Kirra Jamison Loves Japan – Meeting Mirocomachiko

by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 23rd November 2011
Today’s post from Kirra Jamison is truly special and exciting home and studio visit. I’ll leave it to Kirra to make the formal introductions but Lucy and I are really grateful to all those involve in making today’s post possible. -Jenny x

The very gorgeous Mirocomachiko

It’s Wednesday! And this means that Lucy is no doubt over on the other page featuring some amazing Australian home. Surprise! Today you get two for one because I’ve got a home tour of my own. This is the Meguro home and studio of Japanese artist Mirocomachiko, her partner and their cat Tetsuzou.
White ‘Daruma’ dolls called “Do” by CLASKA painted by Mirocomachiko
It’s fair to say that there is no shortage of talent in the Japans contemporary art scene! Many of my favourite artists are Japanese. A new discovery for me on this trip was the work of Mirocomachiko. Mirocomachiko gained her fine arts training from Kyoto Seika University and the Art School Umeda. She exhibits regularly throughout Japan and has illustrated a number of books. What I immediately loved about Mirocomachiko’s work is her direct, fearless and intuitive use of paint. She is definitely a painters painters. When I had the chance to met Mirocomachiko I discovered not only was she very cool but so too was her abode.

I loved these cut out birds by Mirocomachiko so much that she snuck two into my bag without me knowing! I now have them flying in at my place in Northcote.

Artwork above cabinet by Takeda Shinichi and giant guinea fowl wall-hanging by Mirocomachiko

Hama Chryanthemum 2009, 45 cm ×38 cm by Mirocomachiko. Check out more of her beautiful work on her site here.

Pretty dresses from Monikototo.

Sprouting! Awesome! And turtle sculptures by Mirocomachiko

Mirocomachiko’s next exhibition will be at 33 Bal Gallery in Kobe in December. Thank you Mirocomachicko for allowing Dane and I to photograph your home. Thank you to Duncan Brotherton and Itohen bookshop and gallery for making todays post possible. If you’re heading to Kansai or just interested in the art scene there do check out Duncans blog Tsunagari D.

- Kirra

Pint sized Mirocomachiko. Kawaii!

by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 23rd November 2011


  • Hat 4 years ago

    Kirra, I think you need to organise a show of her work in Australia quick smart! Love it.

  • lizzie 4 years ago

    this post may well have changed my life. kirra (i love your work, too btw) T H A N K Y O U sometimes you just need to see that what you really want to do and make is possible with joy and humility and fearlessness and this is what you have given me today. So unbelievably what i needed to see and hear to truly be myself and not make what i want for myself. Mirocomachiko and you are little life makers today. x

  • lizzie 4 years ago

    … and TO MAKE what i want FOR MYSELF (is what i meant to say!). i’m gushing with mirocomachiko love

  • sue costello 2 months ago

    hi kirra,
    i just came across your old post on mirocomachiko… luv luv her work! how cool was it to meet her?
    anyhow, i was curious as to the materials she used to make her birds. you said in your post she snuck a few in your bag. is the paper a heavy card stock and is the paint acrylic or tempera? they have such a sturdy, flat (unbucked qualtiy to them in the photos).i teach elementary art and I am always looking for ideas on materials that are not to flimsy for the kids.

    thank you for posting on mirocomachiko and for your time.

    sue costello

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