Overhearing with Oslo Davis!

by Jenny Butler
Monday 5th December 2011

Today we welcome Oslo Davis to the Guest Blog! You might remember Oslo from his interview a few months ago (revisit it here) and this week Oslo is giving us an insight into his work and inspiration. Over the weekend Oslo’s latest book ‘Libraryland!‘ launched at Perimeter Books, stay tuned for more info about that later in the week. -Jenny x

Overheard is a weekly cartoon I do for M Magazine in the Sunday Age that recounts something funny, weird or random that everyday people have said. Overheard grew out of a cartoon I did for the Age more than four years ago where I overheard people at an arts festival and combined them all into a cartoon called ‘A Sketchy Looking Crowd.’

I take photos of people and use the images as the basis for the cartoons. After I hear someone say something (or get an overheard form a friend) I try to revisit the scene and take a photo. I have amassed thousands of photos of people just being normal in Melbourne.

Back in my studio I draw up the Overheard with a pencil and apply an ink wash. Then I scan it and clean it up on the computer before emailing it off to the paper.

Arcade Publications put out a book of a hundred or so Overheards last year. It’s still for sale – it’ll make the perfect xmas present!


by Jenny Butler
Monday 5th December 2011


  • Cathg1g2 3 years ago

    Love his stuff, so cute and funny and so Melbs!

  • Olivia 3 years ago

    Love Oslo’s style & it was really interesting reading about his design process :)

  • Giselle 3 years ago

    ‘Overheard’ is the best part of M mag. Such a brilliant and simple concept.

  • Amy R 3 years ago

    I must admit to turning to Oslo’s cartoon first thing on a sunday- I’m a big fan of the overheard convo- fascinating!

  • Kim 3 years ago

    Oslo! You are my hero. Melbournites are endlessly funny. And I can’t help but admire your view on life :)

  • annelouise 3 years ago

    i still have that ‘racist puppet’ one stuck up on the fridge…

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