Fenton&Fenton new online store + Giveaway!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 9th June 2011

Fenton&Fenton in High st, Prahran.

Fenton&Fenton’s new website, designed and built by Laura Baxter

One of Melbourne’s most beautiful and eclectic homewares stores is finally ONLINE!  Fenton&Fenton recently launched their new website, blog and online store… exciting times!

Shop proprietor (and previous TDF interviewee!) Lucy Fenton spent a long time deliberating the possible perils and rewards of running an online shop, before taking the leap!  It’s certainly a big move for a destination store such as Fenton&Fenton, whose stock leans heavily towards one-off pieces and antiques – not the easiest inventory to photograph, catalogue and ship!

Fenton&Fenton’s website is as rich and layered as the store itself – it was designed and built by Laura Baxter.  The site is still very new – lots of new product will be added over the next few weeks. Much like a visit to the store, it is Lucy’s goal that the online shop will continually evolve and product will rotate in the weeks, months and seasons ahead… keep your eyes peeled!

To celebrate the launch of the online store, Lucy has kindly offered a beautiful prize for one lucky Design Files reader!  This gorgeous deep pink cotton quilt and two silk ikat cushions are up for grabs – simply leave a comment on this post today, Thursday May 9th, before 10.00 Melbourne time to be in the running! A winner will be selected at random and contact by email tomorrow!

Fenton&Fenton giveaway!

1 x Double-sided Cotton Quilt (queen size) $260
2 x Silk Ikat Cushions $250 each

Total value – $760.00

*update – Thanks so much for all your lovely comments!  A winner has now been drawn, it’s comment # 257 – congratulations Lyndal!

Massive thanks to Lucy for this lovely prize!

Better get commenting :)

Giveaway queen sized cotton quilt in situ (not these cushions!)

Giveaway items – BEAUTIFUL Silk ikat cushion (x2)  and close up of the quilt fabric (front and back!)

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 9th June 2011


  • Binky 5 years ago

    The early bird gets the worm! (hopefully)
    Love Fenton and Fenton.

  • Anita 5 years ago

    I stumbled upon Fenton & Fenton on a rainy Saturday afternoon once. It blew me away.

  • Masha 5 years ago

    Yes please!

  • Liz 5 years ago

    Just gorgeous! They are lovely

  • Cathg1g2 5 years ago

    Oooh too lovely!

  • renee 5 years ago

    beautiful bed sheets!

  • Mel 5 years ago

    I love ikat. It is everywhere at the moment.

  • Gloria 5 years ago

    loved the sheets and specially I love the silk pink cushions!

  • Mary 5 years ago

    Fenton and Fenton’s online shop is very unusual and gorgeous to look at. That quilt is so lovely.

  • Sophie 5 years ago

    What stunning cushions!

  • Michelle Campbell 5 years ago

    Swoon! Love at first sight!

  • Amelia 5 years ago

    Oh ain’t that a pretty sight for a chilly morning

  • emma aiston 5 years ago

    amaziiiiiiiiing :)

  • Juliet williams 5 years ago

    Love the store! Ikat rocks.

  • Jon Vincent 5 years ago

    Kit for a Queen! Hopefully Mine.

  • Catherine 5 years ago

    Another fantastic giveaway – and great to hear they are now online – this good news for many interstate shoppers!

  • Bec 5 years ago

    oh my goodness, LOVE this set, sigh.

  • Jane 5 years ago

    What a gorgeous shop and beautiful giveaway! Thank you again for sharing another Melbourne gem!

  • Kate Malfroy 5 years ago

    Oh how I would love to give these to my mum to cheer her up. She would be tickled pink.

  • Nadine 5 years ago

    Simply stunning, simply superb!

  • Tracie Ellis 5 years ago

    A breath of fresh air seeing a new online store that is so unique and different to what is around – good luck Lucy you have a very beautiful store and fabulous handwriting to the new site.

  • Tess 5 years ago

    Me Please

  • frankie 5 years ago

    oh those pink happy bed covers what a thrill for winter, pick me please!!

  • ami bassett 5 years ago

    Beautiful!! Just what a wintery room needs, colour!

  • Blue fruit 5 years ago

    About to go check out the new online store, but before I do I wanted to say that considering there is an onslaught of sameness in online home wears stores, where each seems to stock the same products, I hope that Lucy can maintain her fresh unique feel at this venture, in a manner that truly reflects the vibrant originality of her gorgeous Prahran store.

  • Elisha 5 years ago

    Oh I could do with a pink pick up for these cold, bleak wintery days. Love the outdoor shot of the shop too.

  • Sally 5 years ago

    pretty please

  • Louise 5 years ago

    So beautiful!!! xo

  • Lau-Lau 5 years ago

    Oh I think it’s time for a visit to High Street! Beautiful giveaway

  • Cleo Ryan 5 years ago

    I love everything in Fenton and Fenton! Well done one the website. One of the best I have seen.

  • Alice 5 years ago

    Another amazing giveaway! Can’t get enough of those ikat patterns, and the Fenton & Fenton website looks lovely, especially the illustrations.

  • Sars 5 years ago

    YES Please!

  • Marleen 5 years ago

    Fresh and different! Quirky design and available online! Lllllloooooooovvvvvvveeeee it!

  • Beautiful things, lovely shop!

  • sarah 5 years ago

    this quilt would be perfect for my daughters room!!

  • Brooke 5 years ago

    So Beautiful and fresh and different…….inspiring ideas for me to decorate my new house that is being built! x

  • Kate 5 years ago

    Amazing shop! Would cherish those pieces for ever, heirlooms in the making…

  • Bec 5 years ago

    Love the hydrangea cushions too. Looking forward to browsing through the new F&F website, yay!

  • Margie 5 years ago

    All I want is a room somewhere…… & a Fenton sheet set.

  • Becs 5 years ago

    LOVE Fenton and Fenton and that is one of the most beautiful websites I’ve ever seen :)

  • Jelena 5 years ago

    Such a beautiful design for the online store – I love the illustrations and all the detail

  • Hat 5 years ago

    probably the most covetable giveaway yet! gorgeous. thanks Lucy x 2!

  • Donna Quirke 5 years ago

    Gorgeous Products, have added the shop to my list of places to visit when in Melbourne!

  • Georgina 5 years ago

    This is one of the most fun and exciting shops in Melbourne and these products and gorgeous!

  • Cyndi 5 years ago

    I think this may just be the MOST gorgeous thing you have ever had as a give away. In dire need of new bed linen so would love this to brighten up winter.

  • Allison 5 years ago

    Another day, another fab giveaway. Love F&F – thanks Lucy!

