Greenhouse by Joost – The Design Files first ever FILM!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 28th February 2011

Greenhouse by Joost film

It is a little known fact that I actually studied film making many moons ago at uni.  But in the 10 years that have passed since then I completely forgot how much freaking effort it is to make a short film.  Agh!  It is a LOT of work and also requires a vast amount of help and favours and the kindness of strangers (and independent musicians).  THANKYOU YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

ANYWAY.  How exciting!  This is the first ever Design Files film!  It is just 5 mins long and documents the fantabulous GREENHOUSE BY JOOST sustainable restaurant currently in the best location money can’t buy on the foreshore at Sydney Harbour (it’s still there for just a few more weeks!)

If you have any trouble viewing the film, or would like to watch it a bit BIGGER, pop over to view it on Vimeo.

Please watch it! Also please forward it on to help spread word of the Greenhouse, because Joost truly is one hell of an inspiring guy and you know, he’s not bad looking either.

Nick Lovell and Eli Wolfe kindly gave permission for us to use their music in the film  – please show your support by visiting their websites!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 28th February 2011


  • Wendy 6 years ago

    I just love this initiative. Was there last Wednesday night and whiled away some time drinking rose from jam jars. Your video shows how much work went into this project. Appreciate!

  • loolah 6 years ago

    You should make more films! That was lovely.

    I saw the building going up from the ferry a week or so ago and was fascinated to know what it was, and then saw it on your blog. Loved seeing who was behind it in the film. I feel the same way he does about the Opera House and have just bought a house around the corner from it. It made me cry (I’m embarrassed to say) to watch your time-lapse photography and to think I’ll be living so close one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

    I’m busy sending the link to your film to friends in Sydney, and hoping that we can get in!

    Thank you.

  • chrissie 6 years ago

    How inspiring and thrilling to see this wonderful idea become reality, all captured in a touchingly sweet film. More Joosts please. And more DesignFiles films. chrissie

  • Kate James 6 years ago

    Beautifully done Lucy! Is there no end to your talents?? x

  • imogen 6 years ago

    So lovely Lucy! Amazing work.

  • jane 6 years ago

    Hi lucy
    this film is so beautiful…i love what joost does and you capture his story so well…the music is really lovely too..

  • Catherine 6 years ago

    Congrats Lucy, can’t wait for more of your little films. The time-lapse was especially great. I was lucky enough to get to Greenhouse when I was up in Sydney. So great to see and hear more from Joost. Inspirational :o) x

  • Kate 6 years ago

    We were down there last week and loved it!
    Great film, beautifully shot and an inspiring project.

  • Fiona 6 years ago

    Thank you Lucy and everyone who helped – I loved your film.

  • Kitty 6 years ago

    Fantastic Lucy! Thanks for sharing. x

  • tess 6 years ago

    I FREAKING LOVE IT! Joost, the film, the music, the message… Tops work to all involved!!

  • Gaby 6 years ago

    Great job Lucy!
    That was so lovely. I wish I got to see it.
    What a fabulously talented man Joost is. And so calm! x

  • jo anderson 6 years ago

    thank-you so much for showing this ….it was wonderful…….

  • Kat 6 years ago

    This is amazing – I am posting and sharing it Everywhere!

  • madeleine brown 6 years ago

    That was great! And now I know how to pronounce ‘Joost’!

  • Kylie Lewis 6 years ago

    Bravo Lucy. This is a collision of fabulousness. It’s like awesome and incredible had a baby. I was in Sydney the day you posted about Greenhouse and went there immediately for a drink – delicious pink sparkling in a jam jar. And back the next night for dinner (apple cider in an upcycled beer bottle, wagu beef with bamboo cutlery). The Opera House view even decided to throw in some fireworks that night!

    I love everything about the Greenhouse (well except maybe the hardcore techno that was playing the night I went… but I disgress). Your movie is brilliant and well worth the effort – seems to have captured the essence of the project to a organically grown, fair traded ‘T’. More movies please. More Lucys. More Joosts. More Greenhouses (especially a permanent one in Melbourne). xx

  • Hello Sandwich 6 years ago

    This is fantastic Lucy! You’ve done such a beautiful job! Now you are making me miss Sydney a little :(

  • Camilla 6 years ago

    And now a film! – TDF is going to take over the world – & that’s OK with me!

