At The Movies with Heath Killen!

by Jenny Butler
Friday 18th November 2011

Today is THE day – Heath Killen shares some of his own designs for film posters! Thank you Heath for such an amazing week – we have truly loved discovering more about Australian film posters as well as reflecting on some long forgotten movie memories too. A big congratulations to Phoebe who won this weeks giveaway! Now, everyone must go and visit Heath’s brand new shiny website, it is FANTASTIC! Thanks again Heath! – Jenny x

Film posters are one of the main reasons that I’m a designer today. As a child I was captivated by the imagery I found on VHS video covers and cinema lobby cards. The power in these images is that they offer a mere taste, a tease, a window into another world.  There’s something truly seductive and enthralling about an image that acts as a sample of a much bigger picture, but is also a powerful statement on its own.

Over the past week, the posters we’ve looked at provide just a glimpse into a long and diverse part of Australian history. These are cultural artefacts. Good and bad, they reflect the spirit of the times. Perhaps more than any other art form – these images take up permanent residence in our memories. We associate them with everything from family holidays to first dates. Didn’t we all venture out in droves to the cinema on a Friday night during high school? And didn’t we all plaster our share house walls in film posters at University? And don’t we still survey video store shelves, movie theatre walls, and the pages of blogs and magazines – looking for that one image that’s going to capture our interest and lead us on a journey somewhere new?

Film posters exist in the grey area between art and design. In my own work, I’m searching for strong, memorable imagery and playful ways to combine the artwork with typography. It’s a process that frequently relies on emotional choices, and the pursuit of tone, atmosphere and impact.  I am motivated by the thought that one day my work may have the same impact on future designers and audiences, that the work I love has had on me.

In Australia, our film industry is growing every year in quality, recognition and potential. I believe there are some truly exciting times ahead, and some exceptional new film posters to come.

- Heath

by Jenny Butler
Friday 18th November 2011


  • jess 4 years ago

    particularly love the miles davis and eternal sunshine ones. very cool work heath. thanks for sharing.

  • Shreya Simon 4 years ago

    Love the clockwork orange poster and Adaptation. Amazing designs.

    how about ‘Somersault’ ?

  • zoe 4 years ago

    Have LOVED this weeks posts! I have a background in both Cinema and more recently design so have enjoyed revisiting some of the forgotten classics!
    Todays post and your work is Fantastic! Love the bring together of these different mediums of storytelling, which when brought together can make both forms – the film and the poster – even more powerful, because of their mutual engagement! Thanks Heath!

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