Help Japan with Hello Sandwich

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 21st March 2011

Hello Sandwich giftwrapping zine – now $5.00 with all proceeds going to the Red Cross Japan appeal

I struggle to know what to write when a major international disaster occurs, which is why I usually leave serious commentary to the professionals.  It usually seems frivolous to write anything at all, and actually I often receive sweet emails saying thankyou for being a kind of distraction and ‘happy place’, when there is so much doom and gloom on the TV.

But it does seem awfully important to share this one with you today.  Dearest Ebony Bizys, who many of you will know as Hello Sandwich, has asked me to share her Japan fundraiser with you all.  As you may know, blogging / crafting / art-making superstar Ebony B lives in Japan, and was in Tokyo at the time of the quake.  She has recently flown back to Sydney temporarily whilst the Nuclear threat and other post-quake problems subside.

The days Ebony spent in Japan after the quake have compelled her to try and contribute in some small way to the re-building  of her much loved second home.  For this reason, Ebony is now selling her Hello Sandwich Gift Wrapping Zine PDF for AU$5.00, with all proceeds going to the Red Cross Help Japan appeal.

PLEASE VISIT THIS LINK for to purchase the zine for $5.00, all of which will go directly to the Red Cross appeal.

I can’t imagine a more worthy cause, and it is truly such a gorgeous little publication from Ms Bizys, who is the former art director for Australian Vogue Living Magazine, don’t you know.

Alternatively, do consider donating directly to the RED CROSS.

Ebony is also making a stellar contribution to the recovery efforts in Japan by updating her Twitter and Blog with very useful info especially for English speaking residents of Japan, who might otherwise have trouble accessing emergency instructions.

Great work Ebony!  We support you and wish we could give you a big HUG as well as $5.00 for Red Cross. x

Some pages from Ebony’s gorgeous zine!  You know you want one!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 21st March 2011


  • nat 5 years ago

    I just bought the zine and it’s super cute – what an easy good deed to do!

  • Max Kater 5 years ago

    Great idea, Lucy. We just bought it and are re-posting on the Murchison-Hume Facebook page. Well done.

    xox, mk

  • Grace 5 years ago

    Hi I bought the Hello Sandwich zine 3 days ago. I have a post with links to resources, places to donate and over 25 raffles/auctions by artists and crafters to help Japan. If anyone is interested, please go to Japan earthquake, tsunami: How to help

  • Flipflipmeheidi 5 years ago

    Super Idea, I just bought it! Go Japan!

  • gracia 5 years ago

    It has all been so very heartbreaking to learn of all that is happening in Japan, but things such as this make all the difference.

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