Junior – Sitting with Stan

by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 12th October 2011

Today’s Guest Blog is penned by Stan Johnson, Creative Director and writer of the Monday Morning WHIP on JUNIOR. We spend some time with Stan in his work space and see some of the objects that inspire his weekly posts. Thanks Stan! – Jenny x

Every Monday morning, for as long as I can remember, I’ve written the Weekly Whip for JUNIOR. Each week I wonder what I’m going to write about, yet sooner or later inspiration strikes.

I believe this is because I surround myself with inspiration, as you can see quite clearly from this picture of the desk in my study where I write.

My personal hero is British designer Paul Smith, who says that you can find inspiration in everything. And that if you can’t, to look again. I can’t imagine working somewhere that isn’t visually stimulating.

Whether it’s music, film, art or just stuff I’ve found in a $2 shop, my study is overflowing with inspiration. Every person who has ever visited my house finds themselves drawn to it.

Like most creative people, I sometimes find the ideas don’t come. When this happens I turn to Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies. I heartily recommend them, although tracking down a set may prove difficult.

I’ve been trying to work that giant ice cream cone into an idea for ages. One day I’ll manage to do it. Just you wait and see!

- Stan

by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 12th October 2011


  • Stanley Johnson 4 years ago

    I’ve always loved The Design Files. Thanx Lucy and Jenny for letting me share a bit of my madness with your readers. x

  • busichic 4 years ago

    Great post, Stanley! I’m keen to try track down a set of Oblique Strategies; might be fun to use for troubleshooting things on the dating blog I’m setting up!

    Ice cream; I’ve been wanting to get an icecream light from Third Drawer Down but couldnt work out where Id place it at home…you’ve inspired me to keep it at my desk, cheers!

  • stan johnson (1) 4 years ago

    That’s MY boy!!! SBJ

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