Down Girl’s Winter Fashion Finds – Scarves and Beanies

by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 10th May 2011

In a fit of renovating madness I convinced my husband to rip out our ugly ugly wall heater, thank goodness for today’s Down Girl post on winter woollens to keep us all toasty-warm; I can’t wait for a certain someone to surprise me with a plaited Gorman scarf! – Jenny

Left to right: Otto and Spike thick striped scarf $70 from OKOK, Ella Sanders Pom Pom scarf $130 from Little Salon, Val Aston scarf in cream and in brown $85 each from Craft Victoria, Uimi Zig Zag scarf in midnight $85 from Little Salon, Otto and Spike blue striped Fleming scarf $65 from Five Boroughs and Gorman Plaited Scarf with watermelon pom poms $119.

Especially scarves but also beanies are very, very lovely to have wrapped around you when you’re walking to work or perhaps just down the street to get a coffee whilst a winter wind is blowing a gale around you. In the months of June and July I rarely leave the house without both. Your neck and head are two key places to keep covered in winter to stay warm and healthy, but enough about practicality. Maybe you wear beanies and scarves mainly for looks and in that case, I have got a lot of goodies in store for you!

Otto and Spike, a cute little wooly label that is recently new to me but found stocked all around town in plenty of cute shops. Two I came across were Five Boroughs and OKOK, The O&S range is huge and sure to cater for everyone. Little Salon stock, among others, Uimi and Ella Sanders knitwear who both make beautiful woollen pieces to-die-for, featured is the Ella Sanders Pom Pom scarf which looks so cute off, but even more when it’s on and the Uimi Zig Zag scarf that falls in all the right places! Val Aston knits very cosy and lovely knitwear which can be picked up and cherished from Craft Victoria. The Gorman Plaited scarf with the huge watermelon pom poms is also another cutie that will be sure to turn heads but also keep your neck toasty and protected.

Left to right: Gorman khaki Pom Pom beanie $59, Green Rabbit beret $59 from Little Salon, 3 x Pene Durston handknitted beanies in various colours and patterns $48 each from Cottage Industry and Van Aston Beanie $50 from Craft Victoria

Down Girl xx

by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 10th May 2011


  • SIOBHAN C 4 years ago

    That Gorman scarf is the goods. IMHO there are not enough pom poms in the world. Bring ‘em on.

  • Brita W 2 years ago

    Love the beanies so cool winterhats!
    mössor http://www.britaw.com

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