Treasure Hunting in Mudgee – Sleeping

by Jenny Butler
Monday 7th March 2011

This week we welcome the gorgeous Briar Stanley to The Design Files Guest Blog! Briar is a props buyer and stylist extraordinaire who also has a delightful blog Sunday Collector. This week Briar is taking us on a treasure hunting trip to Mudgee – and boy oh boy does she find us some gems! – Jenny x

Hello everyone, it’s so lovely to be here for the week. I usually share my expeditions through out Sydney on my blog Sunday Collector, but I thought I would go further afield for you. I recently packed my camera and notebook and travelled mid-west past the Blue Mountains to spend a few days treasure hunting in Mudgee. I have a few personal ties to the beautiful wine region – but I will touch on that tomorrow. Today, I want to focus on where I think you will all want to stay.

I was really pleased to be able to visit Trelawney Farm. Shiny and recently refurbished by a clever Sydney couple, the 1880’s five bedroom cottage is situated on a twenty-five acre property and is about 4km from town. Trelawney Farm is made up of two connected dwellings, The Coach House + Barn End Cottage, which combined sleeps up to 10 people. On entering the huge home, I couldn’t put my camera down.

I have always loved all-white homes, see another of my favourites here. I spotted loveliness every where I turned. I have a feeling the owners love a bit of treasure hunting too.

Even the queen approves.

The kids can hang out in their own little retreat.

I would spend a lot of time in here if this was my home.

Fancy a warm bath under the stars?

If you feel like being closer to the action. ie. in town, I have previously stayed at The Tannery – a lovely little homestead available for short stays. Or, if you prefer the idea of fresh towels and your bed made every morning, Cobb & Co will ensure a comfy stay. The clever people at de Russie are currently renovating an historical site to accommodate a luxury boutique hotel opening later this year – hence the photo of the construction site above, bottom right.

Mudgee is certainly going places.

Briar x

by Jenny Butler
Monday 7th March 2011


  • Mary 6 years ago

    Have lots of favourites but have to mention Prints Charming for its gorgeous colourful screenprinted fabrics and inspiring quilts and clothing.

  • Mary 6 years ago

    forgot to add:
    Prints Charming, 2 Young St Annandale NSW, just around the corner from Parramatta Road.

  • Kellie 6 years ago

    Wow Briar – guest blogging on the design files, nice one! Trelawney Farm looks unreal, and have been looking for somewhere for a getaway and will definitely be keeping this place in mind xx

  • Hollie 6 years ago

    Too many favourites, but there is one shop that keeps drawing me back lately with its very delicious range of homewares, lighting and furniture is Pomegranate, 251A Coventry Street South Melbourne VIC.

  • looking forward to your Mudgee finds!
    one of my favourite shops in the world is Opening Ceremony in Tokyo. 7 levels each with their own theme and amazing props and shopfitting. Also love Dover St Market in London.

  • juliet 6 years ago

    LOVE anthropologie, especially the one on regent st in london.

  • hannah 6 years ago

    Olive Home in Brisbane always had lot of things that caught my eye.

  • marion 6 years ago

    the victory in blackheath is always good to get lost in, so much vintage goodness.

  • Natalie 6 years ago

    Anthropologie… hands down my fav shop, wish they would come to australia! Loving all the mudgee loveliness too, should be a great week on the guest blog :)

  • sarah 6 years ago

    I would have to say this is a tough one but Lyn Gardner’s shop in Albert Park, Empire Vintage is just stunning!

  • katelyn 6 years ago

    I can always while away half an hour or so browsing thru Luft in North Fitzroy, or Third Drawer Down in Fitzroy…

  • Margie 6 years ago

    The Antique/Second Hand shop in Bell St.,Yarra Glen. When I visit my daughter we always trawl thorugh the shop and have come away with some absolute delights. 2nd choice would be Morris Brown in Healesville.

  • Sidonie 6 years ago

    Fems and the Kitchen Hand in downtown Orange is a fav – great mix of all things lovely and a coffee in the garden. Also a big fan of husk, Collins St Melb. beautiful chunky timber floors, a wonderful eclectic mix of fashion and beautiful things all thoughtfully selected – you always find something new!! and a trip to Melb wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Market Imports – colour colour colour – wonderful to put back with an all white house!!!!

