The Design Files Open House OPEN TODAY!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 1st December 2011

The Design Files Open House Workspace – featuring artwork by Kirra Jamison, Dane Lovett, Kate Tucker, Kat Macleod, Madeleine Stamer.

OMG!  After many many long days and nights, The Design Files Open House is finally OPEN TODAY from 10.00am!   We are SO THRILLED to be up and running after so many months of preparation…!  If you’re in Melbourne please do pop down and pay us a visit – all location / visitation info is over here!

Without spoiling the surprise, we thought you might like to see a little sneak peek!  Below you will find a few behind the scenes pics from the last week or so, PLUS some fantastic pics from our opening event last night!  MASSIVE thanks to John Deer who photographed our launch event yesterday and turned his beautiful pics around in record time for your viewing pleasure this morning! Thankyou John!   (Do share the love with a little visit to John’s brand new website)

(Click on the thumbnails to scroll through these pics at full size)

BIG THANKS once again to all our sponsors, suppliers, and friends who have helped turn this crazy project from concept to reality! Thanks also to all the wonderful brands, designers and artists who have supplied their beautiful wares and filled this home with colour and general gorgeousness!

A special thanks is in order also for our most excellent staff and volunteers who have worked so hard to pull this thing off, and who many of you will meet over the next four days if you pop in to see us!  I stupidly forgot to thank these guys properly at the launch event last night (epic fail!) but they really deserve such a massive heartfelt THANKYOU!  Jenny, Justine, Michelle, Darryl, Natalie, Skye, Miriam and Liz WE LOVE YOU!  Thankyou thankyou thankyou for your incredible work and for looking so cute in yellow polka dots ;)

The Design Files Open House
Open TODAY 10.00am – 5.00pm
AND tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, 10.00am – 5.00pm each day.


by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 1st December 2011


  • lizzie 5 years ago

    congratulations. I can see all the hard work that went into this.

  • Jen Henderson 5 years ago

    Huge congrats Lucy & Esther, it looks absolutely amazing. Hope you enjoyed a glass or two of posh bubbles to celebrate! Looking forward to dropping in on the weekend. x

  • Pippa 5 years ago

    This would have to be the coolest, congrats to all involved! :)

  • Barbara Fisher 5 years ago

    Congrats on it all coming together Lucy. I SOOOO wish I could hop on the next flight to Melbourne!

  • Siobhan C 5 years ago

    Waaaah! I want to be in Melbourne this weekend. I hope you get to play the extended version of pretend and actually sleep in the house for a few nights. Top job.

  • Kelly 5 years ago

    Um, WOW!
    Lucy this looks absolutely incredible!!! I just looked through and have come to the conclusion that I want everything. I wish I could see it all in person.
    Congratulations! Such an original concept and you pulled it off unbelievably well.

  • Christine Mason 5 years ago

    Best wishes from Los Angeles – it looks gorgeous!

  • Camilla 5 years ago

    So convenient that i have a meeting just around the corner today so I will be there to have a gander at all your hard work! Congratulations! I’m sure you moved some mountains to bring it all together!

  • the flower drum 5 years ago

    wow lucy! you are AMAZING! I wish I was in town to check it out, but the photos just have to do… well done!! holly x

  • jas 5 years ago

    so exciting! I can’t wait to visit on Saturday!

  • Leah 5 years ago

    Congratulations! You have done wonders for Australian design Lucy. The house is gorgeous, amazing concept

  • Nicola Duncan 5 years ago

    What a fantastic idea and gorgeous execution. I really hope this amazing event is a great success. You all deserve it as I can only begin to imagine how much work has gone into this.

    Have a good rest then let’s start working on something for Brisbane ;-)

  • Lara 5 years ago

    Congratulations Lucy, you have all done such a great job, it all looked so beautiful last night!

  • Awesome concept, and an amazing job Lucy!! Congratulations.

  • Jenny 5 years ago

    Huge congratulations, Lucy and everyone involved. You have done something very special. I hope Open House encourages and inspires great design and people.

  • Bonnie 5 years ago

    Congrats Lovely. It looks just beautiful! Go lucy go. :) Wish I could see it. Hope it goes super well for you and people fall in love with your ideas and help support Melbourne design. Love from NZ x

  • Melissa 5 years ago

    Congratulations on a great concept Lucy. Well done to everyone involved, I went through about 4 times just to make sure I saw everything! Loved it.

  • Dawn Tan 5 years ago

    Thank you Lucy for making it all happen, along with Esther and your loyal team of superheroes.. You are all so amazing. And the house, is just fantastic. Thanks for letting me be part of it, and most importantly, for sharing your love of good Australian design and art with everyone else. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Anna Kellerman 5 years ago

    Hi Lucy and your team. Amazing concept and outcome, looks brilliant! worth flying to Melbourne! Cheers Anna

  • Bianca 5 years ago

    Love it, can’t wait to visit. Boo for working an office job, but I’ll be there on the weekend, for sure!

  • Anucia 5 years ago

    CAN YOU COME TO SYDNEY Puhleeeeeze…..!!!!

  • Gabriela 5 years ago

    what a beautiful project, lucy. congratulations!

  • Lisa Rodden 5 years ago

    It looks amazing! Congratulations! I wish so much I was in Melbourne. Can we expect to see something like this in Sydney one day? Good luck with the rest of it.

  • nicki 5 years ago

    looks absolutely incredible! …wish i was in melbourne

  • lexi 5 years ago

    Holy cow it looks so amazing. Wish I lived in Melbs. So cool.

  • Spin Spin 5 years ago

    House is totally amazing, all the hard work was definitely worth it. Congratulations :)

  • librarygirl 5 years ago

    Just returned from visiting The Open House – absolutely fabulous house, concept and the styling outstanding. All the staff/helpers I spoke to were just so friendly and positive.
    And my friend and I sat up in the rooftop garden drinking good coffee with a delicious rhubarb cupcake to finish off our visit.. Well done to everyone.

  • What an amazing concept Lucy, it all looks stunning. I absolutely can not wait to wander through and see it all when I visit tomorrow :) Congratulations! – Jessica

  • deb 5 years ago

    Congrats Lucy!!! and Great photo’s by John Deer. Love all the items in the TDF open house! ooooh if only I was in Oz! Dane Lovett’s work is gorgeous! well done, well done fabulous sweety darling!

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