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by Jenny Butler
Friday 5th August 2011

It’s been an amazing week of Lino Love with Liz Jone of Betty Jo Designs! Despite it being an incredibly busy time for Liz [with Harvest Classes, Pop-up Studio Sale AND taking part in Craft Victoria’s ‘Craft Cubed‘] she has still managed to show us some FANTASTIC uses of vintage lino on the Guest Blog this week. Liz generously offered a customised cuckoo clock giveaway,  and the winner is Shelley T – congratulations!  Thanks again Liz, we have loved sharing your Lino Love this week! – Jenny x

Do you like the idea of vintage lino, but want a modern feel? Luckily there are new Lino products that can give a retro feel to your home.

Barry’s Linoleum Poster from my kitchen.

Photographer and owner of online store Arthur’s Circus, Natalie Jeffcott decided to use modern lino tiles in her North Melbourne house and shop.

Natalie says “We had decided on lino and then were watching Toy Story 2. We paused the movie and took a photo off the TV in Big Al’s Toy Barn. I then got out graph paper and sketched a “random” design. We used it in the kitchen and living room, upstairs and also the back half of the shop and stairs. Very annoying for the tile layer to work from I’m sure.

Looks like the flooring guy managed to follow the brief pretty well!

Fat stores in Melbourne have taken the humble Lino tile and turned it into an eye catching interior design feature.

According to the stores directors Kym Purtell and Rachael Cotra “One of our main inspirations was drawn from a time when everything looked classic and perfect, and using a material like lino gave us an opportunity to introduce an aspect of another era and allowed us to play with colours and patterns – basically to reintroduce a classic flooring style and modernize it.

Fat’s Fitzroy store

“The colour of the lino is filmic and strong, causing the eye to be immediately drawn down and making people aware of the surface they are walking on, something we often overlook.”


To finish this week’s guest post all about Lino, I would like to refer you to an amazing “time capsule” house coming up for auction in the northern Melbourne suburb of Pascoe Vale. Retro Kitchen  goodness!

*Note to whom ever buys this house…Please keep a little of it the same. There are enough granite bench tops and stainless steel appliances in the world already.

Thank you for joining me in my week of Linoleum!

Liz x

by Jenny Butler
Friday 5th August 2011


  • Beth 5 years ago

    this weeks guest blog has given me a new appreciation for lino – thanks Liz!

  • Em 5 years ago

    Wow. Lino love. I like the colours and random placement in the North Melbourne shop/home! I also hope whoever buys the Pascoe Vale property keeps a bit of the original detail. It’s so damn smile-inducing

  • Margo Carlon 5 years ago

    enjoying your guest blogging this week,


  • Donna Kelly 5 years ago

    Emily, your necklaces are gorgeous! Love love love!! And yes I totally agree about that beautiful retro kitchen in Pascoe Vale – I spied that during the week and fell in love. There is another in Coburg, just as cute. Hope the peeps keep them just the way they are.

  • That last kitchen is so cool – I love the colour combination!

  • Leita quiller 6 months ago

    Hello there, I would luv to see your collection of vinyl flooring suitable for bathrooms. How do I go about it? Need something ASAP.
    Thank you.

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