Supercyclers are GO on the Guest Blog!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 18th April 2011

Meet Sarah K and Liane Rossler – aka SUPERCYCLERS!  This super creative pair are committed to turning waste materials into clever, useful and beautiful new things – they hope to inspire others to think carefully before contributing to mindless landfill!  In addition to joining us this week on the Guest Blog, Sarah K and Liane are also currently exhibiting their PLASTIC FANTASTIC supercycled creations at The Other Hemisphere exhibition in Milan!

This week we have a brilliantly dynamic and very creative pair on the Guest Blog – Meet Liane Rossler and Sarah K – aka SUPERCYCLERS!  Sydney-based designers Liane and Sarah have joined forces recently, brought together by their shared passion for GREAT DESIGN that is also inherently ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE!   Liane and Sarah have been collaborating with other local designers and experimenting with re-cycling waste materials to create clever, useful new things!   Their first project is a series of vessels made from re-purposed plastic bags – such a simple and inspired idea.  Plastic bags are one of the worst offenders in our environment – DID YOU KNOW there are huge garbage patches of plastic swirling around in the oceans!?  Sadly, almost all the plastic that has ever been made is still around somewhere on the planet today. Of course it is best of all to avoid disposable plastics BUT, if you do find yourself with waste materials and plastic at home, Liane and Sarah hope to inspire you with some crafty things you can do rather than throwing these things away.  Because as the Supercycler’s mantra goes – “there is no away!“.

This month Liane and Sarah are showing their PLASTIC FANTASTIC creations in an amazing exhibition called The Other Hemisphere in Milan!  The Other Hemisphere is a BRILLIANT exhibition of Australian design at the Milan Furniture Fair this year, also curated by Sarah K!   It features many fab local designers including Daniel : Emma – I am SO JEALOUS I wish I was there!!  We hope many designers and Milan fair attendees are super inspired by your Supercycling efforts ladies!

Pop by the Guest Blog all this week as Liane and Sarah share some very inspiring examples of Supercycling from across the globe – ending with a little round-up on Friday direct from Sarah K in Milan!  Yippeee!

*AND don’t forget to bookmark the Supercyclers BLOG where Liane and Sarah plan to document their Supercycling creations – they would also love to hear from you if you have any Supercycling discoveries of your own!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 18th April 2011


  • Liz aka Betty Jo 4 years ago

    Oh yeah, this is going to be right up my alley….!!!

  • BusiChic 4 years ago

    So inspiring! This is exactly what our THE ACEFANTASTIC project is all about – showcasing clever individuals who create well-designed products using sustainable means. I need to get in touch! X

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