Kirra Jamison – Spirit is a Bone

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 14th April 2011

Spirit is a Bone II by Kirra Jamison, 2011. Acrylic, gouache, pen and vinyl on polyester, 183cm x 152cm.

Harper’s Desert by Kirra Jamison.  Acrylic, gouache and pen on polyester, 185cm x 152cm.

Cherry Blossom by Kirra Jamison, Acrylic, gouache, pen and vinyl on canvas, 152.5cm x 132cm.

I had the great pleasure of meeting artist Kirra Jamison recently – a bit of a *starstruck* moment, because I have been coveting a Kirra Jamison painting ever since first posting about her exquisite work all the way back here!  In person I must say Kirra was so super sweet and modest and quiet but very friendly… and I felt very lucky to have a little snoop in her studio and see some of the works in progress for her latest show!

The new exhibition, entitled Spirit is a Bone, opens next Wednesday at Sophie Gannon Gallery in Melbourne.  Kirra is showing an incredible collection of vivid large-scale paintings on canvas, alongside her more delicate and intricate works on paper…. WOW so much amazing colour and magical detail – I LOVE the striking dark backgrounds, translucent white bones, colourful toxic toadstools and Charlie Harper-inspired wildlife!  What an amazing imaginary world Kirra has created… truly spectacular work.

Kirra and her partner Dane Lovett (also an incredible artist) are heading off soon for a residency in Tokyo… they’ll be gone for quite a few months and will almost certainly come back even more famous than they already are (!!), so NOW is the time to invest, people!

Spirit is a Bone – New paintings by Kirra Jamison
April 19th – May 14th 2011 (Artist’s reception next Wednesday April 20th).

Sophie Gannon Gallery
2 Albert st

ph. 03 9421 0857

Kirra Jamison looking SO CUTE (in my head she was a brunette!?).  Before you ask, that necklace is by Karen Walker(!).  Photo by Daniel Mahon.

Kirra Jamison in her Northcote studio.  Photo by Daniel Mahon.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 14th April 2011

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