  • Naomi S 5 years ago

    The store is so beautfiul. I must go to Prahran.

  • Carrie 5 years ago

    the giveaways are never ending at the moment. this is awesome!

  • Penelope 5 years ago

    Love it :)

  • Anne Rowse 5 years ago

    This giveaway is great! Will have to have a look at the online store.

  • Kate 5 years ago

    Fantastic to see a beautiful online store site. Will definitely be spending some time looking through all the gorgeous wares!

  • Rebecca 5 years ago

    Me me me please!!! This look is absolutely me!!!! Love your work fenton and fenton and TDF!! x x x

  • Fiona 5 years ago

    what gorgeous stuff… loving the website!!!

  • jo 5 years ago

    yes please-just the right shade of pink for me – well done on the web design laura-love the delicate illustrations

  • erica 5 years ago

    What an amazing website! and another amazing giveaway :)

  • DonnaZ 5 years ago

    Online shopping – Great for all my Perth friends who require Fenton magic in their lives. Well done girls!

  • onefinelady 5 years ago

    Oooh, I just had a lovely potter through the online store – it has a very authentic, quirky feel. Delicious! Well done!

  • Clare 5 years ago

    Wow so pretty in pink! I love it!

  • James 5 years ago

    Just checked out the Fenton & Fenton online store…..ecclectic, exotic, out there and all the way back again!

  • kristy 5 years ago

    oh my! I am ridiculously excited about this online store

  • Adie 5 years ago

    fenton & fenton – what an amazing eye for ecclectic unique homewares, beautiful store, inspiring website – thank you!

  • Jenny 5 years ago

    Congrats on going online Fenton & Fenton – Beautiful store!

  • Amanda G 5 years ago

    I LOVE Fenton & Fenton and recently bought some amazing red and yellow outdoor chairs from Lucy that are lighting up my entire backyard in this miserable weather. They make me smile! A gorgeous quilt and cushions would be JUST the thing to brighten the inside of my home too :) x

  • Justine 5 years ago

    Wow! They’re beautiful.

  • Michelle 5 years ago

    oh wow, love the website. love the prize!

  • juliet 5 years ago

    Love the shop, and now online, does it get any better (or dangerous)?

  • Ri 5 years ago

    What a stunner of a quilt and cushions! And the online store just does not get any better!

  • Pippa 5 years ago

    Online, great news and I would love to adorn my bed with these beautiful pieces.

  • Carol 5 years ago

    I LOVE this shop and am thrilled it has launched an online shop. I’m adding it to my favourites – we have family interstate and I do all my gift shopping online and ship things straight over. And who doesn’t love a give away?

  • Simone 5 years ago

    Oh Yes please. Beautiful winter ahead!

  • V 5 years ago

    LoVe PiNk

  • Mel 5 years ago

    I’m dreaming about these on my bed!

  • Sarah 5 years ago

    Oh golly! Need! Both because they’re beautiful and two because my bedding is falling to pieces!

  • 5 years ago

    The color is wonderful!

  • homestilo 5 years ago

    What a welcoming store front and lovely linens.

  • Maria Hannaford 5 years ago

    Oh they are absolutely gorgeous I would love love love love a set for my bedroom!
    Oh I also have to quickly let you know about my interview with The Gourmet Farmer (of SBS fame) Matthew Evans, on my blog Eco Nest ( Check it out!

  • Lu 5 years ago

    Gorgeous colours just the thing to brighten a bedroom and keep you nice and toasty, it’s getting rather chilly now.

  • kristen 5 years ago


  • M Sinclair 5 years ago

    This is just what my sister (who lives in Brisbane) needs for her house. I’m over in NZ and dying to help her revamp her bedroom. This bedding would set the tone for the whole room! Please please please pick my comment so I can give it to my lovely sister :-)

  • Sarah 5 years ago

    Such a beautiful shop front and that quilt is just divine!

  • Anna 5 years ago

    Love the Fenton girls!

  • Claire 5 years ago

    Everything Lucy does is amazing!

  • Alex 5 years ago

    Gorgeous!! Would love this!

  • Victoria 5 years ago

    Wow, Fenton&Fenton is just amazing. how could i have missed this store. Well no more.

  • Victoria 5 years ago

    The quilt is beautiful and would look beautiful in my freshly painted room.

  • Liz 5 years ago

    Gotta love a bit of dermied duck.
    I can’t wait to view the rest of the Fenton& Fenton range as it comes in.
    Thanks Design files!

  • clea 5 years ago

    massive pink envy! beautiful!

  • jen hall 5 years ago

    oh how delightful! x

  • Margo 5 years ago

    Love the mannequins! What a terrific store – it captures the ‘gorgeousness’ of the store!

  • Bev 5 years ago

    Another gorgeous shop to visit and another fantastic giveaway. It’s all too much

  • Paula 5 years ago

    pppppppppppplllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee. and thanks for resolving a mystery for me. WOW laura baxter is amazing.

  • Lisa 5 years ago

    Love the quilt, love the cushions, love the store! Love TDF!

  • Kate 5 years ago

    Beautiful store and website. Love love love the hydranga cushions….they would look so lovely in my country cottage. Well done Lucy for finding yet another gem!

  • kelly green interiors 5 years ago

    STOP IT! This giveaway is another one tooooooo good to miss out on! KG xx

  • Sue 5 years ago

    With a new home on the horizon these beautiful pieces could set the tone for the entire house! Love the store!

  • Jackie 5 years ago

    Have coveted the homewares from F&F for a long time.

  • sa 5 years ago


  • Christine 5 years ago

    absolutley beautiful. we are building and how lovely it would be to start with decor like this! very generous of Lucy Fenton

  • Vic 5 years ago

    The badger in the window always makes me smile!
    love and love, fenton and fenton!! xx

  • Ivana 5 years ago

    I’ve fantasized about a pink bedroom fit out forever. Great to know shopping on line is available. I’ll have to come and see it in the flesh sound hot! Good on ya, like your style.

  • Lauren 5 years ago

    Wow! So lovely.
    The website is amazing as well.

  • Emma 5 years ago

    ooooh its so cold this morning I wish I was snuggled up under that quilt! xx

  • Michelle 5 years ago

    Another great Melbourne shop! Love the quilt.

  • Tania 5 years ago

    Colour! Thank goodness. Not enough of it in bed linen at the moment. Well done to Fenton&Fenton and Laura Baxter for the beautiful site too. Go ladies!

  • Jude 5 years ago

    I am going to Melbourne in 2 weeks and have this shop marked on my calendar thanks to you, design files. The website is one of the best, Laura, very inspiring!! pink Ikat, delicious

  • Maddy 5 years ago

    So pretty!! The addition of an online shop is very exciting…….and dangerous!

