Jodie Fried and Armadillo&Co in India!

by Jenny Butler
Monday 28th March 2011

Today we welcome Jodie Fried to the Guest Blog! You might remember Jodie from her inspiring interview last year where we learnt all about her fantastic work in India through her homewares company Bholu. This week, Jodie is taking us to India with her sister business Armadillo&Co. We’ll  see how their rugs are created, from the raw materials, meeting the talented artisans behind the rugs and seeing the final products. It is going to be a really interesting and beautiful week, thank you to Jodie for taking us on this journey! -Jenny x

I am so excited to be here on The Design Files, a big thanks to Lucy and Jenny for having me! In the past, The Design Files have profiled my other brand Bholu (see interview here!) but this week, I wanted to share my recent journey to India for my other brand Armadillo&Co while we (my business partner, Sally and I) check on production, meet with our weavers and let ourselves be inspired to develop new ranges.

Some of the Armadillo&Co range – gorgeous!

A big part of our trips each year is to visit our weavers who create our beautiful rugs by hand. The intricate tradition of carpet weaving has been passed down through generations, so many of our weavers and artisans are indeed families.

All of these villages can only be reached by car after hours on unsealed small roads passing through farmers’ fields, buffalo herds and small neigbouring villages. After such long journey’s, we are always welcomed with open arms.

Our weavers are all carefully selected for both their hands and their heart – that is, not just their skills but their sensitivity to our design vision. And every individual is treated like one.

They are paid above average wages. They are integral to their local community’s livelihood. Most importantly, they are carrying on a lineage that deserves preservation.

We believe handicraft like theirs needs to be in good hands.

Jodie x

by Jenny Butler
Monday 28th March 2011


  • captain kk 6 years ago

    beautiful rugs & how wonderful to read the story behind them. i love the comment about the hands & heart and i love all the photos of the hands. it’s a nice visual reminder to think about the where & who behind the what we buy.

  • Noni Edmunds 6 years ago

    Hi Jodie
    Your rugs like amazing and I love the sustainability thinking behind it as well. I am a graphic and interior designer. Can you send me a price list and stockists please?

  • leah 6 years ago

    i love the comment about the hands & heart…
    love bholu, am so excited to see your sister business Armadillo&Co.
    congratulations on making such a difference in peoples lives,
    you are amazing…

  • Fifi 6 years ago

    Thanks for taking me to India and sharing the process Jodie.
    Sourcing a reliable and good supplier is always a hard work and I admire that you even carefully choose the weaver and paid them above average wages.

  • Margo Carlon 6 years ago

    Hi Jodie and Sally, I have read your blogs backwards( trying to keep up with all this wonderful info) very interesting. It is great to read the story and history behind your current productions.
    Cheers Margo

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