The Lowercase – Papery

by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 1st February 2011

Tessa and Michael of The Lowercase are back again today sharing lots of Papery goodness! From vintage books to packaging you can find in your pantry, inspiration is everywhere if you choose to see it. – Jenny x

Salut! After a (very) strong coffee this morning, we continue The Lowercase journey with an artistic examination of that unassuming, cellulosic material: PAPER. With a fleeting examination of your surrounds, the ubiquitous nature of Paper astounds! Inspiration is at the corner of every page and every packet. When did The Lowercase’s Paper-Trail begin? One fine day, long, long ago…

Source #1. Every book tells multiple tales: visual, narrative, distinct, obscure. Often they’re found lying inconspicuously on market-stall tables or standing upright as compact little literature-armies on bookstore shelves. These are some of our favourite finds.

Source #2. From pasta packet to tea-bag, culinary packaging commands a place on any seasoned Paper-Trail. Culture is a process of continual invention and re-invention, a conviction that lends itself to all innovative packaging design. Our first stop? Alimentari, the local cafe.

Source #3. Paper-in-situ [the unlikely suspects]. Antique games and toys, like this clever see-saw-ing duo from Spain, & these paper-covered cubes from David met Nicole, often display the founding premise of all good design: an integral relationship between form & function.

The result of our Paper-Trail is The Lowercase Papery. Home to our originally designed sustainable Papermats and Stationery, all of which rely on the universal code of imagination. Just add a splash of creative thought and watch each product transform.

Emailing & texting may be an easy option, but there is nothing more charming than giving someone something to have… and to hold…

Love from The Lowercase x

by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 1st February 2011


  • serena 4 years ago

    will this message stay as long as on paper :?)

  • Jasmine 4 years ago

    i am a big believer in a old school hand written note. I love finding some unique paper and sending a letter to a friend who i see or email all the time. I also love to send unknown about care packages to friends over seas. there is nothing nicer than receiving something like that in the post.

  • leah 4 years ago

    I love sending and receiving letters/parcels. Getting mail makes me smile! Snail Mail is so much more personal than email…

  • Nadine 4 years ago

    superb lowercase!

  • clementine 4 years ago

    I got an invitation to a wedding today on the most beautiful paper!! It reminded me of your post. I love getting exciting mail!!!

  • Jane 4 years ago

    Swoon! Watch me faint ☺. J x

  • Emma Lacey 4 years ago

    Ohhh, I am loving reading these guest blogs… I actually have 3 of those little paper-covered cubes from David met Nicole and absolutely love admiring them on my mantle… Very exciting to see them featured in this blog!

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