  • Tracey 5 years ago

    So lovely – wonderful to see a store with so much individuality. Delectable!

  • Jill 5 years ago

    Oh yes please. Absolutely gorgeous. And truly love the website.

  • Mikhaela 5 years ago

    So beautiful! I would love to win these.

  • ana 5 years ago

    i covet the ikat.

  • Sarah 5 years ago

    reading the design files makes me more and more want to visit melbourne again soon!

  • Chantal 5 years ago

    The perfect feminine splash of stylish colour I need for my bed!

  • Lou 5 years ago

    What an amazing giveaway! LOVE LOVE LOVE x Thanks Lucy & Lucy

  • Jane 5 years ago

    Pink ikat, my daughter would love this. Fabulous giveaway.

  • Sarah B 5 years ago

    That’s exciting news! What a beautiful looking website. Not to mention the giveaway – wow!! Fingers crossed :)

  • angela 5 years ago

    You have to be in it to win it….I REALLY WANT THIS QUILT! Love the store and so excited, will be posting the link to my Facebook so all my friends can browse/shop too.

  • Sarah Ritchie 5 years ago

    Gorgeous bedlinen. So fresh!

  • Joanna 5 years ago

    That pink is already cheering me up on a chilly Melbourne day!

  • Sarah W 5 years ago

    Absolutely stunning!! LOVE fenton and fenton

  • Theresa 5 years ago

    I’m on, I’m buying. I’m in love!!!

  • Kate 5 years ago

    Dear F&F good lcuk with new online venture- works well for me so I will support you. I am Ikat obsessed so this should be easy. The colours are great. As you were

  • Jenny Riddle 5 years ago

    Sometimes there’s a mood and feel about a place that makes you want you to linger, absorb and rejuvenate your own creative thoughts. Your’ve done it, inspired am I! Sweet dreams for me please!

  • natasha budinski 5 years ago

    Fenton&fenton amazing

  • jess 5 years ago

    oh my i love going in to this shop. it’s so gorgeous.

  • Emma 5 years ago

    They’re gorgeous! Love the new website!

  • Jenna 5 years ago

    As I’m shivering away at my desk (inside) that quilt would do wonders to keep me cosy, warm and bright!

  • AM 5 years ago

    Love, love, love! Stunning store – in person and online!

  • Vinny 5 years ago

    LOVE the new Fenton website! My favourite shop in all of Melbourne!!!

  • Angelique 5 years ago

    Can’t wait to start shopping!

  • Sinead 5 years ago

    Stunning warm and patterned pieces!

  • Lynda 5 years ago

    Would absolutely love the fenton and fenton giveaway!!!!

  • Elizabeth 5 years ago

    Oohh – must have!

  • Ashley 5 years ago

    What a beautiful quilt! Fingers crossed…

  • Susie 5 years ago

    My bed suddenly seems inappropriately underdressed…

  • Teresa 5 years ago

    One of my all time favourite stores. Such beautiful products and stunning colours. What a treat that would be.

  • sarah warke 5 years ago

    Fenton and Fenton for homewares,
    Their online store recently built,
    Ecclectic designs,
    They are up with the times….
    How kind to be gifting that quilt!!!!!

  • kirra 5 years ago

    er, give and you shall receive right ;) no, really that is a beautiful quilt…maybe not with the plaid…horizonal stripes on the other hand. that could work!

  • beck ng 5 years ago

    Another great website to bookmark. Thanks for such a nice giveaway, I adore these!

  • lisa 5 years ago

    that fabric is divine!!!
    love the store
    will be checking out the online shop ASAP

  • Esz 5 years ago

    You have the best prizes! I want this one too :-D

  • Georgie 5 years ago

    I wished that Fenton and Fenton had a store in Sydney, but now that is not an issue, since they have one online! Hurrah!

  • erin 5 years ago

    Very pretty quilt, loving the almost batic look, and the cushions are pretty damn lovely too!

  • Vivian 5 years ago

    Just lovely. Love the ikat designs.
    The pink is beautiful too – this would really cheer a winter room up.
    Thanks for being so generous. :)

  • Gill 5 years ago

    Sooo gorgeous! Perfect hit of colour for winter.

  • Lauren Seeman 5 years ago

    Favourite shop in Melbourne! Everything is just beautifully handpicked!

  • Elkie 5 years ago

    COLOUR is fab! It’s like an english garden. :)

  • Lindy 5 years ago

    I made a special trip to Melbourne to visit Fenton & Fenton from Sydney…having been lured there by editorial in mags. Great we can now get our fix from an armchair in the study!

  • Laura 5 years ago

    Golly – how lovely.

  • carolyn 5 years ago

    Love (both) Lucy’s things!

  • liz 5 years ago


  • Liza 5 years ago

    Love everything in Fenton & Fenton…….would love to win prize. Just beautiful.

  • Luz 5 years ago

    Love them!!!

  • georgina 5 years ago

    Oh how I NEED that warm & cheery quilt to help me survive these bone chilling nights!

  • Mary Anne 5 years ago

    Gorgeous colours, fabrics and textures to enliven up our cold Melbourne Winter! Thanks F & F an TDF for this beautiful give away!

  • Jane 5 years ago

    zzzzzzzzzzzzz… I’m feeling snoozy just looking at that lovely quilt and those pretty pillows!

  • katelyn 5 years ago

    what a lovely prize. have just checked out their lovely website for further inspiration.

  • Alison 5 years ago

    i have been in love with these for months, yes please!

  • Natalie 5 years ago

    OOoooooh yay – what awesome news for us interstate fans of Fenton & Fenton :) Now I can spend the Melbourne airfare $$$ on a trip to their online store!

  • juliet 5 years ago

    Love! oh yes please!

  • Stacey 5 years ago

    Oh please random-comment-picker-thing pick me pick me!!

  • Kate Morgan 5 years ago

    omg.. one of my favourite real life stores now is one of my favourite cyber stores!

  • Hayley douglas 5 years ago

    Oh I’m all in a fluster!!! I MUST be in this one :)

  • ruth hickson 5 years ago

    Beautiful, especially on a day like today!!

  • Kirsty 5 years ago

    I adore that shade of pink! Just gorgeous.

  • jes 5 years ago

    adore the ikat …. so bright!

  • Vanessa 5 years ago

    Would feel very special ;)

  • Jo 5 years ago

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Please pick me for this little giveaway! x

  • Rose 5 years ago

    I need something to brighten this very grey Hobart day!!

  • Hannah 5 years ago

    Wowee very pretty!

