David Bromley does Quilts!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 5th April 2011

Incredible new quilted throws by David Bromley!

Yeah yeah, it’s Bromley all over the blog today…. whatcha gonna do?  I can’t help it if he keeps making all this awesome stuff now can I?

SERIOUSLY how inspired are these brand new Bromley-ified quilts!?  Utilising vintage fabrics collected by David over a lifetime, and handcrafted responsibly in India, they feature DB’s unmistakeable motifs – nudes, butterflies, storybook-inspired characters.  You wouldn’t think it would work… but.. it SO does!  And priced from $800, it’s the cheapest way I can think of to get your hands on a Bromley painting!

These unique pieces have literally just landed.  They officially launch THIS THURSDAY, and are available to purchase from this Friday April 8th at Capocchi in Armadale. (SO don’t go in today but you can go on the weekend :)

For a little more background about David’s inspiration for the new quilts, and more stunning photographs of these beautiful pieces, please pop over to the Guest Blog today!

Quilts in progress in India!  LOVE those cheeky smiles on the ladies’ faces!  I’m thinking they never made a quilt quite like that before :)

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 5th April 2011


  • Siobhan Rogers 5 years ago

    Such amazing skill in India

  • mady 5 years ago

    oh- they are heavenly beautiful. a real MUST have.

  • pimp my bricks 5 years ago

    Hi Lucy

    He also makes wonderful bangles – it’s just a shame they’re superlarge and too big for my wrists.

    I’ve just passed the baton of the Stylish Blog Award to you on my page – I think you do a rare and great job of keeping up the Australian end. I wish you were in Sydney!

  • mariana 5 years ago

    seriously gorgeous!
    and the smile on the little boys face just melts my heart.

  • EL at home 5 years ago

    Wow, just beautiful! Love the photos too! How gorgeous would Bromley butterflies be, fluttering over the end of my bed…

  • EL at home 5 years ago

    Wow, just beautiful! Love the photos too! How gorgeous would Bromley butterflies be, fluttering over the end of my bed…

  • Georgina 5 years ago

    these are exquisite. such beautiful handwork.

  • Façonner 5 years ago

    These are so beautiful…I love the organicism present in them. I usually find quilts and shirts with faces on them a little intrusive but these are really just gentle and interesting.
    Francesca x

  • brandon 5 years ago

    Really beautiful work. Love that one in the first photo.

  • homestilo 5 years ago

    Impressive craft work (the picture with the little ones is really precious)!

  • Jen 5 years ago

    i just hope the Indian women are profiting from this… i wonder what part of the $800 they receive?

  • jo anderson 5 years ago

    thankyou for sharing this ….wow…

  • Kath Mariani 3 years ago

    Where can I get one of his quilts!!

  • Janine 2 years ago

    Can you please tell me where I can buy aka Bromley quilt. Thank you

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