Taking Time with Tiel of Tsk Tsk – Influences

by Jenny Butler
Thursday 15th December 2011

Today is your last chance to leave a comment and go into the draw to win a set of Tiel‘s beautiful ‘Season Delight’ I, II and III prints. Just leave a comment before 10pm tonight, the winner will be drawn at random and announced in tomorrows Guest Blog. – Jenny x

Where do I start to list what influences me…

From an early age I fell in love with Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie by May Gibbs. It caught my eye and heart in such a way that I knew I wanted to draw and paint for the rest of my life.

Japanese textiles

“Fractured Summer” – Acrylic and ink on canvas, cropped.

Textiles and Quilting. In particular Japanese textiles. I often make trips to Melbourne to buy more for a rainy day. And I find that sometimes my art is like my quilting style and I can make a painting based on a quilt I have made.

A walk in the botanical gardens never fails to inspire.

painting by Rosetta Santucci above our fire place

Australian artists such as Richard Dunlop, Michelle Breton, Rosetta Santucci, Sarah Dunlop and Emma Walker… just to name a few.

“Dune Litter” – acrylic and ink on wooden panel.

Beach combing with my kids. Picking up treasures that I find on the ground in the sand dunes can inspire me to paint madly for a week.

Tiel x

by Jenny Butler
Thursday 15th December 2011


  • Kate 5 years ago

    Thank you Tiel for sharing you art & inspiration this week. I’ve really enjoyed learning about what influences your beautiful prints and it’s caused me to slow down and look at my environment much closer. I’m looking forward to doing some of my own beach combing with the kids this summer : )

  • Vanessa 5 years ago

    Tiel – your work is so gorgeous and inspiring it makes me just want to jump in and swim around your colours and lines and patterns. The photos throughout your guest blog are also divine, and am making me antsy to go on my summer holiday back to my family home in Byron with the beach and the bush – lugging my art supplies along for the ride!
    Thank you for making my days this week heady with visual splendours, reflective of colour and pattern memories, and grateful for our breathtaking natural world and inspired artists!! Bless, merry and happy everything! xx

  • Simon Cookes 5 years ago

    Hi Tiel,
    You are like a collector and abstractor of beauty in the Ozzy bush. I will definitely head to one of your stockists to check out the work in the flesh after the silly season.
    To me, you work is like a combination of:
    Marise Maas – http://www.flg.com.au/theartists/FLG_theartists_maas_works%20in%20stock.htm
    Noël Skrzypczak
    and Arthur Streeton
    Merry Christmas. Keep up it up. You beaut.

  • BusiChic 5 years ago

    Tiel – love your work and that you are inspired by May Gibbs too – there is a beautiful biography out about her life and work now from Hardie Grant- I blogged about it at the end of this post:

  • kelly 5 years ago

    Hi Tiel, I too have enjoyed your guest blog posts this week. I have been a fan of your work for some time and delight in your abstracted leaf wall paper which has been background on my laptop over the last year.

  • Kate 5 years ago

    Thanks Tiel for all the stunning images. I love your aesthetic! And the pics of poincianas and jacarandas makes me nostalgic for Brizzy (we lived there in 2001). We loved poincianas so much we briefly considered calling our first born poinciana… Don’t worry her name is Maggie!

  • Cassandra 5 years ago

    Thanks Tiel for being the guest blogger, beautiful work. I always find if fascinating to hear what inspires and influences other creatives. Snugglepot and Cuddlepie brought me straight back to my childhood…I have a beautiful book somewhere you have now sent me on a search for.

  • leah of sang the bird 5 years ago

    i love your painting ‘Fractured Summer’. so beautiful tiel. thank you for making this week so visually inspiring.
    {…and i have desired a painting by Rosetta Santucci for a while now! i love yours} xxx

  • okologi 5 years ago

    beautiful work…such soft, lovely colours, and what better inspiration is there than nature?

  • moira 5 years ago

    What a treat! I appreciated these generous and inspiring posts that have opened my eyes.

  • Natalie Kay 5 years ago

    I have enjoyed viewing your work…and have been following your posts…
    I always love the nature inspired quality of your work, the delicate details and the subtle colour. May your creative expression grow and grow!

  • Julie 5 years ago

    Magnifique, poetique, inspire… I love your art !

  • Lou @ Elle and Lou 5 years ago

    I love Tiel’s work and have been following her progress for a while. She is so talented!

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