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Lisa Tilse of The Red Thread

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 6th July 2011

The Sydney home of Lisa Tilse and daughter Roxy! The two art deco chairs in the main loungeroom have been lovingly restored and upholstered in Ici et La striped fabric – they’re Lisa’s favourite items of furniture.  All photos Lucy Feagins.

Light-filled loungeroom.  Deco armchairs upholstered in Ici et La striped fabric.

SO MANY cute details in this room! Love Roxy’s super cute drawing top right – an imagined version of her parents’ wedding (complete with meringue bridal gown!).  Bottom image – Small framed heart sculpture on left by Wyan McAllister, long thin painting on the left is from her parents home in the 1970’s and holds sentimental value for Lisa, on the right an original Chinese folk art painting, and vintage christmas baubles.

I must say what I love most about photographing homes pretty much every week(!!) is the incredible variety of creative styling you see from one gorgeous home to the next!  From teeny tiny one bedders to super slick architecturally designed homes, and of course the ever popular mid-century masterpieces… it’s always incredible to see just how many varied ways there are to pull together a beautiful creative home.  Today we’re in ‘cute ‘n crafty’ territory with this gorgeous family home in Sydney’s leafy suburbs!

This lovely light-filled home belongs to artist, designer and avid crafter Lisa Tilse of The Red Thread.  Lisa lives here with her daughter Roxy (7 years), and also runs her business from home.  After many years working as a graphic designer, in 2005 Lisa took the plunge and launched her own range of artwork for children’s bedrooms, home accessories and craft kits under the name ‘The Red Thread’.  Given Lisa’s creative background and love of all things handmade, it’s no surprise to see so many wonderful handcrafted details in her home – including a VAST number of cushions!  Lisa has a self confessed cushion obsession,  I counted 25 throughout the home during my visit – very impressive cushion count Lisa!  (Can anyone out there beat that?)

Lisa has lived here with Roxy for five and a half years.  She’s been lucky not to have to do too much to the place – other than the usual paint job, carpet removal (which – to Lisa’s surprise – revealed beautifully polished floorboards that looked like they’d never been walked on!), and a little landscaping in the front garden.  What is it with all these lucky people who move into beautiful homes that require LITTLE OR NO renovation / maintenance?!  Most unfair.

Lisa says her favourite aspect of the home is definitely the living area at the back of the house. ‘It’s drenched in northerly light and sun. In the summer we fling open all the french doors to bring the outside in, and in winter it’s cosy, sunny and warm. It’s the heart of the house.’  It certainly was a showstopper on the day I visited – filled with bright light all day, and casting long warm shards of afternoon sun across the dining table and kitchen towards late afternoon.

Huge thanks to Lisa for sharing her sweet home with us today!  (Thanks also for making me LUNCH when I visited!) If you love all the handmade flourishes in Lisa’s home, chances are you’ll love her pretty product range too – do pop over and have a look!

ps. forgot to mention Lisa has an excellent BLOG too! Well worth a visit!

Love the lush greenery in the back garden, visible from every angle. (OH for a lush green Sydney garden!)

TV room!  Showcasing Lisa’s self-confessed cushion obsession!   Birds on the wall are by Melanie Swan Designs (in the ACT).  On shelf – Darling Clementine cards, and also a Darling Clementine cushion far right (available form Lark).  Sleepy dog screen printed cushion from Etsy seller Robin and Mould.  I BELIEVE that knitted pouf is by Ferm Living but I could be wrong….

TV room details.  Cushion top left by Darling Clementine, from Lark.  Circular stretched fabrics top right by Lisa.  Coloured bottles on bottom right – vintage bottles painted in primary colours on the inside!  Simple Genius.  Pouf I think from Ferm Living but don’t hold me to it.

Model boat made by Lisa’s late father – made from scratch, with a working motor! The boat is named with Roxy’s Chinese name. Behind, a vintage Qantas poster.

Master bedroom. Details below.
Crochet garland by Kids With Crayons (Melbourne).  Fantastic Mr Fox cushion from Etsy seller KushKush, other cushions made by Lisa from Cloth fabric and Ink & Spindle fabric.  Orla Kiely bedlinen!

Sweet details in Roxy’s room – More cushions! Oooshka doll made by Lisa with the Ooshka Babushka pattern kit from The Red Thread. Artwork top right made with fabric from Cloth, and plain linen over a stretcher frame.

Lisa’s home office.  She explains that last year she moved her office from the third bedroom into the light-filled front loungeroom. (The third bedroom is now a cosy TV room). ‘I love being in my “new” office because it’s much bigger, but more importantly it has a large window, an outlook onto the street and lots of natural light. It still needs some art…. the paint chip collage is a temporary thing!’ says Lisa!

Cute ‘n crafty details in the home office / hallway.  Birds and deer are laser-cut timber pieces designed by Lisa for The Red Thread.

Lisa’s favourite room in the house – The light filled back room!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 6th July 2011


  • Mary Anne 5 years ago

    Warm and whimsical! Will need to look at some of those links for sure!

  • Kristina 5 years ago

    Lovely pictures, great use of colour. Nice to see your work featured Lisa after following your blog for a long time.

  • Barbara Fisher 5 years ago

    Lisa’s home is just lovely! I have been following her blog for some time and have purchased quite a few of her items. Talk about one talented lady.

    Oh, and I love the temporary paint chip artwork! I say it’s a keeper.

