Hobart Walking Guide

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 21st April 2011

AMAZING HOBART MAP by multi-talented Tess McCabe!  I cannot STRESS my extreme enthusiasm for this, The Design Files first ever commissioned illustration!  Tess also made the sweet Tassie button in the left column.  LOVE YOUR WORK Tess! (Tess can also be found here and here!)

OK SO you’ve seen a few Tassie highlights over the past few days but TODAY, people, we are getting to the pointy end of proceedings.  It’s The Design Files’ personally endorsed, tried and tested Hobart Walking Guide!  I must start by saying it is far from exhaustive… I had only one day to myself in Hobart, and these are the gems I found!  I am SURE there are many more gorgeous places to stroll, eat, drink and shop… perhaps locals can add their suggestions in the comments for all the places I missed?

The good thing about this guide, and Hobart in general, is that much of the good stuff is condensed into quite a small area, and therefore it is totally manageable to walk to most places if you’re staying somewhere central.  I visited all the places outlined here in one day by foot.  And I am sure it takes me much longer than it would take you guys, because I always have to stop everywhere I go and ask permission to take photos :) Very time consuming.  Especially when you forget your business cards. (Worth noting, though, that Tasmanian people are incredibly polite and ALWAYS, without fail, get out of your way when you are taking a photo.  Even when taking a wideshot on an extremely busy main street.  Bless them.)

ANYWAY.  PLEASE read on for a round-up of all the super lovely places I found in Hobart!   There are some true gems in the mix.  Andddd…. I hate to play favourites… but… The Maker is the most GORGEOUS shop I’ve been in for quite some time!  If you have only an hour up your sleeve I would browse through the The Maker, have a coffee and cake at Tricycle (just a few doors down), and a little stroll along Salamanca Place.

ps) I KNOW it is much-loved by locals, but Pigeonhole Cafe was sadly not open on the day I visited!  So that is the only reason why it isn’t here (sorry guys!)  Allegedly it is also very awesome.

(A) Country Women’s Association Gift Shop

Country Women’s Association of Tasmania gift shop, Hobart

OMIGOD.  You have never been anywhere like the Country Women’s Association gift shop in Hobart!  It is like a step back in time… I seriously cannot BELIEVE the CWA have a retail shop right in the centre of town!  Manned by two gorgeous chatty old ladies on the day I visited, the CWA shop pretty much sells 3 things – handknitted items (mainly baby’s clothes and teacosies, it seems), homemade preserves (an incredible variety of chutneys, jams, marmalades etc) and the most AMAZING looking homemade cakes and sweet treats!  These goodies are whipped up and delivered by what must be an army of local grannies, and you can buy a delectable teacake for your whole family, for like, $7.00.  It is all very organised with all ingredients clearly listed on each item.  Brilliant.  I am told the queue extends down the street on baking day.

Ps) Funnily enough I am pretty sure it was Tess McCabe who made this left-of-field recommendation one day when I tweeted asking for Tassie tip-offs – and I am so glad she did!

Country Women’s Association of Tasmania
165 Elizabeth st

ph. (03) 6234 4187

Open Monday – Friday, 9.00 am – 4.00pm
Saturday 10.00am – 1.00pm

(B) Inside

Inside Home and Gifts

Inside is a fantastically well stocked gift and homewares shop – a huge range of soft furnishings by familiar favourites such as Bholu and Cloth, as well as T2 teas, Nancy Bird accessories, high end homeswares including Alessi etc, a great range of jewellery, stationery and much more.  I was excited also to see some lovely handmade pieces by local Tassie makers on the shelves, such as ceramic jewellery by Magoolie and handblown glass by Jemma Clements, pictured above.

Inside Home and Gifts
90 Murray st

ph. (03) 6224 5990

(C) Love & Clutter

Love & Clutter

Love & Clutter is one of those shops I had heard about before arriving in Hobart… and I was pleased to stumble across it only a few doors up from my hotel!  Stocking much gorgeousness from Tassie, Melbourne and Sydney makers, this shop is much loved by locals for it’s cutsie, crafty vibe.  You’ll find sweet handmade brooches, plush toys, fabric bags, jewellery and accessories, vintage finds, as well as Japanese-inspired clothing for kids and adults designed by proprietor Leonie Struthers.  I believe I also spotted some bunting. :)

(Amazingly, Leonie Struthers also owns The Maker in Salamanca Place, which has a different aesthetic entirely, although still a focus on lovely handmade pieces).

