The Design Files OPEN HOUSE!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 11th October 2011

Say hello to THE DESIGN FILES OPEN HOUSE!  Photos by Sean Fennessy.  Styled by me.  Styling assistant – Natalie Turnbull.  Furniture by Jardan, rug by Loom, glassware by Kristel Britcher, Amanda Dziedzic, Danielle Rickaby, additional smalls by Tractor Home, Vintage & Nostalgia, Bonnie & Neil, Books by Thames & Hudson.

OK guys.  Today is a big day.  It’s time to let you in on some SUPER exciting plans which I’ve been working on for most of this year…  say hello to THE DESIGN FILES OPEN HOUSE!

YES it’s a pop-up. But it’s not in a vacant shop front or a shipping container.  From December 1st – 4th (YES 4 days only!) we’re transforming a stunning residential home in Fitzroy, Melbourne, to create a temporary retail event unlike any other!

The Design Files Open House will look and feel like the ultimate ‘Melbourne home’, with an added bonus – everything is for sale! From bedlinen to books, artwork, furniture, kitchenware and lighting, each and every item can be purchased on the spot. OMG!!! Genius, I know. :)

Clearly, I am not alone in this ambitious and slightly crazy endeavour!  I have partnered with PR and events guru Esther Navarro-Orejon of The Project Agency to facilitate this epic event!   ALSO we are incredibly lucky to have the support of a select group of wonderful sponsors. Our Major Event Partner is JARDAN – that means a house full of stunning Australian-made furniture!  We’re also thrilled to have the support of Major Sponsors Rogerseller and Mini.  You’ll be able to buy beautiful Rogerseller bathroom accessories and furniture on site, and Mini are going to park their latest model in the garage for everyone to admire!

Of course we’ve also carefully selected a group of local designers, artists, makers and retailers whose beautiful objects, homewares and artwork will fill the space.  There’ll be a cafe on the roof deck (thankyou Coffee Supreme!), a flower stall by the very talented and dashing Joost Bakker, and lots more funtimes to be had!

Stay tuned for more TDF Open House updates over the next few weeks!   You can also subscribe to the TDF Open House mailing list if you want to be sure not to miss any news relating to the event.  We’ll be launching an exhaustive list of all designers and stockists very soon!

And if you’re not in Melbourne – don’t despair, you’ll also be able to shop online for a limited 2 week window in December if you can’t make it to the event.  Online trading will commence December 5th and end December 18th – and we’ll ship all orders just in time for Christmas.

This event marks a huge step for TDF, and so I must end this post really with a massive and very personal THANKYOU to each and every one of you who reads this blog!  Your loyal readership is the reason we have received so much support for TDF Open House. Thankyou thankyou thankyou!  ….and you better come along!

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Tableware for TDF Open House from Safari LivingTractor HomeBonnie & Neil and many others!  Artwork by Nicholas Jones.  Pics by Sean Fennessy. Styled by me.  Styling assistant – Natalie Turnbull.

TDF Open House Work Space will look like this!  Artwork by Kirra Jamison and Dane Lovett.  Stationery from Notemaker.  Tote from Harvest.  Cushion from Miss Beba.  Furniture by Jardan.  Pics by Sean Fennessy.  Styled by me.  Styling assistant – Natalie Turnbull.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 11th October 2011


  • Ashley Elrod 5 years ago

    So sad I’m on the wrong continent to see it. So excited for you though. Good luck with the finishing touches!

  • Shelley Panton 5 years ago

    well done lucy, great idea and a big step x

  • Pippa 5 years ago

    Woo Hoo! can’t wait!!

  • Barbara Fisher 5 years ago

    OMG! Awesome idea! And yet another reason I bloody well wished I lived in Melbourne!!

  • captain kk 5 years ago

    what an AMAZING, AMAZING idea. can’t wait to visit!

  • captain kk 5 years ago

    on 2nd thought; this could be a dangerous place for me to visit! i’m already in love with everything by jardan & i love kirra jamison & dane lovett’s art. by the way, where’s that red zig-zag bag from & is it available in other colours??

  • line x shape x colour 5 years ago

    genius indeed! x

  • Marianne Sourial 5 years ago

    What an incredible idea! This will be the event I will be waiting for!!

  • Fiona 5 years ago

    how fantastic. well done lucy . what an amazing project. am thinking about a trip to melbourne!

  • Liz Roger 5 years ago

    Oh wow lucy this is such a FANTASTIC idea!!! Im constansly impressed by your blog, checking in this morning and read this post reminded me why. Can’t wait to visit the shop/home.

  • jas 5 years ago

    OMG – bloody fantastic – I love it! Will be there with my credit card :)

  • holly 5 years ago

    AMAZING!!!!!! Lucy you are so clever!! I hope to come down and see it!!! oh my, its going to be soooo good!!!

  • Lauren 5 years ago

    This has seriously made my day! Lucy, you are a genius! I can not wait to see the houseshop!

  • Lisa 5 years ago

    what a very cool idea.

