AURA Travel by Colour – Orange

by Jenny Butler
Monday 7th February 2011

Let’s give a great big Design Files welcome to Tracie Ellis of AURA! AURA homewares are some of the most delightful products I’ve ever seen and we’re very lucky to have Tracie with us this week. Tracie has put together a special travel diary for us from her recent trip to Europe with each day will be a different colour and jammed full of delights! – Jenny x

Tracie’s visit to a little patisserie in Paris for breakfast – the perfect way to start the day!!

Hello fellow lovers of The Design Files. I’m so excited to be guest blogging for Lucy and Jenny – it’s my first guest blog spot so I hope you like my pics and musing. The images are from a recent couple of weeks in cold, cold Europe where Jaine (my marketing manager) and I visited London, Paris and Copenhagen before exhibiting at the Heimtextil fair in Frankfurt.

This weeks posts will be very colour driven, I’m very passionate about colour, and especially after such a great trip, today I’m feeling very inspired by Orange…..

Breakfast at a little patisserie alongside the Jardin du Luxemborg – so much to choose from. We decided a Tarte Aux Abricots (Apricot Tart to you and I) was the perfect start to a cold Parisian day. We also meet a very lovely Gold Retriever in the Patisserie. Only in Paris!

And onto Hermes, (window shopping only) as their signature colour is orange. If I ever needed a saddle, this is the one I would want!

We drooled over these Laduree macaroons with orange centres at the Burlington Arcade in London, but alas there were more homewares stores to explore. The Moonwalk light by French designer Thomas de Lussac is just gorgeous.

Our local Parisian food market – the simple things are often the most inspiring like the gorgeous colour of these roses, orange roses have always been my favorite (will someone remind my husband!) and these beautiful Mandarins, with leaves left attached – why don’t we do that?

Merci, one of my favorite Parisian stores, have added a cake store since my last visit, so now they have 3 cafes, and why not! As well as a very aspirational range of fashion, homewares and food, Merci, to me, is all about the layout and visual merchandising of the store – the oversized warehouse style of the space is fabulous, and I can only aspire for us to have such a destination in Melbourne, tucked away down a laneway with different corners of product everywhere you look…

What a perfect way to end a long but inspiring day, with a glass of wine in the library.

Until tomorrow,
Tracie x

by Jenny Butler
Monday 7th February 2011


  • emily 6 years ago

    gotta love orange in early spring!!

  • Margo Carlon 6 years ago

    Hi Tracie, great to see a hit of wonderful vibrant colour in the morning. I look forward to viewing and reading your blogs this week. Margo Caron ( adore your bed linen by the way)

  • Eva 6 years ago

    Bring on the spring with those gorgeous colourful pics Tracie. Way to go in cold, cold Europe!

  • Jane 6 years ago

    hi tracie – the burnt orange colour in the second cluster of photos is amazing (and sometimes very hard to find!)

    i’ve been using one of your quilt covers (i’m not sure if it was one of your first… grey with light purple circles, it’s still my all time favourite) for so many years. i’ve never had any bed linen last so well.

  • Nadine 6 years ago

    Superb orange!

  • Maree 6 years ago

    Orange never looked so good! Can’t wait to see your colours for the rest of the week.

  • Melonie 6 years ago

    What a great idea for a post – orange! Neat to see so many orange-colored pastries… not something I was expecting at all.

  • amanda mcleod 6 years ago

    When I was at school the girls used to tease me because of my orange hair! guess they were jealous – I now see orange is sooo cool, thanks – keep up the good work!

  • Pamela Oberman 6 years ago

    Being a natural lover of colour is obvious in your beautiful global treat via the blog and evident in your superior tasteful bedlinen… I live in hope that one day I can be the proud owner of same. Frang-a-Pammie

  • Elizabeth Geddes 6 years ago

    Great colour to start my morning. Merci.

  • Sophie Travers 6 years ago

    oh la la! that is a truly stunning start to your guest blog. congratulations. look forward to more.

  • Lucy 6 years ago

    Fantastic colours

  • Courtney Day 6 years ago

    I love the idea of collating your photographs by colour! What a wonderful approach to travel, and observation in general. It sometimes helps to have a ‘focus’ with which to direct our attention. Looking for patterns in the everyday!

  • Amanda R 6 years ago

    I am inspired!

  • Rachel Franks 6 years ago

    OMG! So unfair to post such YUMMY picture of YUMMY looking things that I cant get my hands on…. I want the food in the first picture now….and to sit in the chairs next to all the fabulous books and eat and read….. dreaming x

  • Jen Arnold 6 years ago

    Orange you glad for orange!