Love & Clutter
31 Murray st

ph. (03) 6224 2222

(D) Ruby’s Room

Ruby’s Room toyshop

OK so it is not normal for me to blog kid’s stuff BUT Ruby’s Room is truly one of the best toy shops I have ever walked into, so I thought it was worth a mention!  Such an incredible range of toys and gifts – and not your plasticky Barbie Doll variety.  Ruby’s Room stocks all those gorgeous toys and kid’s decor pieces you see in amazing international kids magazines – fabulous mini gardening tools, kiddy kitchen set-ups with tiny wooden fruit and veg, educational maps and clocks and charts for bedroom walls, beautiful gift cards and party favours etc.  It’s just a really fabulous old-school toy shop. (And it was here I discovered those Love Mae fabric wall decals!)

Ruby’s Room
127 Macquarie st (cnr Macquarie and Murray sts)

Ph. (03) 6224 7234

(E) Store & co.

Store & co.

Store & co. is a grown-up gift shop.  It’s the perfect store to pick-up a gift for your Mum – this place is all about bentwood chairs, sweet-smelling french soaps and expensive candles, provincial-style homewares and garden accessories, pots and urns, soft furnishings and tea towels in lovely linens and neutral tones.  They also have an excellent range of gift cards and wrapping papers.  And they’re in one of the prettiest buildings in Hobart.

Store & co also have a shop called ‘Mini Store’ in Sandy Bay, I didn’t check it out but I am sure would also be well worth a look.  Details on their website.

Store & Co.
130 Macquarie st

Ph. (03) 6224 9977

Open Monday – Saturday, 10.30 – 4.00pm

(F) Hampden rd and Battery point

Hampden rd, Battery Point

If you’re after a little break from the retail circuit, head to Salamanca Place and follow the signs up the steps towards Battery Point.  SO CUTE!  Here are some of Hobart’s prettiest cottages, dotted along sweet winding streets, with a view of the water at Sandy Bay from almost every angle.  SO pretty.  Weirdly, it reminded me a bit of San Francisco.  There are also a couple of cafes etc along Hampden rd if you need a pitstop (some of those streets do get quite steep!)

Battery Point – cute houses!
From Salamanca Place, look for the signs up the steps to Kelly street and Hampden street

(G) Salamanca Markets

OK so I must admit I didn’t visit the Salamanca Markets in person!  BUT it gets such a good wrap I felt I should include!  Stallholders set up along Salamanca Place every Saturday from 8.00am, selling everything from fruit and veg, cheeses and deli produce, to local arts and crafts.  Lots of info over here.

Salamanca Markets
Salamanca Place

Every Saturday, 8.00am – 3.00pm

(H) The Maker

The Maker – handmade pouch bags by Leonie Struthers

The Maker is SO beautiful.  Occupying a teeny tiny shopfront in Salamanca Place, this picture perfect little shop stocks a carefully curated product range, with a focus on local craft and a Japanese-inspired aesthetic!  I LOVED the neutral colour scheme, beautiful vintage and industrial details – even the cash register was a (working) vintage beast!  Owned by local designer, retailer and busy Mum Leonie Struthers, who somehow also manages to run her other shop Love & Cutter. OH, and she lives on Bruny Island, which means catching a FERRY HOME every day.  INSANELY impressive. (Or maybe just insane?)

Leonie designs all the beautiful clothes and bags in store – I especially loved the Japanese-style tunic style dresses.  Another favourite find here were the Tassie-made Quiescence scented soy candles,  in those gorgeous Fowler glass preserving jars, complete with vintage-style lid clip!

This one is a truly special find, try and pop in if you can!

The Maker
Shop 005 /
77 Salamanca Place

Ph. (03) 6223 4949

Those stunning Tassie-made Quiescence candles (Google tells me they are also stocked at Milton and Husk in Melbourne?)

The Maker

(I) Tricycle Cafe

Tricycle Cafe

When I put a tweet out about coffee in Hobart, the verdict was unanimous.  Tricycle, or Pigeonhole.  Lucky for me, Tricycle was open on a Monday, so I had the great pleasure of resting my feet at this sweet little cafe, tucked just off Salamanca Place.

To be honest, Tricycle felt a bit like a Melbourne cafe.  But a nice cute quite non hipster-ish one :)  The food was delicious, the elderberry cordial was beautifully presented (and kind of interactive), and I MAY have also had a slice of cake.  Which was also delicious.  Lucky I am not a food blogger because I am now running out of adjectives.  Anyway.  Super cute place.

Tricycle Cafe
77 Salamanca Place

Ph. (o3) 6223 7228

Mmmm chickeny herby potatoey salad.

(J) IXL Jam Factory

IXL Jam Factory

The Henry Jones IXL Jam Factory is one of Hobart’s most famous historical buildings.   To be HONEST, some of the shops are a little bit dorky in there BUT the actual building has been beautifully restored – with a light-filled central atrium and a couple of good cafes.  The complex also now incorporates a 5 star hotel called the Henry Jones Art Hotel which is apparently VERY nice – some good pics on the website.