  • Pepper 5 years ago

    oooh I love that quilt. I really really do. I don’t have enough pink in my house, because it can be kinda wrong. but this quilt is oh-so-right.
    Pepper x

  • Marney 5 years ago

    Oooooh, yes please!!!

  • Lupita manzo 5 years ago

    I love Fenton&Fenton!!! And this giveaways are Dreams come true! I love the beautiful bright pink use it in the fabrics….

  • Brenda 5 years ago

    What a gorgeous shop, and prize!

  • Lisa 5 years ago

    wow what amazing colours. It all looks great.

  • Taryn 5 years ago

    just what my lounge room needs! lovely stuff – looking forward to checking out the online store!

  • Marianne McKenzie 5 years ago

    Can’t wait to visit the store.

  • Lauren 5 years ago

    What a lovely bit of colour on this chilly Sydney morning. Love the new site Fenton & Fenton! It’s gone straight to my bookmarks! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Kylie 5 years ago

    The store is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Melanie 5 years ago

    Great shop & website! Very generous giveaway too!

  • MrSerious 5 years ago

    It’s shops like this that make me wish I lived in Melbourne. Just as well they’ve launched an online store.

    (Something weird going on with the times on your comment! It’s only 9.30am, yet all the posts in the preceding 30 minutes say it’s gone 10am. Hope that doesn’t stop us going in the draw.)

  • Talia 5 years ago

    Oh how pretty!!!

  • Rae 5 years ago

    Lucy Fenton’s creative genius – combined wtih Laura Baxter’s feel for fabulous on-line shopping – what a DUO! My white cotton Ralph Lauren sheets, dotted with pink rosebuds – could bloom again during this chilly winter – with this puffy pink cotton quilt. and snazzy scatters.
    Pleaaaaase – pick me!

  • Kylie 5 years ago

    pretty in pink…yes please!

  • Cara 5 years ago

    A massive thank you to Lucy for bringing my favourite Melbourne homewares store to my computer screen. This could be dangerous..!

  • Paula 5 years ago

    Yes yes yes pleeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!

  • Bridget 5 years ago

    I would bounce out of bed very happily waking up with such a beautiful quilt and pillows surrounding me. Love, love, love… And love the shop!

  • Jo 5 years ago

    Such a gorgeous shop and such a gorgeous quilt! Perfect for keeping warm in this CRAZY cold Melbourne weather!!

  • Jules Galloway 5 years ago

    I love this store, especially the gorgeous staffy that “works” there!

  • Nikki 5 years ago

    SILK IKAT CUSHIONS! my favourite!

  • JULIE 5 years ago

    This is going to be at the top of my online YUMMY sites to visit and obviously purchase from. Well done.

  • Bec 5 years ago

    Just gorgeous! I wish I lived in Melbourne to check out the amazing shop. At least I can do it online now and get a taste.

  • Linda Friend 5 years ago

    Perfect timing…. celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this July and a gorgeous makeover for our Queen size bed would be a real treat!

  • leah 5 years ago

    What a gorgeous shop & a beautiful giveaway! Thank you for sharing another Melbourne gem!

  • Bess 5 years ago

    Good luck with the new venture! and fingers crossed that I win :)

  • Jill 5 years ago

    gorgeous! just right for my pink phase.

  • sarah 5 years ago


  • Marjory 5 years ago

    Such a beautiful giveaway this time; love the pink quilt, but the cushions are simply fabulous. Good luck with the online venture, and thank you Design Files for featuring Fenton and Fenton.

  • John B 5 years ago

    I guess there’s no way I could win 2 days in a row…

  • Jennifer 5 years ago

    Ooooh I just love the pink. So happy in this winter gloom!!

  • ballet flats 5 years ago

    Simple and beautiful! Fingers crossed…

  • Kate Francis 5 years ago

    love love love the ikat cotton cushions and beautiful quilts! Website is gorgeous too!

  • emma g 5 years ago

    Those Fenton girls are so lovely and so damn clever!!

  • Ana 5 years ago

    Crossing fingers!!!! I’m a fan.

  • Helen 5 years ago

    Just the colour I need for my bedroom!! Beautiful.

  • Clare 5 years ago

    How cheery!

  • Jo 5 years ago

    Stunning textiles!! And love the shop!

  • Michelle 5 years ago

    What a beautiful quilt and the online store looks awesome

  • Jacqui Porter 5 years ago

    Thanks Fenton & Fenton these would look great in my boudior!

  • Emma 5 years ago

    Words unable to describe how perfectly lovely these bedroom beauties are….stunning? Glorious? Divine?

  • Lauren McKay 5 years ago

    Your products inspire me! I just started my own design blog and will definately being putting up some of Fenton & Fenton’s beautiful things to share with friends…….

    thank you! :)

  • Sian 5 years ago

    An absolutely beautiful quilt, thank you for the giveaway :)

  • Tina Foley 5 years ago

    Beautiful patterns – would look amazing in my new bedroom!

  • kelly 5 years ago

    The quilt is lovely, so intricate. I also love the Ikat cushions. yes please.

  • Amanda 5 years ago

    Wow gorgeous quilt and cushions! Beautiful website too.

  • es 5 years ago

    lovely, yes please!

  • Judy 5 years ago

    Gorgeous quilt and cushions. I love that Lucy now has her wonderful things online. I lived in the country quite away from towns and to be able to get my hands on those beautiful things so easily would have been a blessing. I love that pink quilt – it makes me feel so warm and cosy just looking at it!

  • Micha 5 years ago

    Beautiful beautiful cosy quilt!!

  • Kristyn 5 years ago

    absolutely stunning!! So wonderful to have access to beautiful wares of this standard instead of having to travel 500kms from the country!

  • Grace 5 years ago

    What a beautiful website. I love the design, it seems friendly and shows off the stunning products!

  • gill 5 years ago

    A magnificent snuggley quilt is just the thing! Yes please.

  • Erin Hoey 5 years ago

    I am so excited, Perthians can now enjoy Fenton & Fenton, Woooooooooo

  • Beautiful prize! Thank you.

  • Lauren 5 years ago

    Oh website is so tactile and much fun to explore! I LOVE the quilts & rugs!

  • Kate 5 years ago

    Ahhh what a gorgeous quilt! And the website design is just devine!!

  • Carmen 5 years ago

    Just stunning

  • lauren says 5 years ago

    so lovely i want them all

  • Kate Dickson-Battye 5 years ago

    Yum, what a delicious combination of colours on the quilt and cushions. I’m heading straight to their online store to see what else they’ve got!

