DANIEL EMMA – Our World – Milan and Beyond

by Jenny Butler
Friday 25th March 2011

This captivating week with DANIEL EMMA concludes with a very exciting and exclusive advanced viewing of the brand new Hemispheres Collection! Due to be launched in Milan next month, we are truly spoilt to be seeing these pieces so soon! Thank you Daniel and Emma for a sensational week on the Guest Blog- we wish you all the very best for what will no doubt be another excellent year for you both! – Jenny x

HEMISPHERES A series of desk accessories designed around the hemisphere. This work is a continuation on our previous collections, concentrating on simple, single form. We used a variety of materials and finishes to create unique delights.

As we mentioned yesterday we are off to Milan in 3 weeks time.  Coming with us will be our brand new collection of products designed especially for The Other Hemisphere exhibition to be held at Ventura Lambrate. We thought we would give you a sneak peek of the collection today, and also announce the launch of our brand new DANIEL EMMA website.  In the coming months we are involved in a few exciting projects, firstly is an exhibition at Object Gallery called Australian Design Now, which will be opened in April and the second thing on the horizon is a temporary library which we will design and build for the State of Design Festival in Melbourne in July.

Hemispheres Large Container and Hemispheres Brass Paperweight [bottom right]

Hemispheres Small Container [top] and Hemispheres Magnetic Dome [bottom]

Hemispheres Light – Off and On!

Before we sign off we need to announce the winner of our DANIEL EMMA Design Files reader’s giveaway, congratulations to Leah D!

Thanks so much for having us this week, we have had a blast :)

Daniel + Emma x

by Jenny Butler
Friday 25th March 2011


  • leah 4 years ago

    Thank you. I am so excited to win I love daniel and emma and TDF!
    Thanks again
    -leah xxx

  • Rebecca 4 years ago

    Ooh! That’s such a cute dog bowl :)

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