  • kat white 6 years ago

    Love the guest post! :)

    Not entirely a shop, but I love the Salvo’s on Oxford St, Sydney. I’ve found so many incredible little finds there, both homewares and accessories! Also can’t go past Jim & Jane at 45 Booth St, Annandale, NSW. Fantastic range of homewares, gifts, clothing and Elk Accessories!

  • Teegan 6 years ago

    My favourite shop is an experience to be had and a place I take all friends who visit me. You can get lost for hours! Suitably named – “Lost & Found” Smith Street, Collingwood.

  • Effie Bakkalis 6 years ago

    My most favourite store in the world is “Papoulis Fine Jewels” on the Greek island of Rhodes. Beautiful stunning (and very expensive!) jewellery that glistens in the windows like the stars glisten in the night sky.

  • Tracey Harkins 6 years ago

    My favourite shop is at Northbridge in Sydney … Portobello Rose ….take a scented journey with absolutely beautiful cut flowers, plants ,homewares and gifts, Portobello Rose is such a gorgeous store I always find something that i just have to take home with me .

  • husband 6 years ago

    might have to take a trip to mudgee! looks great.

  • Natalie Townsend 6 years ago

    I love Logan! The labels are beautiful! Is that actually hand embroidered?
    I love shopping vintage on ETSY. With the Australian dollar so good at the moment it is amazing what you can get shipped over!

  • Anna 6 years ago

    Ohhh…Logan Wines – my favourite. I hope I win and it includes some of that lovely Hannah Rose!! All time favourite shop is the Local Shop, in Northcote. So cute and delicious smelling (they sell flowers as well), I always have to have a peak when walking by…

  • Monique 6 years ago

    Melbourne is FULL of amazing shops, but my favourite would have to be Tarlo & Graham in Windsor.
    So many different and interesting bits and pieces to discover everytime I go there. Someday I will purchase something from this wonderful treasure trove!


  • Siobhan 6 years ago

    I am so glad I found your blog!

    My favourite place in Newcastle to shop is The Centenary Centre. An old warehouse beside the railway tracks filled with antique and second-hand concessions. Betty Mim on Darby St always has an interesting selection of clothes, homewares and jewellery, but all the really great stuff like the display furniture and penny skateboard wall installation is not for sale :(

  • Jasmin 6 years ago

    Like the last comment, locally me fav is the The Centenary Centre in Newcastle, however going further a field I can never visit London without spending several hours wandering around Liberty, such a great mix of things!

    Really looking forward to reading your posts this week, i am a big fan after drooling all over the pics of your wedding in Real weddings mag .

  • Sara 6 years ago

    I was going to say my fave store in the whole world is Anthropologie but I can see a few others have pipped me to that one! The new store on Regent St London is amazing, but also one of their first stores in SoHo NYC still makes me happy whenever I walk in. You can also buy online from them… Also very happy to see Prints Charming, my local handprinted heaven, in the comments too! Briar, Trelawny Farm looks so inspiring, I’ll have to add Mudgee to my to-do list. (fingers and toes crossed that I can share some Logan Wines with my friends while staying there…)

  • Anna Di Pietro 6 years ago

    The Bison factory shop at Pialligo in Canberra is fantastic; a big. light and airy industrial space with beautiful ceramics in a rainbow of colours. I can happily spend hours there when there’s a sale on.

  • Karen 6 years ago

    A trip to Mudgee – now thats an idea!

  • laurian 6 years ago

    Hey Briar, hope you enjoy your cyber-“stay” at The Design Files this week…. will be reading with eagerness as always! ;-)

  • Sdg 6 years ago

    What a lovely little place to visit, it’s all too charming for words!

  • Kane Norman 6 years ago

    My favourite shop is Know Your Product at 1 Timmins St, Westgarth. It’s tucked back from the base of the Northcote Hill and is full of 20th Century Classics!

  • tali 6 years ago

    My favourite shop in the whole world is 826 Valencia St, in San Francisco.
    It’s a pirate supply shop /creative writing workshop for kids.
    A truly amazing and hilarious place to visit!! :)

  • Alice 6 years ago

    Another blog to add to my reading list! At the moment my favourite shop is MUJI – if only I lived in a country with MujiI so I could buy Muji everything. Clothes, stationery, toys, furniture, food…I first experienced Muji in London (closely followed by Paris), but now have visited it in Tokyo as well. A dangerous shop for one’s credit card…

  • Erin 6 years ago

    Just received a vintage ??60’s desk fan for my birthday on the weekend – very excited to see the exact same one in the above pic (next to the suitcases)!