  • Alisa 5 years ago

    Lisa’s a sweetie. Her taste is impeccable! x

  • Hat 5 years ago

    Gorgeous home!

  • Camilla 5 years ago

    I met Lisa a few months ago & her house is as lovely as she is! I especially love the stripey chairs.

    Oh – If I counted all the cushions I have stuffed in cupboards then I could rival her 25!!

  • charlotte 5 years ago

    love love love all the gorgeous bold colours!!! very inspiring for our new ranges in process

  • Lucy, you captured Lisa’s gorgeous home so beautifully. What a wonderful job. Her home is so full of happiness and sunshine details. Fabulous.

  • Samone 5 years ago

    The paint chip collage is fab! Beautiful home.

  • Samone 5 years ago

    Oh, and the Pinocchio poster is just gorgeous!!!

  • Beattie 5 years ago

    beautiful colours!

  • Siobhan 5 years ago

    Looks light so light and bright – love it

  • Fiona 5 years ago

    lisa i just knew you would live in a gorgeous home. all those lovely things are so obviously made in a happy place

  • Lovely warm house.. and I’m going to steal that paint chip idea!

  • Jessica 5 years ago

    I love everything about this house!

  • Sarah 5 years ago

    Lisa is a dear friend of mine and a visit to her house has me feeling joy and warm and fuzzy all over her home is so bliss….. I love her collections and she has inspired me to shop more online and buy more handmade loveliness….Just beautiful!

  • {COZAMIA} 5 years ago

    Wow, what a beautiful, happy, cozy colorful place! I love it :)

  • Bianca 5 years ago

    beautiful! when can I move in ;)

  • Margie 5 years ago

    my favourite part is the coloured bottles – awesome idea!

  • Stephen Mellor 5 years ago

    Wow what a wonderful space! Congratulations to the designer/architect… This space is filled by natutal light, brings the outside in and evokes thought’s of entertaining guests on a warm summer evening with music, chatter and wine! No better way to relax at the end of a tough week at the office I think..

  • Jessamy Alexander 5 years ago

    I love the black and white light in the studio. Lovely, pretty home.

  • Julia 5 years ago

    It’s a beautiful space, I love the timber floor with the white built in cupboards and shelves, it’s so luminous and peaceful! All the textiles are very tasteful as well, good combination of colours.

  • Rachel 5 years ago

    Awesome post, I love Lisa Tilse’s stuff and her house doesn’t disappoint.

  • dasi 5 years ago

    Love every room in the house, so many wonderful details. And the room on the last photo, it would be my favorite room in the house too.

  • Samantha Ayles 5 years ago

    I LOVE this home, I’m always so impressed with the way “some” people can get an idea and put it together and know it’s going to look amazing. What a clever lady! The light in the dining room is so inviting.

  • Thanks Lucy for the great post. Your photos are gorgeous.
    And thank you to all the lovely commenters for their enthusiasm about my little house.

  • Laura Noble 5 years ago

    what a gorgeous home! captured in lovely photos too!

  • Heather Bulmer 5 years ago

    i love, love, love this post. So many beautiful ideas I want to redo the whole of my studio now! Simply stunning use of colour and light.

  • stav 5 years ago

    It feels loved doesnt it. I love the cushions and Orla Keily hints. Thank you for sharing Lisa and Design Files xx

  • debbie 5 years ago

    great post and fabulous home! x

  • jess 5 years ago


  • Shauna Stafford 5 years ago

    I am completely inspired to re-do everything in my house — although I suspect I may have to track Lisa down and hire her as my interior designer. Gorgeous house that looks filled with love.

  • Those deco chairs look fabulous!

  • Chantal Vincent 5 years ago

    Beautiful home! Love Lisa’s choice of artwork. Even if the paint chips are temporary I still think that ‘s a very funky installation!!

  • Ann 5 years ago

    Off to get some paint chips (love that) and talk Dad into giving me the fishing trawler model he made thirty years ago! Gorgeous…

  • Kathleen 5 years ago

    I love it, every bit of it I LOVE. Inspiration for our new place! Thank you TDF for featuring so many wonderful homes.

  • Saffron Craig Fabrics 5 years ago

    I love Lisa’s home. Great blog thanks.

  • kasia jacquot 5 years ago

    Love all the colour, and so many interesting and beautiful things to look at. My fav is the light shade in the bedroom that is white on the outisde and a surprise pattern on the inside! Gorgeous!

  • Donna 5 years ago

    wow what a beautiful and inspiring home…Lisa’s personal touches,like her daughter’s drawings and the boat her dad built truly make it so welcoming and loved…thanks Lucy

  • Janette 5 years ago

    Lisa is such a sweety and her home totally matches! I love all the details and the beautiful light. Thanks for sharing Lucy.

  • Sally 5 years ago

    I just love this house! Wonderful taste.

  • Tara 5 years ago

    What a stunning home so warm and cosy and colourful just my style. I love the bookshelf done in the colour blocks very clever… I love it all.

  • Bespoke Letterpress 5 years ago

    love love love!!!

  • Rebecca 5 years ago

    Oh Lisa your lovely home looks picture perfect. Love the colours and all your beautiful touches. Such a talent you have. Makes for a warm inviting home that I just love to visit!!!

  • Wall Decal Company 4 years ago

    Beautiful thanks for sharing. It’s given me some idea’s for my home.

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