  • Kate 5 years ago

    Ooh I’ve just moved to Prahran and I love their shop. My bedroom would look complete with these beautiful bed-linen pieces! Please please please :)

  • brigid 5 years ago

    ikat love it fenton love you what’s not to love?

  • Emma 5 years ago

    More gorgeousness via TDF and yet another fabulous giveaway.

  • Nicole 5 years ago

    Beautiful site – cant wait to get shopping!

  • Annabel 5 years ago

    preeeetty! Love pink!

  • Helen 5 years ago

    A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down! This pink is like medicine!

  • lauren 5 years ago

    gorgeous!! great give away!

  • Rachel 5 years ago

    Oh my!

  • Alice 5 years ago

    Hmm I think I’d better visit this shop soon. Lovely patterns. And I’m a sucker for manchester…PS I just tried to post this comment and WordPress said “You are trying to post comments too quickly. Slow down”. ROFL!! I guess there are a lot of manchester nuts out there…

  • jacqui 5 years ago

    Its like Anthropologie but even better because its Australian! What delicious pieces. Thanks for the giveaway Fenton&Fenton!

  • Chloe Walker 5 years ago


  • gb 5 years ago

    thank you Lucy and Lucy. Fenton&Fenton must be the most beautiful website ever!

  • Sienna Primrose 5 years ago

    God I adore that store.

  • Eve 5 years ago

    Just around the corner from me…will be popping in there for a look-see very soon for sure!!

  • Cat Jack 5 years ago

    oh i love them! the colours are gorgeous

  • Durin LESLIE 5 years ago

    Have put this store on my MUST SEE list for when I am in Melb for my holidays next week. Beautiful

  • janelle 5 years ago

    So pretty!

  • Lucy 5 years ago

    LOVE!! WANT!!!

  • Michellan 5 years ago

    luscious! like! lovely!

  • kellie 5 years ago

    love the store love the new site!!

  • bj 5 years ago

    It’s time for a revamp at home and these would be a stunning start.
    No need to wait for spring.

  • Clare 5 years ago

    Exploring this web-site felt like picking my way through Aladdin’s Cave – full of treasures every which way I looked. Absolutely gorgeous product and displayed so thoughtfully. Inspiring.

  • Beck Williamson 5 years ago

    Lucy Fenton you are my hero, with a excellent eye for eclectic antiques and one offs, sumptuous textiles and patinaed products this shop is to die for. Thanks for going online and having seen the Wattle Street apartment featured in abode e-mag the other day I am going to feature a couple of pieces in my blog too. Keep it up. Cheers Beck

  • Lorelle 5 years ago

    Such a beautiful shop and the quilt is divine. .

  • vanessa 5 years ago

    Looking forward to seeing this in person, great to see an online store on the site too.

  • Ruth 5 years ago

    Who could ask for more! What an incredible shop!

  • jas 5 years ago

    this store is just round the corner from me and I’ve never been in as it’s usually shut when I walk past at night… definitely taking a look on the weekend though. Maybe after a bite to eat at Spoonful!

  • catherine 5 years ago

    love the shops and so glad to see the online shop live. would love to see that gorgeous quilt and stunning cushions on my bed at home – would be just the ‘pop’ that the house needs for winter. fingers crossed!

  • Trina Kennedy 5 years ago

    Oh My Goodness that is so very extremely yummy.

  • Lyndal 5 years ago

    A wonderful way to start the morning. Fenton & Fenton is such a beautiful store.

  • Bec 5 years ago

    Ooooh pretty please! I love this this shop and the quilt – would keep my feet from freezing at night!

  • edita 5 years ago

    aaah, the colours are just amazing!!! I would love to see them in my bedroom….

  • nina 5 years ago

    that would suit my bedroom perfectly, how generous!
    they have such amazing products, looking forward to seeing them online!

  • Amanda 5 years ago

    One of my favourite most inspiring home
    wares stores. Yes Please!!!

  • Marie Biswell 5 years ago

    What an awesome shop – thanks for the chance to enter & for the intro to this store!

  • Peta 5 years ago

    Oh my goodness………nothing more to say xx

  • Tuilyn Shannon 5 years ago

    Perfection on a wet, grey day. Perfection anytime actually. Completely luscious.

  • Andy B 5 years ago

    O.M.G….I love their stuff!!!

  • Georgia 5 years ago

    Fenton&Fenton is a great shop – so glad they are now online too!

  • Bridie 5 years ago

    Ikat in brights. Gorgeous.

  • Ems 5 years ago

    Beautiful. Website and shop. Quilty cushiony goodness for a long winter indoors.

  • Jacqui Stuart 5 years ago

    I am a long time fan and regular visitor to Fenton and Fenton always stocked with exquisite one off pieces. I am also a huge lover of all things Ikat and Indian so these gorgeous goodies would get a great home and lots of love and care.

  • Caleb 5 years ago

    That website is stunning!

  • Carolina 5 years ago

    Ah that quilt pattern is to die for!

  • katherine Power 5 years ago

    My Fave Store – pick me please !!!

  • Julie 5 years ago

    I might have to stop reading these blogs …. I’m just green with envy all the time that there are so many clever people. Honestly, it’s all great inspiration. Beautiful products and beautiful talented people.

  • Jacqui Stuart 5 years ago

    I am a long time fan and regular visitor to Fenton and Fenton always stocked with exquisite one off pieces. I am also a huge lover of all things Ikat and Indian so these gorgeous goodies would be feature pieces in my home and receive lots of love and care.

  • Liza 5 years ago

    These are just too beautiful, gorgeous colours and patterns that would make for super snuggling and the most peaceful dreams xxx I love their new website, a rainbow of colour and pattern and layering, super sweet illustrations, sooo gaze worthy want to spend the rest of the day exploring it! thankyou x

  • Emma Cooke 5 years ago

    Lust! What gorgeous pieces from such a fabulous store.

  • Stephanie Darling 5 years ago

    I’m really loving Ikat as a feature fabric in bedrooms at the moment. Fingers crossed for me!

  • Jenna 5 years ago

    Simply gorgeous! L-O-V-E!

  • Jess 5 years ago

    Wow their website is beautiful!

  • Drea 5 years ago

    Stunning, honestly.

  • Kate B 5 years ago

    toooo delicious! They would be divine on my bed!

  • Clare 5 years ago

    Gorgeous – just what I need to brighten up my dreary winter bedroom!

  • Indra King 5 years ago

    Oh dear! Such amazing fabrics! I would absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to win them! (fingers and toes crossed)

  • Bec 5 years ago

    Fenton & Fenton is my little oasis. I love going in there on the weekend and wandering around imagining what it would be like if my home looked like the shop. Love love love Fenton & Fenton!

