Mrs Fairweather’s Bicycle Emporium

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 19th May 2011

Victoria and Dorothea – fabulous restored vintage bikes by Mrs Fairweather’s Bicycle Emporium in Adelaide!

Boris – another beautifully restored bike by Mrs Fairweather’s Bicycle Emporium

Two weeks ago at the Bowerbird Bazaar market in Adelaide, South Australian graphic designer Nigel Venning launched a fantastic new sideline business. It’s called Mrs Fairweather’s Bicycle Emporium, and you guessed it, it’s all about cool vintage BIKES.   In Nigel’s own words – ‘this is a small gig that restores old pushbikes and gives them a contemporary edge for today’s discerning urbanite… basically i take a wreck, restore the parts on it that are salvageable, recycle from other wrecks if parts are too far gone, and if I cannot find a part to suit from that then buy a new part.’

OMG awesome-looking vintage bikes, re-purposed materials and ethical integrity?  I think I died and went to hipster heaven :)

SERIOUSLY though I am LOVING Nigel’s creations – if you wanna be REALLY impressed have a look at the ‘before’ shots on the website. Truly amazing transformations!!  This prompted me to ask Nigel a few inquisitive questions…

Give us a little background on yourself – what was your previous career before Mrs Fairweather!?

My previous career is still existing. The bikes are a sideline that I am pursuing. I own a small web and graphic design studio, *nishnish, in Adelaide and have had it for the last 11 years.

When did you first launch Mrs Fairweather’s Bicycle emporium?

Mrs Fairweather’s Bicycle Emporium was launched a fortnight ago at a designer’s market here in Adelaide called Bowerbird Bazaar.  This was a great PR exercise to see what folk thought of what I am doing.  I have sold a couple off the back of that bazaar and received some great feedback.

What inspired you to restore old bikes in the first place?

It all started about 9 months ago when I found a bike on hard rubbish next door to our home, and I said to my wife that I was going to restore it for her for Christmas.  I presented her with the bike on Christmas Day and she loved it.  She also suggested that I do something further with the idea.  From there I purchased 30 bike wrecks and set about to creating restorations with a story.

Is the business just you? or do you have some helpers?

At the moment it is just me with excellent support from my wife and the guys I work with at *nishnish.

Where does Mrs Fairweather work from?

The restoration is done at home at the moment and the bikes are stored at the studio where *nishnish is.  We’ll see how it all goes but the dream is to give Mrs Fairweather a home.

Nice work Nigel (aka Mrs Fairweather!).  Love your bikes!

If you’re bike-MAD, you may be interested to catch up with Mrs Fairweather at the Melrose Fat Tyre Festival in South Australia’s Southern Flinders ranges from June 10th – 13th.  For unashamed city-slickers (ahem), I’m hoping there might be a Melbourne visit sometime soon… will keep ya posted!

The very dashing Squire, by Mrs Fairweather’s Bicycle Emporium

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 19th May 2011


  • Chantal Vincent 5 years ago

    Beautiful bikes. Excellent job of restoring them, they look fanatstic!

  • georgina 5 years ago

    A fantastic idea, giving these bikes a new life. Beautiful .

  • Julia 5 years ago

    oh my, how lovely! come to melbourne please :) x

  • Kathleen 5 years ago

    I love the green! These bikes are absolutely stunning – worthy of wall mounting!

  • paula mills 5 years ago

    awww no giveaway??

  • Allison 5 years ago

    good to see Adelaide featuring on The Design Files!

  • Siobhan C 5 years ago

    Slick. Makes me want to be a Cutter.

  • Jamie Bishop 5 years ago

    Oh man , Soooo good – i’ve just looked at my own bike in the shed Oh Dear ! Does anyone know how long it takes to ride from Adelaide to Melbourne !

  • Mummageorge 5 years ago

    Makes me wish I hadn’t put my old dear out on the street a year back…

  • karen hinde 5 years ago

    What a cool bike

  • Nik 5 years ago

    I LOVE ‘Victoria’, but what, no mudguards on a bike like this?? Mud splatters up the back of my wispy gypsy dress isn’t a good look! All the best for this venture; gives a whole knew meaning to the term ‘recycle’!

  • nigel 5 years ago

    thanks for the kind words all.
    i forgot to mention connie in the statement about support. she is the wordsmith that gave the bikes their stories. thanks connie.

  • deb 5 years ago

    I want one! ;)

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