Cute bit of trivia for you – IXL was the flagship brand of Henry Jones (founded in Hobart in 1891) – a name which was derived from Jones’ personal motto – ‘I excel in everything I do’ – Thankyou Wikipedia!

That’s it folks!  Huge thanks to everyone who passed on Hobart recommendations – so many lovely tweeters, Miriam McGarry and many others.  ALSO massive thanks once again to Tess McCabe for her AWESOME illustrated map!  Do check out Tess’ website, blog and the Creative Women’s Circle which she runs single-handedly!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 21st April 2011


  • Sarah 6 years ago

    Thanks for this wonderful to do list, I’m already making mental notes for when I’m next in town. The Maker and Store & co. look as though they would be right up my ally!

  • Stitchybritt 6 years ago

    Heart heart heart heart

  • Susie 6 years ago

    This is a brilliant article, Lucy. I haven’t been to Hobart since I was three so a return visit is well overdue. And what a lovely map by Tess McCabe!

    PS Your description of some of the shops being ‘a little bit dorky’ made me giggle.

  • Claire 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for this week Lucy! My man and I are eagerly planning a long weekend in Hobart for MONA and associated adventures. I knew about (and loved) Tricycle and love and clutter but there are so many new and exciting things to explore!

  • clairsy 6 years ago

    LOVE this map illo, too cute!

  • Alison 6 years ago

    agree agree agree about Tricycle and the Maker
    but you missed out by not getting to Pigeon Hole
    and the map is awesome!!

  • michele 6 years ago

    oh snap! Great guide Lucy! I was just in Hobart and did a tiny entry on The Maker last week too! Great stores and lovely people… Totally agree! xx

  • emma 6 years ago

    OMG! We are going to tassie tomorrow, staying at MONA. I’m PUMPED. Thank you so much, this is going to be so much fun! The illo is awesome too.

  • Paula 6 years ago

    Love The Maker one of my favs in Tassie Town.

  • Brian 6 years ago

    Great work on the Hobart special people. Good to show Tasmania off to all you trendy people. If you ever have time there are some great little shops around the north of the state, around Launceston too.

  • megan 6 years ago

    L, i LOVE that you LOVE tasmania. What about how bunches of roses (whose heads are as big as dinner plates) are like $8 for a bunch! oh it is the sweet life. m

  • Lucy 6 years ago

    THANKS LOVELY READERS for all your ace comments and enthusiam about the Tassie guide this week!

    MUMMAGEORGE – you can drag the map to your desktop and print from there but sadly it will be quite low-res, as it wasn’t really made to be printed. BUT I have all these spots marked on a custom Google map which you can print or simply use from iPhone whilst you are away – link is here –>

    Hope that is helpful! x

  • This is soooo cute!! What a great idea especially for the kinds of places with too many treasures to possibly know about. I live in London, England and if all of my friends made a map of their favourite places, imagine how many great new things one would find? It could even be like a party-day. Everyone takes each other’s maps, partners up and goes on an adventure! Really cool (and pretty too!)! F xx

  • jess 6 years ago


  • Ann 6 years ago

    Lucy – lovely, lovely guide! As a Tasmanian who doesn’t live there anymore but still calls it home (we all do) I am thrilled at your list. We are ‘home’ for Easter and just off to the market and all my favourite places old and new. Glad you loved it. Now don’t tell too many people or we’ll have to start lining up for coffee… x

  • katiecrackernuts 6 years ago

    I blogged about my favs in Hobart just recently too and the CWA was on my list. I can’t even tell you how excited I am it’s getting cooler so I can rock out my “dahlia” head gear bought there. It’s the most outlandish crocheted beanie/beret ever.

  • Jane 6 years ago

    Ah, love this post. As an Hobartian (and a friend of Ann above), I can only concur with her comments. You’ve highlighted most of my faves – do come back for an encore performance, Lucy! Give yourself a few days to really be enchanted. J x

  • Spin Spin 6 years ago

    Gorgeous! Tess is so clever :)

  • Bianca 5 years ago

    like like like… would love one for Melbourne… I’d hang it in my house… framed :)

  • Jane Garling 3 years ago

    It may be time to re-visit Hobart. Unfortunately Love and Clutter has closed but there are many other wonderful places to visit, including The Spindle Tree, a wonderful wool shop which includes hand dyed mohair and natural wool from the Ringrove Collection in Tasmania. There are also a number of other wonderful restaurants, including Ethos with its cooks’ garden at the front door.

  • Kristie Hayden 2 years ago

    Just been to Hobart and fell in love with Salamanca and Battery Point. This guide is fabulous and still really relevant. Love your work!

  • It’s just amazing! The to-do list is ultimate and everyone will love it at our hotel property.

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