Kate Tucker

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 6th January 2011

Works on Paper by Melbourne artist Kate Tucker.

‘Necklace’ – mixed media artwork by Kate Tucker. Approx 1m long.

‘Counterfeit Sanctity’ exhibition at C3 Contemporary Artspace, 2010.

I must admit I do not know a vast amount about Melbourne-based artist Kate Tucker.  I stumbled across her work online last year, got in touch, and Kate kindly sent me these pics and some bio information… and then of course it all ended up on The Design Files backburner until today!  (sorry about that Kate!)

ANYWAY.  Thing I do know about Kate Tucker include –

– She is a very qualified creative person!  She has a Bachelor of Design in Multimedia Design from Swinburne, a Graduate Certificate in Visual Art from the VCA, AND a Graduate Diploma in Visual Art from the VCA.

– She makes beautiful paintings and mixed media sculptures… I LOVE the oversized paper necklace and exploding paper wall sculptures pictured here!

– She makes hand-stitched bags and purses under the name Katarzynkha… ALTHOUGH l am not sure if she’s still stitching currently because…

– She just welcomed her first baby into the family last year!  A little boy called Jasper – congrats Kate!

In unrelated news, she also appears to be the sister of very cool local lingerie designer Jessie Tucker.  AH local sisterly talent. Gotta love that.

‘Internal Worlds’ mixed media exploding sculpture for Kate’s ‘Array’ exhibition, at Bus Projects, 2009.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 6th January 2011


  • Lisa 6 years ago

    Oh my…

  • Cassandra 6 years ago

    Kate is super talented and gorgeous and lovely. Go-Katie-go! Love your work!!

  • Verity 6 years ago

    Oh wow. I am so happy to see Kate’s work featured here, she is indeed talented and lovely.

  • Eva 6 years ago

    This artwork is beautiful!

  • Lucy 6 years ago

    Beautiful Work….. ! a very talented and gorgeous artist.

  • akasha 6 years ago

    Great! I love the “necklace”!

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