by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 3rd February 2011

After‘ – Phoebe Munro’s unique shop in Melbourne’s CBD.  The wire sign (top image) was made by designer Heath Nash in South Africa.

Love those amazing South African caterpillar creatures (top right image).  They’re hand made from paper mache, wood, rubber and then hand painted.  Bottom left are paper mache bowls made from sardine labels, also from South Africa.  Bottom right – Day of the Dead Mexican Tin Frame.

After’s quirky mix of products sourced both locally and abroad.  Love the giant lego blocks, which are handmade in Melbourne.

I don’t know what Mandy Munro is serving up for dinner at her fabulous family home… but she’s definitely doing something right, because The Munro’s brood of creative (grown-up) kids are serious over achievers!

At just 25, Mandy’s daughter Phoebe owns and runs After – a truly gorgeous shop just opposite the Victoria Market at 99 Therry st, Melbourne.  (She was actually just 21 when first setting up shop in 2007!)  In addition to sourcing new product, liasing with suppliers and keeping the store looking fabulous, most days Phoebe can be found working in her shop… and she’s such a gorgeous young lass I’m sure most customers don’t realise they’re being served by the store owner!

As you might expect, After is brimming with handcrafted African homewares from her mum’s import business, Tractor Home, but she also sources an incredible variety of other product from all over the place – it’s truly the most perfect international mish-mash you’ve ever seen under one roof!  In store you’ll find vintage and industrial furniture, stationery, Mexican day-of-the-dead ephemera, Heath Nash lighting,  as well as a great range of product by local crafters including Scottato leather accessories, Odds & Ends‘ super popular knitted cacti(!), and jewellery by Phoebe’s younger brother Hamish Munro!

Phoebe’s biggest inspiration for After is travel – it was a trip to Japan which initially sparked her interest in retail, after seeing so  many original things and eclectic shops in Tokyo.  She’s also been inspired by trips to South Africa – ‘seeing the crafters turn a piece of rubbish into something beautiful is inspiring and having a shop that supports their work is very rewarding! ‘ she says!

Phoebe says the best thing about the shop is working for herself. ‘It takes a lot of self-discipline,’ she says, ‘but it’s definitely worth it – having the freedom to evolve the shop of my own accord, and being surrounded by things I love is pretty cool.’

NICE WORK PHOEBE!  An inspiration for creative young ladies everywhere.

PS) Pop back this afternoon for a follow-up post about Hamish Munro‘s fantastic jewellery…  I had the great pleasure of checking out his studio the same day I visited Mandy at Tractor Home HQ recently.   Sheesh this family is freaking AMAZING.

99 Therry st

(Just alongside Queen Victoria Market)

Odds & Ends‘ super popular knitted cacti(!), and crocheted mushrooms.

Phoebe made the sign on the door from MT masking tape!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 3rd February 2011


  • Marjorie Rose 6 years ago

    She’s so creative and inspirational! You want to touch everything in her store. I’d surely go every week if I lived in Melbourne :)

  • captain kk 6 years ago

    oo.. another great shop to check out on the weekend. i love that simple, colourful, ‘after’ sign… and how great are those knitted cacti?!

  • Beattie 6 years ago

    I want to visit this shop next time I am in Melbourne.
    It is so exciting to see beautiful shops opening, by enthusiastic hard working creative people.
    I love the signage!

  • Margo Carlon 6 years ago

    Very cute and funky.

  • tess 6 years ago

    Omg – I stumbled across this place last year! So much great stuff! I didn’t know what it was called though, so thanks for filling in the gaps :)

  • I love those little mushrooms!

  • Ray Garrod 6 years ago

    Love those papier mache creatures…so cute.

  • kristy 6 years ago

    this is my favourite shop! I frequent it regularly in my lunch breaks aimlessly walking around the gorgeous things! On more than one occasion Pheobe has been drawing beautiful little sketches at the counter or making paper door hangings.

    love it!

  • Debbie da Canha 6 years ago

    a family that inspires many! Thanks for great post!

  • Shelly May 6 years ago

    OMFG!!!! i LOVE this shop!!! soooo glad someone has finally given it the exposure it deserves… everything is so unique and original, there’s nothing like it! can’t wait to go shopping there again…. love love LOVE it!

  • Sarah 6 years ago

    I’m more slightly horrified that I didn’t know about this shop! I adore that cactuses and the centipede is just delightful

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