  • Claire 5 years ago

    Oh. My. Goodness.

    You’re opening a house that’s actually a shop… full of all the things I love… FOR MY BIRTHDAY!

    Thanks in advance.

  • Barbara 5 years ago

    What a great idea. I’ll start saving now, I love it all!

  • Wow Lucy, cool concept!
    I love your attention to detail, right down to the cafe and florist. I can’t imagine all the work it’s taken to pull it all together.
    I’m sure it will be a huge success.

  • imogen 5 years ago

    very exciting!!

  • Toohey 5 years ago

    AAAAAHHH! So exciting! Can’t wait to visit.

  • Spin Spin 5 years ago

    Sounds amazing, can’t wait to see :)

  • Donna 5 years ago

    AWESOME! I’m so there!!

  • Allison 5 years ago

    Christmas shopping all in one place!!

  • Leslie 5 years ago

    WOW this is exciting! I can’t wait although I may have to start saving now! Fantastic idea and I look forward taking a peek.

  • Stacey 5 years ago

    Lucy it looks awesome!! Can’t wait to shop!

  • Kelly 5 years ago

    WOW WOW WOW! What a brilliant idea Lucy!
    I’m going to salivate over everything I know it. Sadly not in Melbourne but will be glued to my computer for sure x

  • Jennifer 5 years ago

    Absolutely brilliant idea! So looking forward to seeing it!

  • Kylie 5 years ago

    Wow! Wonderful! Congrat’s on your endeavour Lucy. Wish I could see it all in the flesh. Glad you’re doing the online thing.

  • Phoebe 5 years ago

    I concur with all of the above commenters. This is pretty awesome news for everyone involved. Looking forward to seeing your styling talents in the flesh Lucy!

  • Timoli 5 years ago

    unreal banana peel! can ‘t wait to loiter in your shop lucy!!! xx

  • Melissa 5 years ago

    Ooh how exciting can’t wait!

  • tess 5 years ago

    Yayyy… congrats Lucy & team! It looks super fine and I look forward to visiting!

  • Em 5 years ago

    Amazing! Congratulations Lucy, you’re brilliant!

  • Lucy 5 years ago

    THANKYOU GUYS! You are just the BEST! Thanks so much for all your support and enthusiasm… :) We’re excited but manically busy busy busy! It will be awesome to see you all there!

  • Nicky 5 years ago

    That first incredible pic from your exciting Open House post – where, oh where, is that yellow tassled cushion of fabulousness from?

  • jess 5 years ago

    SUCH an amazing idea. Go Lucy! xo

  • {tinniegirl} 5 years ago

    That is so very awesome. Can’t wait to come along.

  • Lucy 5 years ago

    Nicky – the cushion is by Jardan…! they don’t sell directly to the public… but you can come and grab one at the pop-up! he he x

  • Judy 5 years ago

    Lucy, what can I say – you are just incredulous – that’s not even a real word. THANKYOU!!!

  • Catherine 5 years ago

    This is the best idea ever!! Can’t wait…it’s already in the diary!! Congratulations and best of luck with the final organising…

  • Siobhan 5 years ago

    Sounds fantastic!

  • Whoa I wish I was in Melbourne! This sounds awesome! Congrats, I’m sure it’s been a lot of hard work.

  • Amber 5 years ago

    Absolutely love it Lucy, I can’t wait, it’s in the diary!

  • Jessamy 5 years ago

    Jesus. I’m going to have to start saving now. Merry Christmas to me!

  • What a fabulous idea! Just another reason to add to my growing list of why we should visit Australia…soon!

  • meg 5 years ago

    awesome! can’t wait – what a fantastic idea!! Already have two friends from interstate winging their way down to come along to this event!!

  • Kate 5 years ago

    Very very cool idea, can’t wait to check it all out!

  • Maryann 5 years ago

    Awesome idea!!! Can’t wait to check it out Lucy. Love your work xoxox

  • tali 5 years ago

    Brilliant idea Lucy!! Good luck!! xx

  • Samantha 5 years ago

    Hi beautiful Lucy – what an awesome idea… hmmm… methinks I need to book a ticket to Melbourne and STAT! Just a quick question, I saw that you mentioned that incredible yellow cushion is not sold directly to the public… may I inquire about buying one from Sydney? xxx
    LOTS of love you amazing woman!!!

  • Little Black Booth 5 years ago

    Hi Lucy,
    Yell out if you’d like a photobooth at your Open House event! I run a photobooth rental business and would be more than happy to sponsor the event by donating a booth. We could add your logo to the bottom frame of each photostrip so that guests will see your brand on their fridge for months and months to come ;) Shoot me an email at jessie@littleblackbooth.com.au if you’re interested.
    Jess x

  • bianca 5 years ago

    Oh wow, this is the best kind of open house, I can’t wait!!!

  • Manini 5 years ago

    OH my Lord!!My dream home,the colors are just perfect.This house gives me the candy happy fun feeling.LOVE it!!!

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