Event Ideas by Ojoli – Candy Coloured Wedding

by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 31st May 2011

After a beautiful Blue and White Tea Party yesterday, Amanda is back today with a Candy Coloured Wedding! Lovely pastels, a much coveted Confetti System garland and mismatched chairs- you can easily run with this theme for any event you fancy! -Jenny x

Inspiring the Candy Coloured Wedding – Confetti System garland available from Third Drawer Down and outdoor table setting via I believe in unicorns

The starting point for this Candy Coloured Wedding concept came from one of Confetti Systems’ garlands. Confetti System offer sublime event decorating products that I would love to see incorporated into a wedding event design.  Their items are a little more expensive, but could make for great thank you gifts after a wedding.

Moodboard for a Candy Coloured wedding –  Gigi lightstand from ‘Urban Outfitters‘ and Robert Abbey Delta Lamps via ruemag

I envisage this concept working really well against a setting where the colour accents and textures are quite juxtaposed. The illustration here is of an old woolshed on the farm. The amazing craftsmanship of these old buildings was certainly before any form of pre-fabrication. I would love to see it bought to life with a celebration like this.

For seating I have used a collection of mismatched bentwood chairs that I purchased at an auction a few months ago.

Like many people, I have a nostalgic attachment to rock candy. They were a treat that my grandmother would give to me whenever I visited her. Here I have just placed them in a message bottle as a wedding favor. Perhaps a nice idea to handwrite a little message to insert too.

I like flowers to be loose and organic. Obviously there wasn’t a florist in sight for this arrangement [below]. Instead, the stems were just cut and placed into a collection of milkglass vases.

- Amanda x

(All items, expect for the garlands, are available from the Ojoli Flea Market very soon!)

by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 31st May 2011


  • handmaderomance 4 years ago

    adorable! i love the colourful chairs and the thought of them in an old woolshed setting! x

  • Little rock 4 years ago

    Yes love the contraste of the coloured chairs in an outdoor setting : )

  • This one is so cute! Hooray!

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