Skip Town Travel Photography with Jess Lillico – Film

by Jenny Butler
Friday 1st July 2011

A huge THANK YOU to Jess Lillico for a brilliant week of the Skip Town Guest Blog! This week has been as inspiring as it was informative and don’t forget you can purchase the full Skip Town Travel Photography Field Guide here! – Jenny x

If you really want to come home with some unique travel photos, we have a sure fire recommendation. Shoot on film. As much as we enjoy the challenge of digital photography, there’s something about the simplicity of a point-and-shoot film camera that really appeals (and the pics look really cool too).

We are particularly fond of the Olympus Trip 35 – an easy to use fixed lens camera that you can pick up pretty cheap and doesn’t need batteries.

Sean takes one of these wherever we travel and uses it just as much as his digital SLR. He even started a website dedicated to the thing.

One thing to remember is that you are never guaranteed that your pics will turn out, but we reckon that just adds to the fun!

So, we’ll leave you now with a selection of film shots from around the world. Thanks for having us, and be sure to say hi on the Skip Town blog sometime soon.

{Japan Alps}

{Shirakawa-go village, Japan}


{Las Vegas from the air}

{Nevada desert from the air}

{Storm over beach, Hoi An, Vietnam}

{Sapa, Vietnam}

{Los Angeles}

{Los Angeles}

{Airport, Tokyo}

{From the air, somewhere over Korea}

Jess x

by Jenny Butler
Friday 1st July 2011


  • Lucy 4 years ago

    Great images and top-tips. Thanks for sharing! :)

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