  • Briar Stanley 6 years ago

    Is there anything you can’t do?? So lovely Lucy – well done! Briar x

  • Danielle 6 years ago

    What a beautiful story and project! It’s the kind of project you wish you were a part of… I’m sure it will be a huge success!

  • cleamoureuse 6 years ago

    super touching and it makes me feel I was there a little :) Thank you heaps!

  • okologi 6 years ago

    cute movie! is there anything you can’t do? or joost, for that matter. his no waste policy is very inspiring…

  • megan 6 years ago

    such an important initiative from Joost. it means so much. EVERYTHING in fact. and how beautifully recorded by TDF. mmx

  • megan 6 years ago

    ps someone, please give Joost an Order of Australia

  • Kerry 6 years ago

    well done lucy! I hope this is just the begining of more films to come.
    Thanks for all the work it was much appreciated. I couldn’t think of a better topic or guy to feature. Joost is very inspiring and we can all learn from his philosophies.

  • Lucy 6 years ago

    GUYSSSSS! Thankyou so so so much for all your wonderful words of SUPPORT! It really was a big team effort so your pats on the back will be distributed between myself and all the lovely people who helped bring this film to the interwebs!

    Also, really, when you have such an excellent project to document it is an easy story to tell.

    THANKYOU so much for watching and being so generally GREAT! I am so thrilled with the response and I know Joost is too! x

  • E-Gene 6 years ago

    Wonderful film. Very inspiring. Wish that I could get involved with something like this one day.

  • Simon Food Favourites 6 years ago

    love the film. congratulations. will add a link to my next updated post review of Greenhouse hopefully this week when i get a chance :-) looking forward to watching more films by you.

  • the moo lab 6 years ago

    simplicity at its finest hour.
    loved the little flick
    fond memories of the joost greenhouse in melbourne. have told the sydney family -it’s not to be missed.
    well done. xxx

  • Hollie 6 years ago

    Fantastic film Lucy! I wish I were in Sydney to get to the Greenhouse. I’m telling my friends and family there to check it out. Joost is certainly doing an awesomely fabulous job, getting us to think more consciously about our impact on this planet.

  • Monique Germon 6 years ago

    Lovely! LOVE his last line!

    ‘I think once everybody grows their own food, they’ll be connected again.’ JOOST –
    My company (STORY) agrees is proud to be the first business in the world to send out a complimentary packet of seeds with every purchase. I so love this.

    More films Lucy! x

  • Monique Germon 6 years ago

    P.S Joost’s (home made) lemonade is the best ever – esp with oysters. Loved my visit.

  • msd 6 years ago

    Oh I love it that you incorporated some Super 8 in this! I appreciate the democratising nature of the digital revolution but there’s still something so warm and special about old fashioned film. Well done and I look forward to your next one!

  • Courtney Webb 6 years ago

    Yay Lucy! So fabulous – great stuff. I agree with the others – more films!! xx

  • toohey 6 years ago

    LUCY! what an amazing film!

  • sal boucher 6 years ago

    Well done darling Lucy! You are an inspiration – as is Joost!!!! You rock, so does your short and Im heading on in with a bunch of friends to soak it up and be inspired. Keep up the Fab work and see you on a job real soon. x x x Sal

  • Kamela 6 years ago

    Keep making the films!!!! I felt really connected to the subject and I really loved the happy bouncing ending. I wish Joost would come to North America. The concept is rocking awesome.

  • Ailish Lydon 6 years ago

    Wow. Wonderful film Lucy. Such an inspiring subject too. Made my day! x

  • So brilliant to see it from start to finish. I went there for a rooftop drink on the weekend… awesome! The toilets were a real highlight… so clever they just have to be seen. Keep making films Lucy… 5 stars!!

  • Cristy 3 years ago

    What a fabulous story! Well done, Joost (and I can’t wait to taste your delicious wares at Big Hearted Business (un-) Conference!). And awesome coverage, Lucy. We need more of these gorgeously sustainable stories- they make a difference for all of us. Inspiring!

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