Overhearing with Oslo Davis – Libraryland!

by Jenny Butler
Friday 9th December 2011

A huge thank you to Oslo Davis for being our Guest Blogger!! It’s been a great week and you can continue the Oslo Davis fun into the weekend by going and visiting his ‘Libraryland’ exhibition at Perimeter Books! Thanks again Oslo and happy weekend all! -Jenny x

Last year I was lucky enough to do a creative fellowship at the State Library of Victoria. Over three months I looked through the Library’s collection of zines and ephemera, which is quite massive.

I also did a lot of drawing, eventually filling up a bout five sketchbooks of doodles and serious sketches. I didn’t have any end point or goal for these drawings, but earlier this year I decided to put them all together into a book.

‘Libraryland!’ was launched last Saturday at Perimeter Books in Thornbury. It’s a limited edition (250 copies), 100-page book of just drawings done at the Library. It was designed by Stuart Geddes from Chase and Galley.

I used Pozible, a crowd funding site, to help pay for some of the the printing. It is available at only a few bookshops in Melbourne and via my website. Only a few copies left!

- Oslo

by Jenny Butler
Friday 9th December 2011


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