Not Tuesday

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 19th September 2011

Handmade bead necklaces by Rachel Wightman of Not Tuesday

Sydney-based Rachel Wightman is the designer behind these super cute handmade necklaces, made from simple polymer clay (ie, Fimo!) beads.  Rachel worked as an interiors stylist in magazine-land for over 10 years before becoming a mum 2 years ago, and finding a new creative outlet.  A failed experiment with resin led Rachel to polymer clay, and it wasn’t long before she was hooked!   I love the unexpected colour combinations and chunky organic forms – very Wilma Flintstone.  Or perhaps more Betty Rubble?

Rachel launched ‘Not Tuesday‘ in May this year, and sells her sweet designs on Etsy and in a few retail stores listed here.

Handmade bead necklaces by  Not Tuesday

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 19th September 2011


  • Shansy 4 years ago

    CUTE!! I’m heading to Etsy now… :)

  • They are so adorable, I don’t know which one I like more.

  • Emma 4 years ago

    I’m just going to say what we are all thinking – aren’t these what Emily Green has been doing for ages? Who has the authorship on fimo beads – there’s a conundrum!

  • Stella 4 years ago

    Great colour combinations and I like the linen thread but the $47.00 price tag is a bit steep.

  • Helen 4 years ago

    These are lovely. Similar work is appearing in a few places, but yes, noone owns the rights to Fimo beads!

  • jas 4 years ago

    gorgeous! love the colours in the last one!

  • alexandra 4 years ago

    NGAW ^^ I want one – so gorgeous! :) simple but effective!

  • M 4 years ago

    They are lovely, but I’m more inspired to crack out the Fimo and make some of my own than to fork out 47 big ones. But very pretty.

  • Katie I KCandCoBlog 4 years ago

    Oh! I love these too!

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