Perimeter Books

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 2nd May 2011

Perimeter Books

OOOh my I am so in love with this brand new shop – PERIMETER BOOKS in Thornbury.  I must admit I am completely biased, because the clever couple behind this new venture are my dear friends Justine Ellis and Dan Rule.

Justine and Dan seriously know about books.  They are a superbly multi-skilled team – Dan is a respected local writer and arts columnist for The Age.  (He also writes about music and many other things, for lots of publications listed here).  Justine works at Michi Girl and also at much-loved Northside fashion boutique Monkhouse.  This prolific pair ALSO publish independent titles under the name And Collective – you may recall Sequins and Sequence, the gorgeous Kat Macleod book which they published last year.  And NOW they have their own shop.   Sheesh.

What is great about Perimeter Books is that they seriously have stuff no one else has.  The focus is on independent titles, artists’ books, limited editions, and cult-status indie design magazines that you simply will not find anywhere else in Melbourne.  They EVEN have Meg Mateo Ilasco‘s wonderful stationery line – and will very soon be stocking the super popular Anthology magazine, edited by Ilasco.  (M.M Ilasco is a bit famous in US indie/designy/bloggy circles – if you’ve been obsessed with Design*Sponge for the last 5 years like me you will know all about her!)

ANYWAY.  I digress.  If you love books and independent publishing, you must pop in and support this lovely local venture!   If you live reeeaaallly far away,  you will be forgiven for shopping online instead.  But you should totally visit in person if you can, cos the DIY fit-out is super cuteness.

Perimeter Books
748 High Street

ph. 03 9484 8101

Opening Hours

Wednesday – 12.00pm – 6.00pm
Thursday – 12.00pm – 6.00pm
Friday – 12.00pm – 7.oopm
Saturday – 10.00am – 5.00pm

Perimeter Books – fitout by Dan Rule and his Dad!

Meg Mateo Ilasco stationery!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 2nd May 2011


  • dayle 5 years ago

    i love independent unique book stores…i could wander through perimeter books for a good while i think! I also like the crisp clean layout – looks very inviting. congratulations to them on their store!

  • Margie 5 years ago

    *sigh* if only I lived in Melbs… no, scratch that! If only Dan and Justine lived near me!! They’d really love it, I swear!

  • Sarah 5 years ago

    Looks very dangerous for me!

    Might have to pop in next weekend!

  • mariana 5 years ago

    ohhh… now this excites me!
    what a wonderful haven of goodness and so close to home!

  • chantal 5 years ago

    ooohhhhh! this looks fabulous! we need this in venice, california! going on my list of places to visit when i come to australia one day :)

  • Jasmine Phull 5 years ago

    It’s simple, clean approach reminds me of Do You Read Me in Berlin. Ahh bliss.

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