by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 2nd May 2011

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 2nd May 2011


  • Ms Lolly 5 years ago

    How do I not know about this amazing shop? Cannot wait to visit. Thanks for the discovery! (And OMG Mirka Mora is her M-I-L??? That is beyond awesome!!!)

  • kristen 5 years ago

    Now that’s a mother-in-law that you could never complain about
    at your mothers group meets ! Divine store , I am on my way.

  • Fiona Edge 5 years ago

    OOOOOOOOOO love that shop (and cute logo), and Mirka Mora well what can I say : ))))

  • Canela 5 years ago

    Wonderland puts this boutique to shame with its colourful array of treasures! I love Mirka Moras artwork and hope to get to Melbourne one day to see some in situ, as well as visit Hut 13. Thanx for putting a smile on my face today Lucy F and Lucy M!

  • Danae 5 years ago

    I LOVE Mirka MORA and what a cute shop. I would love my daughter to appreciate her work too, and what a way…through a puzzle!

  • cathy meggs 5 years ago

    I met Mirka when she signed her book for me….what a legend!

  • Janette 5 years ago

    what a wonderful shop. Wish we had more of these in SA.

  • Elaine Boston 5 years ago

    I love puzzles and when will you open a shop in Perth?

  • anna 5 years ago

    i can’t believe they’d give a mirka mora puzzle away.. what a lovely prize!

  • george 5 years ago

    booo why don’t i live in melbourne anymore :(

  • Lisa 5 years ago

    what a great prize & gorgeus new shop!

  • Libby 5 years ago

    Did you see mirka mora on Denton, she was hilarious. I bet she is very proud of her creative daughter in law!

  • Kate 5 years ago

    I always adored Mirka but she made me really smile when i heard her on radio recently tell the tale of many years ago her garden getting overgrown and she let a friend pour kerosene and light a match to deal with it – she laughed as she said it was for the fearless and naughty. it might work for laundry too.

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