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Jesse & Arla Marlow

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 22nd June 2011

The eclectic Melbourne home of Jesse & Arla Marlow and baby Zelda – all photos Jesse Marlow

LOVE the light-filled entrance hall.  Man I wish I had a real hallway.  All photos Jesse Marlow

Industrial details and vintage signage creep into every room…!  Including Jesse’s personal favourite – the ‘Chemist Cameras’ sign picked up at Tarlo & Graham in 2004.  All photos Jesse Marlow

The BEST thing about being on the constant hunt for new Australian Homes… (like, relentlessly!), is seeing the incredible variety of ways in which creative people kit out their living spaces!  From the super sleek digs of two Sydney designers last week, this week we’re back in Melbourne with a completely different creative home – the quirky rambling Victorian house of photographer Jesse Marlow, his wife Arla and their new bub Zelda (just one month old!).

Jesse and Arla bought their house in the Burnley end of Richmond in 2008.  At this time Jesse says it was more or less derelict. The previous owner hadn’t done any work on the building since the 1950’s, when the house had been divided up into 3 small one bedroom flats.  Jesse and Arla set about the challenging task of re-configuring these odd separate living spaces into one house – which meant opening and closing up many internal walls to make it flow again.  One thing they didn’t touch, though, was the 1950’s renovation upstairs – ‘that was just perfect’ says Jesse!  (He’s particularly fond of the wood panelling!)

It’s clear that Jesse and Arla are avid collectors, especially of all things vintage / industrial!  They’re both junk shop fiends – but many of their favourite pieces have also been picked up on overseas travels… including one rare print that the pair found rolled up and wet in a Paris Flea Market (sheesh why doesn’t that happen here!?). Jesse says his most prized possession, though, is his giant CHEMIST CAMERAS shop awning sign, purchased here in Melbourne from Tarlo & Graham back in 2004 (pictured above).

When it comes to the home itself, Jesse says the elevated decking area at the front of the house is pretty special. ‘On a summers day it’s great for a BBQ and enjoying the sun’.  He also loves the location – with the river a stone’s throw away and great parklands nearby, they are a pretty happy little family!

HUGE thanks to Jesse for sharing his home AND taking the shots – quite a mission in the same month you welcome your first baby into the world! AMAZING thankyou Jesse and Arla!  Thanks also to sweet Dell for the cute home tip-off!

Kitchen details – All photos Jesse Marlow

Downstairs living room – photos Jesse Marlow

Jesse’s study – LOVE the gold lettering on the window. Below – Jesse’s trusty Leica M6 Camera.  All photos Jesse Marlow

Kooky 1950’s loungeroom on the upstairs level!  Gotta love a bit of original 50’s wood panelling! All photos Jesse Marlow

Dining / Living upstairs – amazing vintage clock collection in the fireplace!? All photos Jesse Marlow

Pretty details. photos Jesse Marlow

The old master bedroom / bedside vertical shot.. always a favourite!  Love that hanging vintage work light.   Photos Jesse Marlow

Master bedroom – photos Jesse Marlow

Jesse Marlow gets a bit Film Noir on us…

Sweet frontage

Weird yet brilliant elevated patio!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 22nd June 2011


  • Great eclectic home, I love all the details – particularly the entry way.

  • mimi 5 years ago

    I LOVE the red coral candelabra! Stunning where is it from?

  • Jessamy Alexander 5 years ago

    Full of surprises- love a home that has a sense of fun!

  • daisy 5 years ago

    all the signage is fantastic, and i love the bunch of old cricket bats in a tin. the patio space is really nice too and i have those same brick facade planters! great stuff.

  • Donna 5 years ago

    Love this home! The retro and vintage elements are awesome and the patio….gorgeous!!
    Def one of my new faves. xx

  • April 5 years ago

    This is hands down my favorite house you’ve ever featured! Wish I could clone it and move in. Definitely will add some of this to my pinterest for inspiration for our tiny house. Fantastic!!!

  • Kylie 5 years ago

    have I ever described one of your home tours as being my favourite before? probably have. well this one takes the cake! It is definetely my new fave home tour. Lovely.

  • shelley t 5 years ago

    well luscious lucy, it goes without saying, i love this place! i would especially like to steal the jesse marlow door and the ‘social’sign in the living area… and dare i say it, one month after the bub is born is probably the best time to get photos taken…a year’s time, not so easy… xxx

  • Lucy 5 years ago

    Ooohh I LOVE it!! The vintage industrial pieces are wonderful – just my cup of tea! I could happily move in :-)

  • Gaz 5 years ago

    Cool.. This place has soul!

  • dasi 5 years ago

    There isn’t one space I don’t like, this is my dream house (including the dog).

  • Diane 5 years ago

    Love it!

  • Siobhan Rogers 5 years ago

    Love the chemist sign – and the study door – photos look fab

  • jo price 5 years ago

    Love the Social Hall wall. What I would give for some Diamond Ring signage…(insert sigh here)
    Might have to steal the umbrella stand idea….

  • Allison Taylor 5 years ago

    Love the eclectic mix of vintage signs

  • It’s like a museum of treasures… I love the gold lettering on the door. divine!

  • NIKKI 5 years ago

    love the vintage signage.

  • Marjorie Rose 5 years ago

    Full of personality and fun without sacrificing warmth.. what a home should be..

  • Margie 5 years ago

    Just lovely – really excellent to see such a treasure trove of found objects… Jesse’s office reminds me of an old film detective of the same name…

  • Sophie Travers 5 years ago

    I am expat Scot too so I appreciate very much the Aussie nature- rosellas and creeks- beautiful.

  • Jenny 5 years ago

    Oh my goodness – I have been coveting these shadow boxes for such a long time – Love Bonnie and Neil wares – real Australian style!

  • judith 5 years ago

    Love the australiana yet modern feel. Congratulations designers.

  • Michelle H 5 years ago

    love the boxes, incredible talent

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