  • Alisa 6 years ago

    Oh wow! I was just there today :) I live in the Mudgee region (Rylstone) so I haven’t really taken the opportunity to look at places to stay. What a fabulous house! I love the styling. The outside bath is a great, perfect for summer. I might have to pinch that idea for our old bath! Thanks, I can’t wait to read more of your posts on Mudgee town x

  • Mandy 6 years ago

    I adore Briar’s blog …. and how great to see her over here.
    Well done Briar, great post ….. you certainly made me want to visit mudgee !!!

  • Mummageorge 6 years ago

    Hey I still have a grey and white big vinyl armchair with chrome frame that I bought in Bathurst, after finding the best cast aluminium hand ashtray in Mudgee!

  • Mummageorge 6 years ago

    forgot to mention my favourite shop
    Sacred Heart Chapel St

  • Jess 6 years ago

    One of my fav shops at the moment would have to be Gibson’s wine bar in Hawthorn (VIC) – the atmosphere is relaxed, they have a great wine selection, some wonderful cheeses & dips and you can also BYO food from any take away place from around the area – very nice for a quite night out

  • Jenna 6 years ago

    My favourite shop in the whole wide world is Fabulous Fanny’s in the East Village, NYC. They sell the most amazing range of vintage glasses, collected from optometrist’s basements, and the staff have a knack of knowing exactly which frame will fit your face perfectly. (Bonus: most of the frames are under $100.)

  • Kylie 6 years ago

    Apart from op-shops (of course!) one of my favourite shops in Perth is called Storia. Not only is it full of absolutely beautiful and interesting things that you cannot find anywhere else here in Perth, it also has a lovely and very passionate owner who takes time to tell you stories about the things she sells and the people who make them…it’s a little bit of Melbourne here in Perth.

    p.s. Storia is in Guildford if you want to check it out.

  • Briar Stanley 6 years ago

    Thanks for all your comments and amazing shop tips everyone! Makes me want to get on a plane!

  • E-Gene 6 years ago

    Innocent Bystander in the Yarra Valley.

  • siska 6 years ago

    great guest blog. must schedule a visit to mudgee :)

  • Tina 6 years ago

    having just moved to HK, my new found favourite is Lane Crawford homewear in Pacific Place. It has an incredible selection ………must not visit too often …..must not visit too often!! Its always an expensive visit!

  • janis - pinecone camp 6 years ago

    Fantastic post Briar!! I love reading about towns all around Australia. I’m putting this one on my list for out next visit. All this cuteness reminds me a little of Kyneton, one of my fave towns in Victoria.
    Looking forward to reading your next guest post!!

  • mark 6 years ago

    fantastic guest post Briar! must visit it soon…

  • Barbara Fisher 6 years ago

    ‘Found’ is my absolute favourite little shop to call into whenever I am up the Gold Coast way.
    They have moved since I last visited, now at 2/471 Golden Four Drive Tugun. They find beautiful vintage furniture and give them a new lease on life. Heaven!

  • Beatrix 6 years ago

    Resource rescue inc. is one of my faves. It sells a fantastic array of rejects, seconds and factory offcuts that would ordinarily go to landfill.
    It’s brimming with all sorts of great stuff for the artist and crafter. Each time I visit I always have a great time imagining the possibilities for this ‘junk’.
    If any-one is interested they also sell online.

  • Jessica 6 years ago

    Centenary Centre in Newcastle is my pick, too =)

  • the moo lab 6 years ago

    i wish wish wish i too could be quietly hunting and gathering through country shops. looks just perfect. enjoy and thanks for sharing with us too. xxx

  • Kammi 6 years ago

    I am a fan of The Design Files on Facebook. I shared the contest with over 70 friends on Facebook. I am a subscriber of The Design Files via Email. I am following The Design Files via Google. Those things are antics. It reminds me when I went to New Hampshire two years ago during the summer visiting my step relatives. It was quite interesting!

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