Colour Theory with Emily Green – Sophia Necklace

by Jenny Butler
Friday 12th August 2011

This week has surely been the most colourful week on the Guest Blog thanks to Emily Green! Congratulations to Catherine M for being the lucky winner of the much coveted Audrey Necklace – enjoy! To secure your very own Emily Green necklace [or brooch!], be sure to visit Emily’s Etsy Store and visit her blog to find where Emily will pop up next. Thanks again Emily!  – Jenny x

Colour palette for Sophia Necklace

  1. A section of a gouache painting I did of a decaying rose.
  2. A photograph I took at the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris of a ceramic wreath on a gravestone. I took hundreds of photos of these while I was there. Such a beautiful, everlasting memorial.
  3. Another shoe photo (!) including the great aged timber floor of my studio.
  4. More watercolour exploration.
  5. A section of my studio buddies Harvest Textiles’ chevron printed tote bag from their latest range.
  6. A photograph of a protea – my favourite flower at the moment.
  7. A photograph of one of my dried painting palettes.

Thanks so much for everyone’s lovely comments this week. Thank you for looking and thank you most of all to Lucy and Jenny of The Design Files!

- em X

by Jenny Butler
Friday 12th August 2011


  • Cathg1g2 4 years ago

    Doing my head in…all my faves!

  • Pippa 4 years ago

    Don’t go, stay…….I have loved these posts :)

  • BusiChic 4 years ago

    So sweet – so sweet!

  • Meaghan 4 years ago

    Thank you!

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