Overhearing with Oslo Davis – Tights aren’t pants, Buttercup

by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 6th December 2011

Oslo Davis is back again today sharing some of his favorite overheard design, art and fashion cartoons! With each as funny as the last, I expect we will all be overhearing and/or quoting some of these lines at some of the upcoming design markets. – Jenny x

For the past couple of years I’ve contributed three cartoons a week to the back page of the Age. The idea behind the cartoons is that it should be something local and/or topical, although this is not always the case. Selected here are some design/art/fashion-related ones.

Melbourne, its people and the stuff that goes on here inspire me, and I find if I can see this world with a cynical enough eye something usually pops out and becomes cartoon-worthy.

If you look at these cartoons regularly you will know that I often struggle to come up with something funny. Luckily I seem to have done a few funny ones that have kept me in the game … just.


by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 6th December 2011

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