  • Katharine 5 years ago



  • Cheryl 5 years ago

    Exactly what I need, would love to win

  • Carla 5 years ago

    Love the illustrations on the website. LOVE the quilt and cusions!

  • Rach 5 years ago

    Wow what a gorgeous shop! I can’t wait to visit on my first melb trip in 3 weeks time!

  • Chrystie 5 years ago

    Would look so perfect in our bedroom, count me in!

  • Cristina 5 years ago

    And I am sooooo not a pink girl but would change for this giveaway!!

  • Marie 5 years ago

    Simply love the quilt and the cushions… Would be a much welcomed addtion to my drab and dreary bedroom – it needs some Ikat magic!

  • Kerry Smith 5 years ago

    Like the website, that so desirable Fenton & Fenton quilt is a blend of chic and tribal. Mmmmmmmmmmm

  • Bec Smith 5 years ago

    What an excellent contrast to my partner’s boyish geometric taste. YES!! PLEASE!!

  • Diana 5 years ago


  • Natalie 5 years ago

    Pink patterned quilt – gorgeous. And a fantastic website too!

  • Dyani 5 years ago

    What a gorgeous website, certainly makes me want to visit the store!

  • Claire Portek 5 years ago

    stunning, simply stunning!

  • Shelley Tustin 5 years ago

    I’ve been looking for the perfect girly (but not OTT) touch for the bedroom. This is perfect!

  • Lyn 5 years ago

    gorgeous and gorgeouser, will definitely be checking out the site!

  • Michelle 5 years ago

    I am so exicited. I found Fenton & Fenton by reading the original TDF post, unfortunately living in country WA makes a shop visit slightly difficult. Now I can shop online.
    Gorgeous prize & really hope to visit the store one day.

  • Mummageorge 5 years ago

    I think the pink would lift my chocolate brown woollen bed blanket. It’s my 50th birthday today, so wish me luck.

  • Timoli 5 years ago

    always a gorgeous offering at fenton & fenton!! love it…. fingers crossed.

  • Birdy Popcorn 5 years ago

    pink pink pink i think it’s love

  • CB 5 years ago

    what a way to brighten a dark and gloomy winter’s day

  • Michelle Thornton 5 years ago

    Fantastic colours, gorgeous products and so glad Fenton & Fenton now have an online store!

  • Andrea 5 years ago

    you’ve gotta be in it to win it.

  • Leona D 5 years ago

    pretty in pink

  • Mark 5 years ago

    Awesome store! Love the Ikat!

  • Laura 5 years ago

    undoubtably one the most beautiful websites and illustrations i’ve ever seen!

    absolutely gorgeous! X

  • Bianca 5 years ago

    Oh love the colour. Oh i am in for sure. Absolutely love the texture of the above throw. Will be checking that one out right now.

  • Michelle 5 years ago

    This is so stunning!

  • Bindi 5 years ago

    EEEEeeeKKK! These are gorgeous! Perfect for a wintery weather day! So generous Fenton and Fenton!!

  • smellthecoffee 5 years ago

    Love, love, love Fenton and Fenton – would happily live with anything from the store – sigh..

  • Natalia 5 years ago

    Oh my, so beautiful! Can I be the lucky one please please please!;)

  • Jane 5 years ago

    Great news for all of us not in Melbourne with your online store opening. And Wonderful prize!

  • Hattie 5 years ago

    wow wow wee wah!

  • Phoebe 5 years ago

    pretty pretty pretty please…

  • Gaz 5 years ago

    BRRRRRR… Cold here in Brissy today – that Quilt could definitely warm me and my girls!!!

  • Anna 5 years ago

    Oh wow, amazing prize!

  • Michael H 5 years ago

    Great store, so handy online.

  • Kimberley 5 years ago

    Stunning colours in those fabrics!

  • Hollie 5 years ago

    Wow oh how beautiful are those cushions and quilt! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Fenton & Fenton! It’s always the highlight of any shopping trip. It’s like happiness in a shop, everything in the store I adore! So excited about the online shop too!

  • josie 5 years ago

    i love pink! beautiful giveaway thankyou.

  • Louise Miller 5 years ago

    Opulence, glamour and pink… yes please!!

  • Lydia B 5 years ago

    Another reminder of the amazing things available in Melbourne. I am packing my bags STAT!!

  • Nat Power 5 years ago

    I am loving Fenton’s new website, it’s gorgeous! The reality of having any of those pieces in my home is dreamy. Thanks for the offer.

  • Emily 5 years ago

    They would all look so beautiful in my bedroom!!

  • anna 5 years ago

    What a bed!!!

  • hannah 5 years ago

    hmmm to keep myself or give to my daughter?……

  • Lil 5 years ago

    Stunning colours!!

  • Sarah 5 years ago

    So yum! Fenton & Fenton…mwah!

  • Erin 5 years ago

    I would never… a million years……..even dream of…………being able to afford something so lovely! Exquisite!

  • Kerryn 5 years ago

    I so miss living in Prahran. I am getting on this website now!

  • Fel 5 years ago

    Yes please. Quilt is lovely.

  • Alison 5 years ago

    what a lovely lovely store

  • Gemma 5 years ago

    Stunning, beautiful giveaway!

  • Connie 5 years ago

    These are so amazing!

  • Julia 5 years ago

    oh my, how lovely! :) x

  • Danya 5 years ago

    I am crossing all my bits!

  • Simone 5 years ago

    Beautiful colours, a nice lush, layered look on the website! Oh pick me please random-computer-picking thingy!!

  • Alice 5 years ago

    Pick Me! Love this stuff.

  • Thea 5 years ago

    I’m a serious pink lover so I guess I have to be in it to win it. x

  • Miss Amy 5 years ago

    Oooh – lovely!

  • mc 5 years ago

    I adore the colours! This would be a wonderful prize to win!!!! Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  • Nichole 5 years ago

    Oh what beautiful things If only I have made it in time for “9 May”

  • Gabriela 5 years ago

    wow! what a fab giveaway. and what a lovely online shop! love the website, adore the stuff.

  • cathy gallagher 5 years ago

    What a fantastic online store! Love the quilt and the cushions too!!!

  • nys 5 years ago

    just adding my hat into the ring, beautiful quilt.. cheers

  • Mandy 5 years ago

    Have been searching high and low fo some good ikat cushions, these are beautiful!
    Have bookmarked the new website too!

  • Lily 5 years ago


  • amanda mcleod 5 years ago

    ab. gorgeous. love the peacock. how lucky is melbourne!

  • Sarah 5 years ago

    So excited about the online store!!!

  • msd 5 years ago

    The double sided quilt is really beautiful.

