With so much to see at Milan Design Week 2011, Alessandra covered an exceptional amount of beautiful design and a lot of ground along the way! Alessandra is back again with some of her favourite photos of the week as well as the top picks for rugs. -Jenny x

Mixed styles at home: old and new products, different materials and styles together, contrasted colors and patterns. Freedom is the new rule! Here are some more of my favourite pictures from Milan… I hope they inspire you!

One beautiful trend is the use of old and new rugs at home, especially in the living room. I love the old ones in contrast with modern rugs and designed furnishings.  I love the overlaps of them: two or more rugs of different colors and patterns used together. Many stands used carpets in their exhibitions. My favorite stand is that of Moroso: beautiful old rugs, beautiful colors and magical atmosphere! I found two companies that produce modern designs and vintage-style rugs: i+i from Italy and kinnasand from Germany.  Look at them! Wonderful!

- Alessandra x