At The Movies with Heath Killen – Renaissance

by Jenny Butler
Thursday 17th November 2011

Today is your last chance to leave a comment and go in the draw to win a custom movie poster by Heath Killen! Heath has offered design a one-off, exclusive poster for any Australian film of the winner’s choice and you have until 10pm tonight to leave your comment. The winner will be drawn at random and announced tomorrow. -Jenny x

In the last ten years, I feel as though Australian film posters have started to catch up with the quality (and qualities) of Australian films. Designers have begun producing more emotional, poetic work that reflects the light, texture and ambiance of the films. Typography is simpler, but also more expressive. Photography is cropped in unique and engaging ways, and illustrative elements are generally subtle and meaningful. It seems that after a decade of Photoshop disasters, we’re finally finding a balance between art and technology.

Studios and practitioners such as Jeremy Saunders, Marcus Cobbledick and Carnival are really developing uniquely Australian designs without leaning on any cliches. These posters are modern, cinematic and evocative.

Ironically, one of my favourite Australian film designs in recent years comes from California. Neil Kellerhouse’s cover for the Criterion release of Walkabout absolutely captures the essence of the Australian landscape.


by Jenny Butler
Thursday 17th November 2011


  • Luke 3 years ago

    Some beautiful modern posters for some important films Heath, well curated. Who is responsible for the Snowtown poster? Terrific and appropriate treatment for such a horrendous (but important) story.

  • Gordon Whitehead 3 years ago

    The above designs look fantastic!

  • Heath Killen 3 years ago

    I should also credit Mark Gowing, whose poster design for The Waiting City is featured above. All of his work for Hopscotch is stunning.

  • Heath Killen 3 years ago

    Good question Luke – I’d love to know myself.

  • Chris Bowden 3 years ago

    That Walkabout poster is great

  • Wayde Christie 3 years ago

    Beautiful Kate is one of my fave Aussie movies, but I never thought the posters captured the essence of the film. Would love to see Heath’s interpretation :)

  • Nat Power 3 years ago

    really love this work, especially Bright Star, how pretty.

  • tess 3 years ago

    This has been a great guest blog week thus far… love Heath’s work!

  • David Neustein 3 years ago

    I particularly like the posters where the figures are small or almost imperceptible in the landscape. I wonder if this is tapping into a particularly Australian sensibility. My favourite Aussie film remains Lantana.

  • Marcus 3 years ago

    Snowtown and Walkabout are great.
    Also 10 Canoes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Ten_canoes.jpg

  • Zane 3 years ago

    The Walkabout image is brilliantly evocative, great work!

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