Top 5 Australian Homes re-visited – Jane and Matt Martino’s colour filled family home!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 26th December 2011

The Glen Iris home of Jane and Matt Martino.  All photographs – Sean Fennessy.

Loungeroom details.  Artwork on right – a timber collage by Matt Martino

Loungeroom looking through to the den – artwork by Matt Martino.

As mentioned last week, commencing today Jenny and I are taking a MUCH needed week off!  We’ve had a brilliant but INSANELY busy year, so we thought this sleepy week between Christmas and New Year would be a good time to take stock of the highs and lows of 2011, and make some grand plans for even more inspired and slightly mad TDF antics in 2012!

BUT it’s not strictly a week off.  We couldn’t possibly leave The Design Files silent for a whole week..!  Instead, as we did last year, we’ve decided to spend this week re-visiting The Design Files’ Top 5 Australian Homes from 2011!   We’ve gone back through the archives and based on pageviews, your comments, and a little of our own personal bias(!), we’ve shortlisted the most popular Australian Homes of 2011.

We’re kicking things off today with a very special family home that certainly won many hearts when we blogged it back in July – the Glen Iris home of Jane and Matt Martino!

As mentioned in the original post, Jane and Matt live here with their three gorgeous young boys Tom, Henry and Sonny.  Their  beautiful home is the perfect pad for this busy, energetic young family –  it feels almost like a rambling farmhouse with it’s high ceilings, generous floorplan and enormous leafy garden – such a rare and wonderful thing just a short drive from the city!

Jane and Matt’s home was designed and styled by artist / designer Matt, whose love of bold colour is clear in his brave choices here.  We love the deep inky blue / grey walls and delicious dusty pink in the ensuite – Jane’s favourite room in the house!  You’ll also notice much of Matt’s own striking artwork throughout.

Do pop back to the original post for more pics of the ultimate Melbourne family home!

Love this view from kitchen/lounge into the dark dining room.  Rug from Loom. Ottomans from Fenton and Fenton.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 26th December 2011


  • Simone Patterson 5 years ago

    This was my favorite home for 2010 also… Love it so much. Sigh………

  • Monica 5 years ago

    The contrast in colours pops, but is complementary enough for the overall look to appear seamless. Such a lovely room. If only it was in my house!

  • mariana 5 years ago

    oh.. i missed this one!
    beautiful home.. the rugs and art are espcially gorgeous.

  • billy pritchard 5 years ago

    The lamp in the beautiful room is from Stray Dog Designs.

  • Bella 5 years ago

    This house is my fav.

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