Dawn Tan in residency at Harvest Workroom

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 1st March 2011

Although I’ve never actually met her, I am pretty convinced that Dawn Tan would make an excellent friend.  She just seems so sweet and likeable, she loves cooking and eating good food, she’s  SUPER talented, and she has a very cute haircut.  So many great friend qualities!  And who could forget those awesome pics of Dawn dressed up as a bag of squishy marshmallows gallavanting around the NGV?

IF like me, you are hoping Dawn might want to be your friend (or at least make your acquaintance), Your BEST chance of making this happen is by popping in to Harvest Workroom in Brunswick anytime next month, where Dawn will be artist in residence for the whole of March!

Dawn’s residency will involve a pop up shop, ‘Little Artists’ kids workshops and adult watercolour illustration classes! – no experience necessary!  The adults will work with Dawn over three classes to create their own Dawn-style water colour recipe.. what a brilliant idea!  There should be more adult illustration classes in the world!

The adult classes start THIS THURSDAY and are limited to just 15 places so you better snap up your place here!  For more info on Dawn’s residency keep your eye on the Harvest website.

*ps) I have just noticed, looking at Dawn’s blog just now, that she had some awfully sad news last week. :(  Perhaps this post is now ill-timed… I am not sure.  Let’s send sweet Ms Tan many virtual hugs and hopefully even some real ones  at Harvest in the coming weeks.  As far as I know her residency is still going ahead… Lots of love to you Dawn, our thoughts are with you xxx

Dawn lounges on one of her soft sculptures from her graduate show at the VCA! Also pictured, one of her fabulous illustrated recipes which featured on her Guest Blog here last year.

No one draws food like Dawn!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 1st March 2011


  • Olivia 5 years ago

    Beautiful illustrations!

  • Dawn is adorable! Hooray for Dawn! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that she draws what she eats. Yum yum yum! Such a good way to remember a great meal :)

    *big hugs for Dawn*

  • amber 5 years ago

    thanks for introducing me to dawn! i love his blog :)

  • Siobhan Rogers 5 years ago

    Awesome pictures :)

  • megan 5 years ago

    oh dawn tan! what a clever clever mouse you are! such whimsy. perfect for a tuesday. much love, megan

  • Edwina 4 years ago

    Have just spent ages on Dawn’s blog- reading her beautiful homage to her friend and looking at her stunning work. Big hugs to you Dawn. Lucy- I totally want her as my friend too-

  • Han 4 years ago

    Dawn is such a super lovely person – I so agree that she’d be an awesome friend! I’ve only had a few email and blog comment conversations with her but I feel like she’s my friend all the same :) I love her drawings and I have one of her paintings at home :) It made it all the way from Melbourne to the UK does that make her an international artist now?

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