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Adriane Strampp

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 10th August 2011

The Collingwood home of artist Adriane Strampp.  The painting behind the couch is by Adriane.  All photos by the amazing Sean Fennessy.

Adriane’s much-loved ‘AGA’ stove!  All photos – Sean Fennessy.

Kitchen details

There is something unmistakeably filmic about the home of Melbourne artist Adriane Strampp.  Layered with antique furniture, eclectic artwork and an incredible AGA stove (that warms the whole house!), this converted Collingwood warehouse has a sense of history and worldliness that belies the ten years Adriane and daughter Lucy have lived here.

Whilst it’s cosy and full of character now, when Adriane first purchased this warehouse as a shell ten years ago, it was completely empty.  On a tight budget, she set about renovating in two stages – the first very rudimentary, with a simple loft and ladder, and a basic kitchen and bathroom.  “It was really cute, and we ‘camped’ like that for a few years before taking the roof off to add two proper bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs” she says.

Adriane has approached the design and renovation of her home in the same way she creates her paintings – using a very limited palette and considering the combination of tones, textures, space and light.  She’s been careful to retain a real sense of the history of the building, which was once a coat hanger factory, by using industrial and reclaimed materials wherever possible.  The courtyard windows came from a local primary school, and the incredible timber beams downstairs from a Docklands pier.  She has also recently sourced sheets of rusted perforated mesh for a balustrade – it was once used for drying hops at the brewery up the road!

The heart of Adriane’s home is her amazing AGA kitchen stove!  “It’s a place everyone gravitates to when they come in” she says – “It does everything; cooks multiple dishes at the same time, keeps the cat warm, and even does a bit of ironing!”.  She also loves the local Neighbourhood.  “We’re quite lucky that we’re in a quiet side-street, but just around the corner from busy Smith St, and a short walk to my studio.  There are also quite a few good coffee spots nearby, very handy … and I have a small vegetable plot at a community garden nearby” says Adriane.

Adriane works from a wonderful light-filled studio in Fitzroy, just a short walk from her home (pics at the bottom of the post).  She runs popular painting classes here on Monday nights and Tuesday mornings – more info here!

Adriane currently has a crush on Berani, the Malayan Tapir at Taronga Zoo!  This incredible creature has been the subject of many recent artworks by Adriane, and her work is currently part of ZOO Air – an exhibition of artwork by 20 artists from the Artists in Residence Program at Taronga Zoo. The work will be auctioned in Sydney VERY SOON on August 21st 2011, with all proceeds supporting the Taronga Foundation‘s conservation projects.  More info here!

Adriane is also working towards a solo exhibition in Sydney at King St Gallery on William in March 2012.

Huge thanks to Adriane and Lucy for sharing their beautiful home with us!  If you love Adriane’s work please do take a moment to check out her website!

Loungeroom again.  All photos – Sean Fennessy.

Kitchen / dining

Kitchen / dining from mezzanine above.

‘L-U-C-Y’ letters outside Lucy’s bedroom.  Couldn’t resist!

Master bedroom
Bedroom details – painting on left by Adriane.

I put that creepy manequin hand there.  Sean Fennessy was not entirely convinced.  Sorry Sean!

Bathroom details

Adriane’s Fitzroy studio, just a short walk from her home.  LOVE that ghostly painting in progress!

Studio details.  Top right – one of Adriane’s artworks inspired by Berani, the Malayan Tapir at Taronga Zoo!

Studio details

Adriane’s weathered front door

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 10th August 2011


  • Wow, stunning home – love that huge door.

  • Notting Hill Girl 5 years ago

    What a beautiful home! Love the muted colour palette and vintage touches!

  • Cathg1g2 5 years ago

    Now that is a home!

  • Jessamy 5 years ago

    Gorgeous home. Love the aga kettle too- have been eyeing one off for ages.

  • Beattie 5 years ago

    I think that is one of my Favourite front doors!

  • mariana 5 years ago

    i’ve never wanted a warehouse [with all its contents] more… than right this very minute! absolutely love everything about it.. everything!

  • Esz 5 years ago

    Wow! Love everything about this place. And absolutely envious of the studio :) Thanks for sharing as I’m now really interested in the painting classes :-D

  • Diane 5 years ago

    Such a gorgeous home!

  • Beckie 5 years ago

    Oh my! I.AM.IN.LOVE!

  • Ed 5 years ago

    Esz, her classes are great. She does great cheese and wine and bakes great cakes. Actually, I sometimes make cakes for her class too!

  • Sarah B 5 years ago

    Wow, what a gorgeous, impressive space :)

  • Allison 5 years ago

    This homes looks lived in … yay for that! Beauty in all the details.

  • Kat 5 years ago

    I LOVE this home! The wall treatment is amazing; love the palette, the furniture, the little touches, the art. WOW! LOVE!!!!

  • jas 5 years ago

    wow – I’m in love! this home is gorgeous!

  • George Strampp 5 years ago

    That’ my daughter! 
    Dad xxx

  • Lucy 5 years ago

    So great to see a wonderful response from this home…. Thanks for all your great comments lovely readers! Especially the one from Adriane’s Dad! Hi George! :)

    Lucy x

  • notsupermum 5 years ago

    Clearly the home of a genius.

  • Sarah 5 years ago

    The homes are always my favourite………

  • I love how it is trendy to be eclectic – I love using so much variety tastefully against a white wash background. You can let your imagination just go!!!

  • LOVE that first shot. It looks like a painting. What a gorgeous inviting comfy home. Beautiful.

  • thomas 5 years ago

    love the aga.

  • Jenny Lam 5 years ago

    Beautiful! Adriane’s participating in a show I’m curating–so happy to have her on board. I linked to your article here:

  • Ka l iopy 5 years ago

    What a gorgeous home and who doesn’t love the AGA stove lol, AWESOMENESS!!!!
    Adriane’s works are so beautiful, not to mention and so is she, her classes are so much fun and she is a wonderful teacher, must check her out :-))
    Would love to link/share this article in OW?
    Love this feature!!!

  • KatieHobbs23 5 years ago

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  • Decorator's Notebook 5 years ago

    This home is really lovely and atmospheric. Seeing the art studio is interesting too.

  • Lauren RANDLE 4 years ago

    Just flicking through and saw this house and thought ‘I love that’ then realised its the house they use for Nina’s house on Offspring. It is stunning in every sense of the word.

  • lizzz 4 years ago

    Same as Lauren! Just flicking through and saw this house and thought ‘I love that’ then realised its the house they use for Nina’s house on Offspring. It is stunning in every sense of the word.

  • Sarah McCarthy-James 4 years ago

    what a beautiful home, i immediately recognised it from Offspring. Love the front door.

  • locksmith brooklyn 4 years ago

    Sometimes my door locks get stuck locked this happen to anyone else?! Mainly the passenger door and rear doors never the driver door yet

  • Elouise 3 years ago

    WOW is this Nina’s home off offspring? I love this house and this blog such amazing homes!

  • Colin O'Reilly 1 year ago

    Just spotted this page on Google.
    It looks like you have done a fantastic job on that warehouse.
    Was searching for your Dad’s email address.
    We are in Vietnam teaching kids to swim as the drowning rate over here is very high.
    Colin and Dianne

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