Armadillo&Co in India – Weaving in action Crimson Stratum

by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 30th March 2011

We’re so excited today to be able to share with The Design Files readers the debut of Armadillo&Co‘s brand new colourways with the beautiful Stratum Collection! Not even officially released yet, these gorgeous rugs feature an earthy crimson colour which will no doubt add an injection of tasteful colour to any space. – Jenny x

We pride our rug collection on being earthy, natural and neutral, but who can resist a bit of colour!? We couldn’t, so we are  just about to bring in a beautiful Crimson colour into the Stratum Collection. This hasn’t been released yet, top secret information to Design Files readers only!!

On our recent trip we spent the day with our Stratum Weavers, it was so lovely to see some colour in their hands. The horizontal flatweave looms are set up by being dug into the ground rather than having the loom sit higher than the ground and less head room. Makes sense!

The weavers work very quickly and in amazing tandem with their weaving partner. Our weavers are all one family, so it is often brothers, cousins, fathers and uncles all working together.

The weavers weave the rugs and then a finishing process is underway of snipping any loose threads, turning over the ends to make a beautiful finished product and final cleaning before packing and shipping to our warehouse in Australia, after which it finally ends up in your living room!

Jodie x

by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 30th March 2011


  • leah 5 years ago

    The thin striped rug is on my wish list. Love all that you are doing x

  • shipbuilding 5 years ago

    Such beautiful photos of the weavers and I love that they work in tandem.

  • Margo Carlon 5 years ago

    Interesting read, I enjoy reading and learning about other businesses.
    Thanks Sally and Jodie.

  • Meaghan 5 years ago

    Lovely. Thank you for showing the process and skill.

  • Tracy 5 years ago

    I don’t do red in my house but those rugs are beautiful.

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