Colour Theory with Emily Green – Andrea Necklace

by Jenny Butler
Monday 8th August 2011

This week we have the incredible Emily Green on the Guest Blog! Emily has just launched a brand new range of necklaces and this week she will be sharing some of the images that inspired the colour palette of each of these pieces.  To make this week even more special, Emily has offered a giveaway of one of her new Audrey Necklaces – just leave a comment before 10.00pm this Thursday 11th of August! – Jenny x

Hello! I’m Emily Green and I am a Melbourne based designer and maker. At the moment I like to make geometric resin brooches and necklaces strung with vividly coloured handmade beads. Colour has always been a love of mine and I find that the mini wearable artworks I create to be the perfect means of exploring and experimenting with different colour combinations.

For the guest blog this week I set myself the challenge of creating a new colour palette – translated into a beaded necklace – for each day of the week. Accompanying each palette is the collection of images that I sourced and compiled to use as the inspiration / starting point for the design.

I hope you enjoy looking!!

em X

Colour palette for Andrea Necklace

  1. pastel pink hair from Yen magazine (this also inspired me to go pink!)
  2. one of my watercolours exploring primary and secondary hues
  3. a photo of my stripey sockies and hasbeens from last summer
  4. rainbow reflections on a rusty metal surface
  5. a collage I did using digtal prints of sparkly jewels
  6. a vividly coloured vintage daffodil card
  7. a kitchy hotel postcard of Brisbane  – love the blocks of colour in the painted balconies!

by Jenny Butler
Monday 8th August 2011

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