoining dining room.  Photo – Lucy Feagins.

WOW September was a really good month for home tours this year!  Another gorgeous pad we shared in September was the stunning Sydney home of artist and designer Maria Villa.  As mentioned in the original post, Maria is one amazing woman – after undergoing major surgery earlier this year she bounced back with even more energy and zest for life than before!  She is one truly inspiring lady, whose infectious enthusiasm and positive spirit is perfectly exemplified in her home in Sydney’s North Shore – full of life, bold colour and vibrant details.

Maria lives here with her husband Eduardo and son Mateo, aged eleven.  Maria has a background in fine art and interior design, whilst Eduardo is an architect, and together they run architecture and design firm Villa + Villa.  This creative pair renovated the kitchen and bathroom soon after moving in, and added the finishing touches more recently.  An extra living area was added upstairs, in addition to a very special room downstairs, which opens onto the lush back garden – ‘this is our fav-fab room’ says Maria!

Massive thanks again to Maria’s dear friend, photographer Ross Coffey, who kindly allowed us to use some of his own shots of the home, taken independently (which of course are so brilliant and full of deep, rich colour).

For the full tour and many more pics do pop back and re-visit the original post here!

Maria’s new and much-loved downstairs living room!  Rug by Loom.  Amazing paper sculpture artwork by Tracey Deep.  This photo by Ross Coffey.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 28th December 2011


  • Sarah 4 years ago

    Lucy I’m very impressed (and grateful) that you’re still daily in the holidays…….

  • mariana 4 years ago

    the greens in this home are super lush.. i just want to jump in.
    and so true sarah… thank you lucy for working so hard for our daily visual pleasure! mx

  • MARIA VILLA 4 years ago

    Lucy, Happy New Year!! You love what you do…we can see that! still working on the last day of the year!! xox

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