A boy named Moofus – London

by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 1st March 2011

In case you haven’t joined the dots, Moofus is the incredibly talented offspring of the fabulous Kate Banazi [who was our first Guest Blogger for 2011 including bonus daily wallpaper downloads]. Talk about a TALENTED gene-pool! Today Moofus takes us on a tour of some of his favourite places in their home town of London. – Jenny x

I like music! One of my favourite bands is Gallows, they’re from London like me. I miss London because alot of my friends and family are there and we haven’t been back for a while.

At the top is a picture of St.Pauls that I drew from a photo that Dad took when he and I went on the ferry to Greenwich to the museum there. We used to go to the HMS Belfast too on the Thames, and after I saw Jump London I wanted to do parkour there. But I’m scared of heights.

I used to go skating under the Westway with my friend Luke on Sunday mornings. This is a picture of Portobello road which is nearby, of one of the shops.   It always had a stack of really good suitcases outside it. Portobello is really famous for its carnival which we used to go to with our friends… this is a much quieter day!

I just finished working for Glenn at stagemothers which promotes Australian Music abroad. They do the ‘Aussie BBQ’ and I did the posters for SXSW , NY, LA, Toronto and London. I was so proud to be asked to do it.

The London one hasn’t got the line up yet….


by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 1st March 2011

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