Armadillo&Co in India – Making & Finishing the Flower Collection

by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 29th March 2011

Today Jodie shows us how the Armadillo&Co women in India bring together the delightful Flower Collection. While the rugs are quite beautiful, what has me truly impressed is that Jodie and Sally have envisaged and designed a collection of rugs that provides opportunities for the women, who traditionally aren’t involved in creating rugs, to be able to work in this field. Empowering and inspiring! -Jenny x

The Flower Collection which are all quaint circular rugs, have just been released in Australia in February this year. Sally and I developed this range about 9 months ago, and after lots of trial and error we came up with these.

The ‘girls’ are floral inspired, but they’re certainly not flowery or fussy: the meticulously crafted floor rugs are contemporary, beautiful and very unique.

They are quite a feminine touch to our range, more decorative yet still very design driven – something to soften the hard edges of the modern home. What we love about them, is not only their feminine look, but the fact they are made by women too. This is quite unusual in the rug industry, which is normally dominated by men due to the strength, which is required for weaving. (I will explore more about this on Thursday – stay tuned) The final finishing is done by all.

We particularly love them because they are quite playful in style – perfect for adding personality to intimate spaces such as a home office, a cosy reading corner or a child’s creative space.

They are painstakingly made by the hands of our women weavers, first plaiting the hemp and then weaving it into shape. It’s 100% woman!

- Jodie x

by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 29th March 2011


  • leah 4 years ago

    The Flower Collection is amazing, beautiful…
    I’m enjoying seeing the processes involved…

    Empowering and inspiring indeed!

  • cleamoureuse 4 years ago

    The Flower collection is now on my wish list! beautiful!

  • desb 4 years ago

    Just like cleamoureuse….The flower collection is also on my wish list!
    Its actually moved the order of things around on my list! Close to the top…Just gorgeous!!

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