Treasure Hunting in Mudgee – Shopping

by Jenny Butler
Thursday 10th March 2011

Today is your last chance to leave a comment & be in the draw to win a mixed dozen of Logan Wines! Entries close at 9pm EST & the winner will be announced in Briar‘s final post tomorrow. But for now, Briar reveals some of her where to shop secrets in Mudgee. – Jenny x

As a props buyer, I have to admit that I pretty much shop for a living. Whenever I am in a small country or coastal town I jump at the chance to visit my beloved opportunity shops and bargain basements. In between snapping the food and wine shots, I got a chance to check out what thrifty Mudgee had to offer.

It is all about luck, and there are definitely good and bad days in the land of thrift shopping. I happened to be in Mudgee on a good day, and managed to score the trio of ceramic plates above for $15.00. I was attracted to the colours, and love that someone’s collection from the past has been kept together.

I could spend hours in a giant place like The Reject Shop too – I like to sort through the crap and celebrate the quirky. The plastic cow from Mudgee is now grazing in our herb garden in Manly.

If thrifting isn’t your thing, Juliet Horlsey has a lovely shop in the centre of town that is loaded with rustic and unique items. I especially love the range of cowboy hats that are exclusive to her store.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow for one last post, and to let you know the lucky Logan Wines winner.

Briar x

by Jenny Butler
Thursday 10th March 2011


  • Gina Ropiha 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your shopping spots with us. This is where I like to go hunting; Wellington (NZ) -Trash Palace & Frutti on Cuba Street, Fat Helen’s on Chapel St Prahan, Don Bosco -Sydney Road, Op Shop for Greek Orthodox Church by St John’s College – St Georges Road Preston/Northcote.

  • Linden 6 years ago

    I loved Pizzicheria de Micoli, a very tiny, very charming delicatessen in Siena, Italy. Thanks so much for your Mudgree tips, Briar.

  • Micha 6 years ago

    This has been a lovely week of posting from Briar. My favorite shop of all time is a hard one to pin down! But I think the most wondrous shopping (or browsing!) experience I can remember most clearly was at Nicholas and Alistair in Abbotsford, Melbourne. They stock rare vintage and antique 20th century furniture and applied arts, and their collection is jaw droppingly fascinating and beautiful.

  • Mary 6 years ago

    Lair On Lygon St Brunswick East, Melb has homewares, jewellery, plants and more. All quirky, colourful, unique and well priced. The staff are always welcoming and don’t seem to mind little kids admiring (and touching!) their great wares

  • Jen 6 years ago

    Your job sounds amazing! How does one become a props buyer I must ask? I think I’d be pretty fantastic at it, as I love me a thrift store. I love looking at things that have no real purpose but to look pretty/interesting/strange.

    Thanks for the great insight :)

  • Rachael Conroy 6 years ago

    Ooooh Briar those plates are SWEEEEEET!
    A very lovely find indeed. I also love the red collection : )

    Thanks for sharing x

  • Lauren T 6 years ago

    What beautiful finds…I could spend hours in The Country Trader in Sydney Waterloo, dreaming about filling my home with their furniture. Thanks for also introducing me to Mudgee!

  • Pele 6 years ago

    What gorgeous plates – a great find! And it’s been lovely hearing about your beloved Mudgee this week x

  • Madeleine 6 years ago

    Beautiful plates! Great find and love the bit about keeping a collection together, such a crime not to!
    Really enjoyed your posts this week. Thanks for sharing.
    Also my fave shop is Mac Pelican on glenferrie rd in hawthorn. Slightly biased because I work there :) but very very sweet little shop nontheless.

  • Hayley M 6 years ago

    Love that you are popping up like Eddie Everywhere lately Briar! Next time you head out Mudgee way, swing passed Leura and visit Elizabeth Rosa Stationery! Such a beautiful collection of all things paper and cards and diaries… oh my! Hayley x

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