    I’m digging those people lamps with bulbs for heads. Mostly this blog made me hungry and then hungry to travel. Thanks for the inspiration!


  • bj 6 years ago

    Style is everything.
    Thank you for the gorgeousness!!

  • hannah 6 years ago

    yum that is my idea of a geat breakfast!

  • Leila Sanderson 6 years ago

    I’ve got a thing for orange at the moment so loved your post! Your bedding looks fanta-stic too!! (sorry I couldnt help myself!) X

  • M Noble 6 years ago

    adore orange! Orange roses are also my fave (and husband also needs reminding :D)

  • Love the Moonwalk lights – so cool!

  • Carly 6 years ago

    Great to see some European winter inspiration while sweating it out through another Buenos Aires summer x

  • ruth hickson 6 years ago

    Love the gorgeous goodies and the inspiration

  • Phoebe 6 years ago

    Oh god. Get me to Paris immediately!

  • Olivia 6 years ago

    Love all those orange photos! They’re great :)

  • kelly 6 years ago

    juicy ripe apricots straight off the tree have been my favorite treat this summer, love that parisian breakfast shot!

  • Susan Buret 6 years ago

    What a feast! I’m a collector of orange handbags but a bucket of orange roses would be wonderful too as those orange pastries on the other side of the world are out of reach.

  • Tracy 6 years ago

    How could you do orange and not include a little Hermes. Great photos.

  • jess 6 years ago

    ahhh paris. so lovely.

  • jo s 6 years ago

    Lovely photos and colour inspiration!

  • seona 6 years ago

    what a wonderful shortlist detailing pockets of consumption surprises in paris.. could easily use this as a parisian guide for a weekend stop over – how divine thankyou Tracie!

  • Natalie 6 years ago

    the best colour inspiration in a very long time – divine!

  • Michelle 6 years ago

    I wish my work took me to such wonderful places! Gorgeous.

  • Lauren 6 years ago

    LOVE seeing people shine with the talents they’ve been given – thanks for being on Design Files!! and keep doing what you love :-)

  • Angela 6 years ago

    Orange is this years turquoise. I love rich vibrant colour!
    I hope one day to do my own photography tour of Europe, my study will be of typography!
    Looking froward in ready more from you.

  • Mel 6 years ago

    What a great colour to start off the week… and those macaroons look divine!

  • Natalie Townsend 6 years ago

    What a great topic!! Orange is such a beautiful colour.

  • Kate 6 years ago

    tres inspiring! thank you for superb images from Paris, Paris! Tracie next time you are in Paris check out pastry filled windows in Rue des Rosiers in Le Marais…mmm. looking forward to your posts this week!

  • Kate Morgan 6 years ago

    Thanks for the inspiration! Again x

  • anna 6 years ago

    I’m so jealous I’m pining for one of those pastries right now!

  • anna 6 years ago

    ps.. also looking forward to what this means for the new range..

  • julia piggin 6 years ago

    ‘Orange’ … and it’s one of my favourite Chapel street coffee and food destinations!

  • Margie 6 years ago

    those popping yellows and oranges really brightened my day today… and I’m with you and your comment about leaving the leaves on fruits!! Besides the obviously stylish looks, they indicate the freshness of the produce… Ahhh nature, she’s so right-on with her colour choices.

  • Amanda Rea 6 years ago

    oooooooooooo Orange one of my fav colours so uplifting and inspirational, and how gorgeous are those moonwalk lights- I want one.

  • Marsh Estate 6 years ago

    What a wonderful, colourful world!

  • Lori 6 years ago

    Loving the warm rich palette… perfect to curl up under!!

  • Ash 6 years ago

    Orange is my favorite colour but those first pictures made me so hungry.

  • Hollie 6 years ago

    I love orange! So chearful and happy! Oh and those apricot tarts looked so delish, I’m quite jealous! Must, must, must make my way over to Europe

  • sarah 6 years ago

    Dreaming of Paris right now..this crisp autumn like weather is just perfect for my day dreams!

  • Kate 6 years ago

    Merci is one of my most favourite places in Paris! I’m even more longing to revisit knowing that they have a cake store now!

  • juliet 6 years ago

    oh WOW

  • Alison 6 years ago

    I’m getting itchy feet just looking at those photos – much to love and bookmark for my next European adventure

  • Sally 6 years ago

    The Moonwalk lights are very clever. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s burst of colour inspiration.

  • Emily 6 years ago

    Delicious post! Orange is so sumptuous. I really like the Moonwalk lights.