  • Sandra 5 years ago

    W.O.W – that quilt is nothing short of stunning. what a great + generous giveaway. x

  • anna Barry 5 years ago

    Perfect pink quilt to cheer away the Winter blues!

  • Nicole 5 years ago

    The quilt is amazing… Love F&F

  • susan frances 5 years ago

    Wow! Laura Baxter has produced an amazing website!

  • Kiri 5 years ago

    Wow, would love to win this!

  • catherine 5 years ago

    exotic…. eclectic…. emporium!

  • Louise 5 years ago

    The deep pink cotton quilt and silk cushions are just amazing!!!

    I also love those Hydrangea cushions

  • Chris 5 years ago

    think pink! love Fenton X 2!!!

  • Nina 5 years ago

    Lovely range of mannequins in the online store!

  • randi 5 years ago

    Love the look of the website – it has such a warm feel to it – so does that amazing quilt. just gorgeous. x

  • Michelle 5 years ago

    Oooh lovely xx

  • Louise 5 years ago

    the website NAILS your design aesthetic. Stunning!

  • Natalie 5 years ago

    yes please to the lovely quilt

  • jo 5 years ago

    ooh that quilt is the biz! love it ….

  • Courtney 5 years ago

    I love pink as much as I love Fenton&Fenton. Stunning!!!

  • elly 5 years ago

    So beautiful! The cushions, throw, and the website :)

  • Nola 5 years ago

    Yes please! I just dropped by the site because I wanted some inspiration for new bed linen, this prize from Fenton&Fenton would do :)

  • Adam 5 years ago

    Website is rocking!… Gorgeous stuff Fenton&Fenton!

  • Mary Rose 5 years ago

    Just delightful. L O V E !

  • Sarah 5 years ago

    Yes please. Would love a new quilt and some more cushions.

  • redshoes 5 years ago

    oh so lovely.

  • okologi 5 years ago

    two amazing giveaways in two days? crazy!!! love the new website…very beautiful!

  • katie 5 years ago

    Ikat shot silk cushions..bliss!

  • Bianca 5 years ago

    How beautiful – amazing!

  • Letitia 5 years ago

    These are amazing! Beautiful giveaways! xo

  • Liz 5 years ago

    Yes please!! It snowed up here in the ranges this week, and this beautiful quilt would surely keep us a bit warmer & totally liven up my boring bedroom! It is so beautiful :)

  • DH 5 years ago

    Big fan of Fenton and Fenton. Its a store of eye candy!! I want to snuggle under than gorgeous quilt. Its perfect and PINK!

  • keeli 5 years ago

    Great websit!! It’s so handy to be able to purchase online such beautiful things. Renovating soon and I would love this for my 15yr old daughters bedroom. Ruby is very girly and this would suit her personality so beautifully. I’t s important to me that I surround my children with beautiful objects, and these would certinaly fit the bill.

  • Toni Maldari 5 years ago

    These are beautiful. Generous give away!

  • Marissa 5 years ago

    Absolutely loving what more can I say!

  • Christine 5 years ago

    Love Fenton and Fenton, the site looks great and I see they now stock beautiful Edit pieces!

  • Jennifer 5 years ago

    Ooh, these are lovely. As is their store!

  • Fee 5 years ago

    Gorgeous! I love their website, especially the peacock! Going to check it out right now, if the give aways are anything to go by, I will want to buy everything!

  • Jana 5 years ago

    so beautiful! they would be something you could keep forever. Fingers crossed!

  • Glenn 5 years ago


  • Christy 5 years ago

    These would finish my bedroom off just perfectly :-)

  • Janice Luck 5 years ago

    So many beautiful things, so glad they are on-line now.

  • Denise Duin Elliott 5 years ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE….. please be mine!
    P.S Great work Lucy!

  • Jazz 5 years ago

    Such a lovely prize! And that bed!!! So beautiful!

  • decoro 5 years ago

    beautiful femine touch without being too girly!

  • Jessica 5 years ago

    Gorgeous colours! That would bring some warmth to my newly painted, very white bedroom!

  • Emily 5 years ago

    Lucy love your work! Need to organise your interior consultant for my newly renovated house! This combo would be a great starting point!

  • lanibanani 5 years ago


  • Lucie 5 years ago

    want, want, want!!!!!

  • Heidi 5 years ago

    oh oh oh pick me!

  • Laura 5 years ago


  • Jackie 5 years ago

    fabulous! I would love to win just to annoy my long suffering partner who made me cull all things too girly and pink when we moved in together!oh, sweet revenge!

  • Mitchell 5 years ago

    great stuff! keep up the good work! :)

  • Emily 5 years ago

    I adore Fenton & Fenton! Fingers crossed.

  • Shelley 5 years ago

    I moved to Sydney from Melbourne and as much as I love Sydney I really really miss beautiful Fenton and Fenton. Hooray for online shopping!!

  • Amanda 5 years ago

    what a great give away – me please

  • Sue Angus 5 years ago

    Love, love, love that front door!!! What a stunning shop….sigh.

  • Kim 5 years ago

    I am in love with that quilt! Would look gorgeous in my pretty pink bedroom :)

  • Christina 5 years ago

    So excited and scared at the thought of visiting that store….my poor credit card can’t take much more!

  • Nicole 5 years ago

    Gorgeous! Just in time to bring lightness, brightness and warmth to our winter :-)

  • Amelia 5 years ago

    The closeups of that quite are to die for. Pink FTW!

  • Jen 5 years ago

    Beautiful! Simply beautiful!

  • Carolyn 5 years ago

    Ethnic prints! ooh la laaaa!

  • adele 5 years ago

    beautiful! yes please!

  • meg 5 years ago

    Gorgeous – what an amazing giveaway,love the reversable quilt and pattern,definately lovely to keep warm under in this chilly weather! Thanks Lucy!

  • Bella 5 years ago

    Fabulous Fenton Fare!! what a treat!

  • Emma 5 years ago

    Great website! Will be a guilty pleasure… Another beautiful giveaway!!

  • sally M 5 years ago

    OMG! please pick me!

  • sharon 5 years ago

    Perfect for my new house and bedroom. Love Fenton

  • Belinda 5 years ago

    Love these! I can never get enough ikat.

  • Nichola 5 years ago

    I’m in love with the quilt & the new website looks great!

  • Katrina 5 years ago

    am i too late?

  • Su 5 years ago

    love the colours and design!!! another fab giveaway.

  • Kim de Krester 5 years ago

    What a gorgeous way to bring in some sunshine for the long cold winter!!!

