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Newcastle Home – Tim Neve

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 13th July 2011

The Newcastle home of stylist Tim Neve

Loungeroom details

It isn’t often I come across a bachelor pad that is primped and preened enough for a feature on The Design Files (!!) – but this beachside apartment in Newcastle, belonging to stylist Tim Neve, sure fits the bill!  I have NEVER seen such a strict commitment to one muted colour palette!  Impressive discipline Tim!

AMAZINGLY, Tim’s pad is a rental.  This is even more impressive once you learn just how much TLC (and sheer elbow grease!) Tim has expended improving and renovating his much loved apartment.  At the original ‘open for inspection’, Tim says hordes of people inspected the property for its amazing beachfront location, but most made a swift exit when they saw the condition of the interiors.  Tim, on the other hand, was instantly smitten – ‘I saw nothing but potential!’ he says.  He admits he’s no expert ‘tradie’, but he rolled his sleeves up and got to work, doing his best to patch and paint the walls, also removing the shag pile carpet and brown floral wallpaper over 3 – 4 weeks.  Lucky landlord!

When asked why he chose such a limited neutral colour palette for his home (and how he managed to stick to it!), Tim says his main aim was to create the exact opposite of what he’s surrounded by at work.  When working with clients and magazines, Tim is surrounded by with bold colour and pattern – ‘there’s always so much visually happening around me!’ he says.  It was his goal to create a home that was a sanctuary – sticking to a restrained palette was his way of separating work life and home life.  Yes, it’s an unmistakably ‘beach-inspired’ look… but Tim is quick to point out ‘there’s not a crafty seashell or nautical motif in sight!’.  Ha ha – ok we get it Tim, it’s all in the details!

It’s no surprise Tim’s pad looks magazine-worthy – as a busy interiors stylist, Tim has contributed to many popular titles such as Real Living, Home Ideas Magazine, and Modern Home – you can learn a little more about his work over here. Huge thanks to Tim for sharing his home today! (Our first Newcastle pad!)

Entrance hall looking through to loungeroom

Bedroom details – awww cuteeee colour co-ordinated kitten)!


Neutral details

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 13th July 2011


  • Angela 5 years ago

    Lucy, what a find! Tim’s home is absolutely stunning… I’m styling a house at the moment with that same tonal, textural, coastal vibe – this is brilliant inspiration, THANK YOU!

    Angela x

  • Pippa 5 years ago

    I’m a colour and pattern girl…but this home is so beautiful! the limited colour palette allows all elements to have equal presence in the design and the textural touches, seem to sing! lovely work Tim :)

  • Siobhan C 5 years ago

    What a lucky landlord. I hope Tim’s being compensated for all his hard work and materials with a subsidised rent :)

  • dasi 5 years ago

    Every detail is beautiful. And I love the kitty too.

  • homestilo 5 years ago

    You have to love it when even the pets are in line with the color pallet! Very nice space though- masculine but not harsh.

  • Ebony 5 years ago

    So tranquil. I want to move in.

  • clairsy 5 years ago

    great to see what can be achieved without expensive renovations. (hate to think how much the landlord will be able to charge when Tim moves on tho). nice work!

  • madeleine brown 5 years ago

    This is lovely, but it would drive me mental. Put down a tomato on the kitchen bench- blammo, your entire decor is shot.

  • Barbara Fisher 5 years ago

    Tim’s place is one of those you look at the pics and just want to transport yourself there. Heavenly! I remember it being featured in one of the mags a while back and lusting over it then. I’m even more jealous to know it’s in Newcastle, within a stones throw of all those beautiful beaches!

  • WDF 5 years ago

    Strictly Bachelor. I always wanted a pale interior universe too – add kids add people and a slipped glass of Cab Sav – disaster! My later dream was a tungsten lined house – but still could be white I guess, easier to hose down!

  • gaz 5 years ago

    so dreamy and angelic! what a lucky lucky landlord. i hope she/he appreciates such a caring tenant!

  • Notting Hill Girl 5 years ago

    Wow, I can’t say I’ve ever heard of anyone renovating their rental but this is beautiful (and was clearly worth it if he stays long-term). I love the lamp at the bottom with tree branches for the base. It’s lovely. I wish I could stick to such a simple colour palette as it really is striking.

  • Beautiful home, I can’t believe it’s a guy’s place! Amazing job, Tim!

  • terri zollinger 5 years ago

    i am looking to reinvent my house and am trying to pick out the best white paint color to use ….any suggestions ?
    love the look of your place !
    i will be adding little pops of color along with the white.

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