  • Sarah 6 years ago


  • Tracie Ellis 6 years ago

    WOW to you all – thank you so much ladies for all of your wonderful feedback and comments, I didn’t realise there were some many fellow “orange” fans out there! Tracie x

  • Tracie Ellis 6 years ago

    That would be “so” many fellow orange fans out there!!! Woops xx

  • Kiki 6 years ago

    Wow such vibrant oranges.

  • Kate B. 6 years ago

    You got me at the custard tarts.

  • Anna Di Pietro 6 years ago

    Orange roses are my favourite too!

  • Melanie B 6 years ago

    Love orange but I love Paris even more… Great photos!

  • brigid 6 years ago

    i too am having a love affair with orange.

  • Bethany 6 years ago

    Macaroons… nom nom nom.

  • Lynda 6 years ago

    Just love Aura bedlinen, would love another set to add to my collection

  • Meaghan 6 years ago

    Thankyou. So shiny and perfect for a Monday morning.

  • micha 6 years ago

    ah paris…..

  • Jane 6 years ago

    How fab…travel by colour

  • Elisha 6 years ago

    This is an unabashed wish for the new Anikita bedlinen promotion – am loving the navy and know it would look fab accompanied with the burnt orange showcased in these great photos (or perhaps any other colour of the rainbow!). Love it Love it Love it.
    ps: please let me know should you need someone to carry your bags on your next overseas jaunt
    looks divine!

  • Lorraine 6 years ago

    Blue and white with a touch of lemon! So me!

  • Michelle 6 years ago

    Paris looks good in any colour.. so beautiful!

  • Georgie 6 years ago

    Its official – I’m now obsessed with orange.

  • Laura 6 years ago

    Beautiful photos…. my taste buds are going crazy for some Perisian pasteries!!

  • Jessica 6 years ago

    Oh Hermes! If only more than window shopping was possible…

  • heather 6 years ago

    take me back to Paris, the colors, the style, just gorgeous

  • Zoe 6 years ago

    Put a smile on my dial early Monday morn. Thanks :-)

  • Jules Galloway 6 years ago

    Mmmmm… custard tarts…

  • Louise 6 years ago

    Orange roses have always been my favourite too! xo

  • Teresa 6 years ago

    Orange is one of my ultimate colours. So warming and cheerful. Look at those incredible Hermes leather wares.

  • Raquel 6 years ago

    Amazing colours! We absolutely love your soft and cheerful bedding and we just can’t have enough of them.

  • Gael Joyce 6 years ago

    orange crush

  • Fee 6 years ago

    Reading this I was very envious of your marketing manager – what a job – and inspired!! by orange.

  • Delia Walker 6 years ago

    Loving all the orange: such a happy colour.

  • Vesna 6 years ago

    i’ve really enjoyed this. like a stroll through marmalade heaven.

  • CB 6 years ago

    jaffa fabulousness

  • Kirsty 6 years ago

    If the teaser image is anything to go by my partner and I might have finally found some bedlinen we agree on.

  • Rae Blunstone 6 years ago

    Orange – what a zingy, uplifting treat for a Monday morning.*

  • lyn 6 years ago

    Am now very happy, very hungry and very looking forward to my oranges ripening.

  • Amy 6 years ago

    I love these travel photos- they are so exciting and “dreamy”. I am swooning over all the orange. It’s a fave!

  • Karen 6 years ago

    Orange Whoa!!!! Love the images

  • Jane 6 years ago

    Perfect. I’ve been looking for an orange bedding range – is this a hint of what’s to come with your new winter collection?

  • elissa c 6 years ago

    Ooh, I love Aura and the blog. Merci will be my number one stop when I make it to Paris…followed by the Louvre and Eiffel Tower of course!

  • Theresa 6 years ago

    *POP* -that is all I have to say about that!! love!

  • Jennifer Kate 6 years ago

    I love the vibrancy of the different hues of the orange – so warm, friendly & inspiring. Merci is also one of my most favourite stores in Paris. J’adore!! xx

  • Kate 6 years ago

    Just beautiful – wonderful colour inspiration. Thank-you for a lovely start to my morning after reading your post :)

  • kate 6 years ago

    ahh colour! x

  • Alice 6 years ago

    merci beaucoup! J’adore l’orange!

  • Sandra 6 years ago

    this is just lovely, green and blue are still my faves but orange looks good enough to eat. that library is just how I’d like mine to be one day :)

  • Katharine Burke 6 years ago

    Inspiration by macarons & Hermes – beautiful!

  • Matt 6 years ago

    These blogs are just so beautiful!

  • marg bruce 6 years ago

    I have a lovely collection of Aura Bedlinen and towels now, all beautiful colours and oh so nice to catch sight of each day. A visual feast that cheers and brightens my home. Love you Aura!

  • jess 6 years ago

    orange is such an edible colour, envious much

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