Making with makedo – Robot Adventures

by Jenny Butler
Thursday 21st July 2011

Today is your last opportunity to go in the draw to win one of makedo‘s FreePlay Kits for Three – just leave a comment before 10pm tonight! The lucky winner will be drawn at random and announced tomorrow. Thanks makedo for this ace giveaway! – Jenny

Have you ever wanted to be larger than life? So have we! And we think the best way to do this is as a robot. Sourcing materials around you is easier than ever anticipated in this climate of consumption and should you need any larger boxes than you can find in your home, a trip down to your local supermarket will fix all your problems!

A fabulous maker in Spain that goes by the name of Monsieur Voyage created a robot costume at the beach with his kids using makedo and we want you to have as much fun as they did (which is quite a bit).

What you need?
Two large boxes
Three medium boxes
Freeplay Kit

Step 1: Connect the two large boxes together for the body

Step 2: Cut up medium box to add some robot embellishments

Step 3: Attach a medium box to the body and cut out circles for eyes to fit in rolled up, cut cardboard scraps.

Step 4: Use a medium box to create triangular legs and cut out holes in the body for arms to go through. From a medium box, use flat pieces of cardboard with decorative holes cut out to give shape and added embellishment to the robot.

Step 5: Play!

makedo x

by Jenny Butler
Thursday 21st July 2011


  • Alexandra Hanna 5 years ago

    Brilliant idea! I have been ‘make-do’ with endless rolls of tape for buses and cubby houses, but my 4-year old Monty, would love the upgrade to these groovy construction hinges. Nice :)

  • Margie 5 years ago

    love this open-ended construction tool! We have so much difficulty with sticky tape!!

  • Fiona 5 years ago

    make-do we have the boxes all we need is the hinges will keep collecting in the hope that we win.

  • Vicki 5 years ago

    first time through this blog.. and i love it!! good work. =) these makedo kits look so wacky and cool!

  • sweet like a lolly 5 years ago

    Beachy keen to make our own robot – fingers crossed we win a prize!

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