A Double Feature with Scott Weston – Architectural Concepts

by Jenny Butler
Monday 2nd May 2011

This week we welcome the AMAZING Scott Weston to the Guest Blog! Scott Weston is without a doubt my design hero and I’m thrilled that this week he will be sharing 2 of his recent projects from start to finish and all the steps in between. It’s going to be a colourful and beautifully designed week! – Jenny x

This weeks Guest Blogger Scott Weston on the left and Gregory Phillips on the right.

Scott Weston Architecture & Design has great pleasure in opening our inner imagination to the readers of The Design Files this week.

Some great family photos of both Scott and Gregory and we would be interested to know if people can spot who is who?

Funny……. one of us never wears thongs anymore and the other would definitely never ever wear hot pink pants, regardless of his Anglo Indian Heritage.

Brilliant and varied previous projects by SWAD – top image is Brad Ngata hair salon in Sydney.  Bottom images are from Vogue Editor Kirstie Clements home.

Models created for a variety of previous projects.

Our Architectural Practice comprises just Gregory and myself and we focus on all aspects of good quality design. Architecture, Interiors, Graphic Design, Perishable Architecture, Landscape, Theatre and Set Design we embrace all facets as long as we have a like minded Client.

Concept model for the Point Piper Apartment by SWAD

Point Piper Apartment

During the week we are going to focus on two recent projects.

The first is an 1920’s Art Deco harbourside apartment which we completely gutted and re-built. In order for the Client to understand the design ideas and language we build our architectural study model concepts (sometimes up to 4 ideas). Out of those concepts comes the final solution that we then focus on in greater detail.

This particular Client had an extensive artwork and furniture collection and we really enjoy seeing what people have collected and through this we start to filter what stays and what comes on the journey.

Rozelle House

The second project is alterations and additions to a worker’s cottage in the Sydney suburb of Rozelle. A very small, compact house that was literally bursting at the seams with parents and growing children. The design was to maintain the front two rooms and demolish everything else while maintaining the ridge roof to the streetscape.

Left, a model of the Rozelle House before the remodel and extension. Right, a model of the proposed finished project by SWAD

Reference and inspiration for Rozelle House

With Anglo Indian Clients we rubbed our hands with glee, surely they would embrace simple Architectural devices overlaid in colour as a symbolic reference to their heritage. They all went silent and it was up to the Architects to slowly take them out of their comfort zone.

The trust relationship was about to be tested……. to be continued!


by Jenny Butler
Monday 2nd May 2011

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