  • Emma Sutton 5 years ago

    would look amazing in wallpaper

  • Cat 5 years ago

    Love the new website and the new online shop – so amazing!!!!

  • Kirsty 5 years ago

    Sooooooo hope it’s 10pm!

  • Sam 5 years ago

    Gorgeous. Beautiful shop I hope to visit in person sometime. Meanwhile I will be checking out the online version!

  • Daniela 5 years ago

    dani hearts Fenton&Fenton….

  • Marg 5 years ago

    beautiful….here,s hoping

  • Karmin 5 years ago

    Gorgeous and well done on the launch! When I was in Australia 1 month ago, I travelled to Melbourne just to visit Fenton and Fenton! Beautiful – esp the ikat cushions! Hope you get your clothing back in for my next visit!

  • fleur elise 5 years ago

    Love the colours, usually i like a plain white website but it goes to show when done well a decorative website looks fantastic!

  • mim 5 years ago


  • Sam 5 years ago


  • Gaby 5 years ago

    beautiful and cozy to boot xxxxx

  • Asha 5 years ago

    Am completely in love with the whole look- Fenton & fenton really know what they are doing!

  • Molly 5 years ago

    Lovely. Yes, please!

  • Lisa 5 years ago

    love this store, would love to win this great prize!

  • debbie 5 years ago

    yippee…gotto keep trying!

  • Phil 5 years ago

    Lovely! Pick me, pick me!

  • Andrea 5 years ago

    would LOVE to own these beautiful items!!

  • Kath K 5 years ago

    One of my favourite stores! Great to see they’re now online.

  • Richard B 5 years ago

    If I am to win this for my dear wife, I will earn enough browny points to last me looong time!

  • Natasha 5 years ago

    Oh my so beautiful! I haven’t heard of this shop before, so it’s quite a revelation for me!

  • Jade 5 years ago

    Hoping it was 10pm, rather than AM. Also, hoping it is June, not May. If yes and yes, then yes please.

  • jo hartigan 5 years ago

    i love those cushions

  • Christi Irving 5 years ago

    i heart fenton and fenton,…

  • Laura Jeston 5 years ago

    Loving the new websiteI Gorgeousness incarnate.

  • Carlie 5 years ago

    Delicious. Could cosy up in those right now.

  • TL 5 years ago

    The store on High St is really special – I saw it for the first time when my sister moved into the neighbourhood and then started obsessing about the quilts. They are extraordinary. Congratulations on the online store – it will be lovely way to shop while in front of the fire and/or TV on these cold winter nights. Best wishes.

  • Lisa Rodden 5 years ago

    Yum! I think I need a trip to Melbourne to visit the store in person. It looks beautiful

  • Kelly 5 years ago

    So beautiful.

  • Kara 5 years ago

    So colourful. So feminine. So me! x

  • Michelle 5 years ago

    Comment #452. Not liking my chances! But it’s so beautiful and colourful, and you’ve got to be in it to win it.

  • Natalie 5 years ago

    As a Queenslander in Melbourne winter – I need some hot pink. Beautiful,

  • Grace 5 years ago

    for me please. they are beautiful !

  • Simone 5 years ago

    Just what I need for a cosy winter long weekend!

  • Lisa 5 years ago

    Lucy is so talented, and fenton&fenton introduces us to so many unique and inspiring homewares and furniture pieces. A piece of fenton&fenton in my home would be ‘my trip to India’.

  • Jen 5 years ago

    Really, they’re for my husband not me!

  • carley cree 5 years ago

    Would love to live in Melbourne so I could visit this lovely store.

  • xiaoyan Ley 5 years ago

    They will look good in my daughters’ room.

  • Kate Dema 5 years ago

    Oooh I hope 10.00 means 10pm, as only 1 hour to go!! I have been hunting for a beautiful quilt for my daughter in these colours for what seems like a year and now I find it is at one of my favourites stores.
    Almost everything at Fenton and Fenton is divine, especially the windows, which I’m sure will cause an accident on High Street one day soon! Kate

  • Tracy 5 years ago

    WOW love the bed as well!!!

  • Anna 5 years ago

    Yes please!!! stunning! I just moved and I have no linen. Please save my from cheap, low thread count nastyness.

  • Amanda 5 years ago

    I’m crossing my fingers extra tight. What beautiful things xx

  • Kim P 5 years ago

    Oh wow! How cute!

  • Amy 5 years ago

    simply stunning! the store and the giveaway!

  • Liz 5 years ago

    beautiful linen. love the store

  • Emma 5 years ago

    Just beautiful! Yes please…

  • Cazz 5 years ago

    pretty in pink – perfect for my room – time to be a bit more feminine!

  • Sarah s 5 years ago

    Just in time! Been waiting for fenton&fenton online, yeah!

  • Rebekka 5 years ago

    Awesome new website and gorgeous colours!

  • jasmine 5 years ago

    I’m really hoping you meant 10pm! Love the store. Love the ikat!

  • lulu 5 years ago

    So so pretty!

  • jasmine 5 years ago

    P.S The comments clock seems to be an hour fast! (It’s 9:48 in Melbourne right now)

  • Mikki 5 years ago

    oh wow beautiful fabrics! would love to win! :)

  • Matthew 5 years ago

    The colours are absolutely fantastic . Love it . Time 9:52 pm comment clock time ahead by an hour . .

  • allison 5 years ago

    Love this, how gorgeous!

  • Natalie Hayllar 5 years ago

    Eat read love has been so inspired by the beautiful designs and colour on Fenton & Fentons new website. We can’t wait to visit the store. I am hoping to feature Fenton and Fentons beautiful style on my blog soon. So clever! Natalie

  • Rachael 5 years ago

    Please bring some style to my boudoir, even if it makes the rest of my house look dull in comparison.

  • julia K 5 years ago

    I was hoping to be comment number 500 to make it easy for you to choose. Just purchased a new (old) house. Im sure my husband wouldn’t let me buy pink…but if I won it??? he he

  • Enjoying our chairs 5 years ago

    These are devine!! The quilt is exquisite it would look just so lovely at my home and so would those cushions. I think the cushions would feel beautiful too! Oooh I would love this prize – fingers crossed!

  • Alex C 5 years ago

    the quilts and cushions are GORGEOUS!! just what i’ve been looking for :)

  • kathy S 5 years ago

    Really just stunning

  • Jessie 5 years ago

    I really hope I’m not too late, that quilt is beyond gorgeous!!

  • Citlalli 5 years ago

    Oh my! Awesome giveaway, love Fenton & Fenton!

  • ValentinaBlossom 5 years ago

    What a lovely quilt! I want it!
    Can I win if I’m from Chile?
    That would be awesoooome!

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