Summer in the Park with Marc Martin!

by Jenny Butler
Monday 7th November 2011

Today we welcome Marc Martin to the Guest Blog! Marc is a fantastic Melbourne illustrator [remember when we featured his book here?] who has a passion for drawing animals, especially birds. This week Marc will be taking us on a tour of his favourite Melbourne Parks and introducing us to some of the local wildlife that call these parks home. -Jenny x

It’s almost summer! And one of my favourite things to do on a sunny day is go to the park and enjoy the outdoors. This week I thought I’d show you some of my favourite spots around Melbourne to sit back and enjoy the sunshine… in the company of some fine-feathered friends of course!

Peters Reserve in Northcote is a great place to sit back and enjoy an amazing view of the city. It’s hidden away on the side of Ruckers Hill, but has one of the best views of Melbourne I know of – especially at twilight. It’s also got a great set of swings, which are perfect for swaying in the breeze and watching time go by.


by Jenny Butler
Monday 7th November 2011


  • di 5 years ago

    hello marc martin, we love kookaburra’s! di + kids

  • melanie 5 years ago

    Hi Marc, my Nieces and I love your gorgeous book. A feast for the eyes! Congratulations on your wonderful work. xx

  • sophie travers 5 years ago

    We love these posters and have purchased several for expat aussie children of friends

  • Jessamy 5 years ago

    I am enjoying your little Curious Explorer’s book. Thank you for such lovely artworks!

  • Reannen 5 years ago

    Love that kookaburra. he’s awesome. :)

  • georgie 5 years ago

    Great to have some Aussie themed kids things!

  • Benjamin 5 years ago

    Lovely stuff Marc! Mr Kookaburra is a beauty!

  • Sandra 5 years ago

    Yes please

  • juliet 5 years ago

    love your work!

  • Jasmine 5 years ago

    Hey Marc, I love your animal book especially the fact that you included a loris (best animal ever!) Looking forward to seeing more of your pics on the blog this week

  • Ruth 5 years ago

    Your work is amazing. Can’t wait to receive our Curious Explorers Illustrated Pocket Companion to Exotic Animals A-Z! My nephew really digs the bat print too :)

  • Kate 5 years ago

    Maggie would love your prints in her room! Here’s to Aussie animals prints!

  • Giselle 5 years ago

    Peters Reserve brings back some magical memories for me :-) Big fan of the kookaburra too, I have a family of them living near me in my new digs in Healesville. Koo-koo-koo-koo, ka-ka-ka-ka!

  • Kate 5 years ago

    Oh they are beautiful, perfect for kids rooms. I’ve added The Curious Exploreres Pocket Book to my stocking stuffers list already!

  • Luz 5 years ago

    Love them! thanks!

  • Amber 5 years ago

    just gorgeous!

  • Bella 5 years ago

    Such lovely prints!

  • Clare 5 years ago

    What a handsome kookaburra!

  • Lisa 5 years ago


  • eat my shorts 5 years ago

    What a fabulous kookaburra! Love the colours and the cityscape in the background! :)

  • janet 5 years ago

    Sounds great!

  • Lupita Manzo 5 years ago

    This is amazing Marc!!! Such a great inspiration for this spring summer time! Love the kookaburra….already have some little kookaburra for our little girl! She will be in love with them!

  • Mummageorge 5 years ago

    Wish I could see Kookaburras near my place here in Prahran…

  • Bella Cooke- a-burra 5 years ago

    Come sing and fly with me Mr Kookaburra!!!

  • jess 5 years ago

    Big fan of your work Marc!

  • Row 5 years ago

    I really enjoyed The Curious Explorer’s Companion to Exotic Animals. Look forward to seeing more of your work.

  • Jackie 5 years ago

    Makes my imagination run wild

  • Jean 5 years ago

    Hey Marc we’ve got your magpies in our hallway now, they’re lovely.

  • shalini 5 years ago

    What lovely work. So charming too.

  • Elise 5 years ago

    so lovely! summer is here, yes it is.

  • Chloe 5 years ago

    The deep colours and all the birds remind us of where we live on the Capricorn Coast, Queensland.. The birds cannot stop squarking at the moment..it’s like one massive aviary. Marc – Your illustrations are beautiful.

  • E-Gene 5 years ago

    Will love to see that in my home. Got a wall ready for them.

  • Alison 5 years ago

    Look forward to your exhibiton

  • Trish 5 years ago

    Marc your illustrations are incredibly beautiful.

  • ros 5 years ago

    Marc, you are so clever!! My son Fred is obsessed with the Kookaburra so I know he’s going to love your beautiful illustration! I’ll be coming to see your exhibition!!

  • Pete 5 years ago

    Know the park well… wish I’d seen a koookaburra there!

  • marion 5 years ago

    we love birds here, in fact bird was my daughters first word and she is all about kooka-birds and maggie-birds

  • Katie Stewart 5 years ago

    I love these illustrations – I live backing onto a park in Prahran and spend a lot of time there – am moving into state soon and will miss it a lot – would love some of these illustrations on my walls!

  • Andrea 5 years ago

    I just want to say that I’m OBSESSED with kookaburras… love your work.

  • Sarah 5 years ago

    Marc’s illustrations are amazing, would love to win one.


  • catherine 5 years ago

    kookaburras always make me happy! thank you…

  • Michelle 5 years ago

    Great place for a pre-movie picnic! We’re so lucky to have these little bits of bush right in the city.

  • mariana 5 years ago

    gorgeous work!
    marc’s stunning kookaburra illustration would match the led light kookaburra and kingfisher in our front door beautifully! from a northcote/thornbury resident very close to the merri creek… we often hear them laughing.. :)

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